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									              OCTOBER 11th 2004                    ABSTRACT
                                                   Reservoir simulation technology has slowly
                                                                                                      Khalid Aziz is the Otto N. Miller Professor
                                                   evolved over the past 40 years or so into an       of Earth Sciences and Professor of Petroleum
                           Eni E&P Division        essential tool for reservoir development and       Engineering at Stanford University Before
                                                   management. As computers have become               coming to Stanford in 1982, he was a
                          V° Palazzo Uffici        faster and cheaper with larger and larger
                                                                                                      professor of chemical and petroleum
                                                                                                      engineering at the University of Calgary.
                        CONFERENCE ROOM            RAM, simulation engineers have expanded the
                                                   capabilities    of   software    for    modeling
                                                                                                      While in Calgary, he established the
                                                                                                      Computer Modeling Group and managed it
                            Via Emilia, 1          reservoir performance. Starting with the           for 5 years. He has also served on the faculty
                                                   early simulators that could only model             of the University of Alberta and as the Chief
                      San DONATO MILANESE          reservoirs with a few large blocks, we are         Engineer of Karachi Gas Co. Ltd. At
                                                   now able to handle multimillion cell problems.     Stanford, Aziz has served as the Associate
                                                   Furthermore, complex recovery processes            Dean for Research (School of Earth
                                10:30 AM           involving injection of various gases and liquids   Sciences) and as Chair of the Petroleum
                                                                                                      Engineering Department. His research
                                                   can be modeled by the compositional
                                                   approach.      Key    developments     in    the   interests include reservoir simulation,
                                                   thermodynamic description of fluids, modeling
                                                                                                      modeling of advanced wells, multiphase flow
                                                                                                      in pipes, and natural gas engineering. Aziz
         State of Reservoir Simulation
                                                   of flow in heterogeneous porous media, and
                                                                                                      studied engineering at the University of
                                                   the solution of large, highly nonlinear
                                                                                                      Michigan (BSE), University of Alberta (BSc
                                                   systems of equations have broadened the            and MSc), and at Rice U. (PhD). He has
            Technology and Future                  ability of simulators to handle difficult
                                                   problems.     Furthermore,     engineers   have
                                                                                                      received several national and international
                                                                                                      awards, including the highest award
                                                   learned to understand and incorporate
                                                                                                      (Honorary Membership) of the Society of
                                                   realistic geology in their models. More            Petroleum Engineers. His publications
                                                   recently, it has become possible to                include more than 150 technical papers, two
                                                   accurately model advanced wells and surface        books (one on Reservoir Simulation) and one
                                                   facilities, thus making it possible to optimize    monograph. He is a frequent consultant to
                                                   the entire system. The simulator is no longer
                                                                                                      major oil and gas companies and government
                            KHALID AZIZ            used with a simple single description of the
                                                                                                      agencies throughout the world. He is a
                                                                                                      member of the National Academy of
                                                   reservoir, but with multiple, equally probable
                                                                                                      Engineering of the United States of America
                         Stanford University       realizations to allow risk assessment. This
                                                   lecture will examine some of the important
                                                                                                      and the European Academy of Sciences

                                                   developments of the past 40 years before
                                                   speculating on the challenges for the future:
                                                   What are the features that will be needed
                                                   in the next generation of simulators? How is
                                                   this technology going to be used in the

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