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					           The Newsletter      Hickory                     Notes of Lions Camp Hickory
              The Humming Bird
Hello and welcome to the 10th issue of Hickory            I want to express how great the Camp
Notes! It’s been a pleasure to bring you these            Hickory experience was for me. Even as a
newsletters, and seeing them grow and expand from
simple announcements to an informative source on
                                                          non-camper, I felt many of the same
diabetes awareness is a source of real pride. Since       emotions that go along with the first year at
being diagnosed Type II myself this spring, knowing       this camp. I was never friends with anyone
that I’m contributing to the fight has taken on a more    who had type I diabetes as I was growing
personal meaning. I’d like to thank all of you that       up. I didn’t view this as a detriment to my
support us, and extend my best wishes to our campers
and families, and wish you all the best in this holiday
                                                          childhood, but after 2 weeks with Camp
season and in 2007 and beyond.                            Hickory, I felt a huge sense of belonging in
                                      Lion Nate Clark     a way I had never experienced with my
                                                          diabetes. Being able to relate to the kids and
 Mallory Mitchell, a key staff member                     some of the staff as a diabetic was a new
during the Lion’s Camp Hickory sessions in                experience for me and I am very grateful to
2006 as the activities coordinator, started her           be a part of it.
teaching career in September 2006. Mallory
is also a type 1 diabetic and we asked her to             Camp Hickory hugely affected my
write a brief article about becoming a                    preparation as a teacher. I was given the
teacher and how she handles her diabetes                  opportunity to teach recorder to the campers
during the stressful school day.                          for a music segment in a parade. Even
                                                          though general music is not my forte
                                                          (excuse the pun), it was practical experience
 New Teacher, New Program, New
                                                          that all new teachers need. As camp ended I
   Ways to Cope with Diabetes                             spent more time contacting the principals of
                             By Mallory Mitchell          all four schools I was to teach at during the
                                                          year and I tried to get as comfortable as
After four years of Syracuse University’s                 possible in these new locations. From
music education program, I heard a lot about              August until about October I was dealing
what it’s like to be a new teacher and the                with an incredible amount of stress and
whole first year experience. With the way                 anxiety. As you can imagine, this was not
everyone talks about their first year                     great for my blood sugar. I had come from a
teaching, it makes one dread the prospect of              summer where I was able to control my
a new job in the field. That is exactly how I             numbers better than ever before and then
felt about a month before school started, but             I’m hit with this outside factor. I am still
it wasn’t always like that. My initial                    struggling to keep my numbers under
reaction to the job offer was excitement and              control, but I have to deal with it in a
disbelief that I managed to get such a great              different way now that I have a new
offer less than a month after graduation.                 schedule with new stresses.
This new direction my life was taking took                One way I’ve been able to maintain control
place right around the time I began working               of my diabetes is bringing my own lunch to
with Camp Hickory. So, throughout June                    school. This way I have food with me at all
and July I was, I guess you could say                     times even if I’m traveling between schools.
“distracted” by other, more fun things.                   Also, these pre-made lunches allow me to

                               Remember, a kid with diabetes…is still a kid.
         The Newsletter   Hickory                    Notes of Lions Camp Hickory
know exactly how much carbohydrate I’m                         President’s Corner
taking in at lunch. I am also storing a big
bottle of juice at the one school where I           Imagine waking up some morning, not
spend the most time, so incase I’m low, I           feeling well, visiting with your doctor and
have something other than glucose tablets to        finding yourself in the hospital for a few
bring me back up. The juice is great also           days for orientation to life with diabetes.
because it works so quickly and my job does         During the time in the hospital, you will
not allow for much time to recuperate from          learn how to check blood glucose levels by
low blood sugar. I spend so much time               poking your fingertips with lancets, learning
trying to control the kids that if I’m out of       how and where to inject insulin and learning
commission for even a minute, I can lose            that while you can still have a piece of
their focus for the rest of the rehearsal or        chocolate cake, it will be a much smaller
lesson. I have not had this problem with            piece. You will learn that the 4 most
blood sugar yet, although classroom                 important things in your life will become
management is another story!                        stress management, medication, diet and
                                                    exercise. While this is not a common
Things were not easy the first month and I          scenario for adults, it is for children.
still find myself in overwhelming situations,       According to a recent article in PARADE
but I have become more and more                     magazine, “…an estimated 4,000 Americans
comfortable with my position. Starting a            (are) diagnosed every day”. A child
string program without any budget to speak          diagnosed with diabetes goes instantly from
of and with no curriculum to follow was a           the carefree lifestyle of running, jumping
huge undertaking for me and there were              and playing ball to the lifestyle that requires
many days where I felt as though I was in           routine blood checks (4 – 6 daily) and
over my head and perhaps should change              insulin injections. We all remember the
professions. I now know that I am in the            horror of getting a shot as a child – imagine
right field, but new challenges are constantly      getting daily shots (note: plural). A lifestyle
coming up. I look forward to working with           that requires counting carbohydrates and
the group of kids I have, which includes            carefully calculating just how small a piece
Rebecca Fuller, one of our campers from             of pie or cake can be eaten while at a
this summer! I saw her at a recruitment             friend’s birthday party, whether or not you
meeting for band and orchestra instruments          can eat the chocolate Easter bunny,
we held this fall and she is now taking viola       Christmas peppermint stick, valentine heart
at her elementary school!                           or candy from Halloween. Fortunately,
                                                    children are rather resilient and will find a
Teaching music is such a privilege and I            way to blend the needs of diabetes with the
sometimes wonder how I got so lucky.                rest of their lives. This is where Lion’s
Teaching or doing anything with diabetes            Camp Hickory comes in.
can bring about other challenges, but as long
as you can adapt to each situation and              During the camp sessions, our campers are
remember that health should come first,             in the best of hands as they spend their days
coping with the disease becomes far less            turning popsicle sticks into gifts for mom,
daunting.                                           they run, jump and play ball and learn about
                                                    their diabetes and how to live life as any
                                                    other child while maintaining their health

                          Remember, a kid with diabetes…is still a kid.
          The Newsletter   Hickory                    Notes of Lions Camp Hickory
and wellbeing. Recreational education is a           The LCH committee is currently in the
large part of days at Camp Hickory where             planning stages of a few fund raising
the campers learn about themselves, their            projects in the spring and news will follow
diabetes and proper health care, without             in our next edition. We’ll report on the
being aware they’re being “taught”. In               Baldwinsville Lions Club too which is also
learning the “lessons” at LCH, the campers           in the planning stages of a fund raiser that
also learn to protect the health of their eyes,      will help LCH.
heart, kidneys and circulatory system.
Feedback from medical care providers
indicates that we are doing the job.                              Change is good
But to do all this takes substantial funding.        The home base of LCH, the Ritter
Our annual budget is in the range of                 Community House in Lion’s Community
$25,000. In an effort to make the Lion’s             Park, is undergoing some changes in the off
Camp Hickory advantage available to                  season (aka: winter). A commercial style
anyone, our tuition is a mere $50 per week           kitchen is being built in a previous storage
with a capacity of 40 campers leaving us the         room, and updated plumbing and renovated
burden of raising the additional $23,000             bathrooms will be completed when the
dollars in order that the camp sessions              campers arrive for the 2007 sessions. Of
become a reality. That is where you come             course, prior to starting the new kitchen, a
in! Please consider a financial contribution         storage building had to be built and that was
to Lion’s Camp Hickory. Other ways to help           completed in the early fall. The new storage
include restricting your United Way                  building will provide greater capabilities to
contribution to Lion’s Camp Hickory, a               organize LCH program materials and
bequest or checking with your employer to            equipment which will enhance our overall
see if there are any matching gift                   program.
opportunities or direct grant opportunities
available to us. Lion’s Camp Hickory is a            The LCH committee continues to meet on a
501(c)(3) organization, so contributions are         monthly basis as we plan the 2007 sessions,
tax deductible.                                      which will feature some changes as well. In
                                                     an effort to keep our programs fresh and
                                                     exciting, the committee is developing new
       Angels and Fund Raisers                       activities that will blend with diabetes
                                                     education in a seamless manner.
Recently, the angels that are members of the
Preceptor Kappa chapter of the international                      Caleb’s Corner
service sorority Beta Sigma Phi, conducted a
fund raising event to benefit Lion’s Camp            Hello again from Caleb’s Corner. Another
Hickory (LCH). The event is called the               school year for Caleb has begun this far and
Lucky Luncheon. Indeed, the event did                he continues to make his Mom and I very
benefit LCH by raising $2,973.00. This is an         proud of his accomplishments. Also I would
annual event by the group planned each year          like to extend a very heartfelt “thank you” to
over a 12 month period.                              the staff at Bear Road Elementary for
                                                     everything that they have done for Caleb in
                                                     dealing with his diabetes. We would also

                           Remember, a kid with diabetes…is still a kid.
         The Newsletter   Hickory                     Notes of Lions Camp Hickory
like to give a special thank you to Mrs.             being a member of a great group of people
Hebert, the nurse at Bear Road Elementary            please give your local Lions Club a try.
who bends over backwards to make sure that
Caleb is well taken care of. I hope you              Lion Ron Fassett
understand how much pressure it takes off
us, as parents of a diabetic, knowing that
Caleb is getting first rate care while he is at             Reflections of a Counselor
                                                     Cassidy Jewell, one of our counselors,
Caleb celebrated his 8th birthday this past          wrote an essay about her camp
September and we again had many friends              experience for her college applications.
and family that joined us for a birthday             As you read this excerpt, you will see
brunch at our house and then we all attended         that Lion's Camp Hickory benefits the
the JDRF walkathon that afternoon at                 staff as well as the campers.
Longbranch Park. With the generous
support of friends and family we were able           "I have been attending Camp Hickory
to raise over $1800 for JDRF so once again           every summer since I was first told
thank you to all of you.                             about it. It is just a great experience to
                                                     be able to interact with these children
With Halloween just over and the Holidays            and watch them face daily struggles
approaching I would like to make a quick             outside of the ordinary. What amazes
note on what it is like to go through the            me is they manage life so boldly that it
Holidays with a diabetic child. After                makes any struggle in your own life
Halloween, Cheryl made a deal with both of           seem microscopic. I feel as though
our children and bought each piece of candy          being a counselor at this camp gave me
back from both of them for 10 cents each             a whole new view on life; that you can
and with their money they were allowed to            accomplish anything you want and no
go to the bookstore and spend their earnings.        disease or other obscure problem can
They each kept some of their candy but were          get in your way. This is what every kid
both happy to sell their candy for books.            that has attended the camp over the
We have always tried to keep it fair for both        years has shown me, and it is the best
Caleb and Mackenzie to not make Caleb feel           outlook on life anyone could ever have."
left out At Thanksgiving and Christmas we
try to cook healthier foods but we still mix                  The Humming Bird Redux
in the “good stuff” and we always allow              Remember, holiday food might not have any
Caleb to enjoy whatever he would like and            calories, but don’t forget to sub out the
then we just treat the carbs with insulin and        sugar!!
this has worked out wonderfully. By
allowing Caleb to feel like a normal kid             Happy Holidays, from all of us at Camp
helps him accept the diabetes as best he can.        Hickory!!

Well so long for now and I would like to
finish by wishing everyone a safe and happy
holidays and also if you have any interest in

                           Remember, a kid with diabetes…is still a kid.
         The Newsletter   Hickory                    Notes of Lions Camp Hickory
      If you’d like to make a tax-deductible contribution to Camp Hickory directly, send check
or money order payable to:

Lions Camp Hickory Inc
P.O. Box 108
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Please include an SASE so we can mail you a receipt on camp letterhead for your tax records.

Remember… every little bit counts!!

                          Remember, a kid with diabetes…is still a kid.

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