Document Sample

Name of Birthday Child:______________________________


Name of Parent/Guardian:___________________________

Contact Phone Number: (_____) ______________________

Date of birthday party (mm/dd/yyyy): ____/____/________ Time: ___________________

Number of children: ______ Number of Adults: ______ (please complete attached guest list)

Packaged Options:     Deluxe            Supreme

Build your own package options:

1.   Pizza (Extra Large, 14 slices) $13.99, add $1.50 for pepperoni or $1.99 for vegetarian

          Cheese         Pepperoni        Vegetarian       Total number of pizzas: _____

           Party platters available upon request. Menu and prices available on last page of this
       Information Package.

2.   Loot bags


3.   Themed Décor (including tableware, paper products and decoration) 12 kids- $75, 24
     kids- $110

Choice of theme: __________________________________

For on-line themes see Themed Decor

4. Birthday Cake (prices based on customization). Menu and prices available on page 5 of this
  Information Package.

           Size _________________________________________________________

           Flavor ________________________________________________________

           Filling ________________________________________________________

           Writing (message) ________________________________________


           Deco Pac Toys ___________________________________________

5. NEW! Other food options:

           Jolly Rancher® Slushies: $1.25/ 7 oz cup OR Self Serve option- please call to

           Movie Theatre Popcorn: $1/serving

           Ice Cream cup: $1.50/serving

6. Extra activities:   Face Painting      CREATE YOUR OWN TEDDY PARTY

                       Princess           Magician    Clown          Character_____________

                   GUEST LIST

Child Name   Age   Boy/Girl     Parent/Guardian Name

                             KIN-R-GEE FAMILY CENTRE AGREEMENT FORM


    o   Your birthday party includes a 2 hour use of the facility, 1 hour of which is guaranteed in the private party
        room. The room will be available to you from 30 minutes into your party until 30 minutes before your party
    o   You will be provided with a hostess who will serve you throughout your party. He/she will assist you in
        the set up, provide you with assistance throughout the party and be responsible for the entire clean-up.
    o   Unlimited juice for the children and coffee for the adults will be provided including cups, milk and sugar.
    o   A complimentary Trevor the Tree t-shirt will be given to the birthday child along with a free pass on your
        next visit to the playground.


Upon arrival, your personal hostess will assist you in the preparation of your birthday party. Approximately 45
minutes into your party, an announcement will be made for your guests to make their way into the party room at
which time your pizza will be served. Following the pizza, (or any other food being served), the birthday cake will
be presented and served by your host/hostess. The remaining 30 minutes of your party will be spent in the


    o   We request that no footwear is worn throughout the facility. All guests must wear socks. (Socks are
        available at the front reception desk for $1.00)
    o   Please note each extra child is an additional $12 or $20 for our SUPREME packages.
    o   Birthday parties held on Statutory Holidays are considered weekend parties and are therefore priced
    o   No alcohol is permitted.
    o   No peanut products are allowed in the facility.
    o   No strollers are allowed past the entranceway
    o   No food or drinks are allowed outside the party room.
    o   If ordering pizza for your party, it must be ordered through Kin-R-Gee. Other than the pizza, outside food
        is permitted. Please note that we do provide you with the option of ordering platters through us.
    o   If Themed Decor has not been ordered when booking your party, you are responsible for bringing in all
        tableware and cutlery
    o   Your party room is for your private use but the playground area will be shared unless you reserve the entire
    o    A surcharge of $50.00 will be applied if your 2 hour time limit is surpassed
    o   Your party includes a maximum of 30 adults. An additional $5.00 will be charged for any additional adults
        unless you are having a private party.
    o   Prices do not include taxes and gratuities.


As the hosting parent(s), I/we, __________________________, will be responsible for the supervision of all invited
children and release Kin-R-Gee Family Centre Ltd. from any liability resulting from any injuries, property loss, or
otherwise which may occur while the children participate in any activities.
Kin-R-Gee would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation and we look forward to hosting your birthday

                                       Birthday Cakes

Size                               Square                              # of pieces

1/4 slab                           $50.00 (inc. $15 deco)              20-29

1/3 slab                           $65.00 (inc. $15 deco)              30-39

1/2 slab                           $90.00 (inc. $15 deco)              40-79


   o Chocolate Truffle: Chocolate Sponge cake with Chocolate mousse filling
   o White Chocolate Truffle: White Sponge cake with White Chocolate mousse filling
   o Half & Half: Mixed layers of Chocolate Sponge Cake and White Sponge cake with both
     Chocolate mousse and Vanilla mousse filling
   o Rolo: Devil’s Chocolate Sponge cake with Chocolate mousse filling
   o Caramel Mocha: Devil’s Chocolate Sponge cake with Mocha mousse filling and Dulce
     de Leche caramel
   o Lemon Blueberry: White Sponge cake with Lemon mousse and Blueberry filling
   o Lemon Raspberry: White Sponge Cake with Lemon mousse and Raspberry filling
   o Strawberry Shortcake: White Sponge cake with Whipped Cream and fresh strawberries (
     $5.00 extra for fresh fruit)
   o Additional flavours available upon request.

Cake price includes Deco Pac. Cakes are individually customized according to Deco Pac chosen
(all decopacs available).

                                 Party Platters Menu

Special Kids Party Platter. Includes Fries or Veggies. Choose one (1):   $3.99

   3 Nuggets per child

   2 Chicken Fingers per child

   1 Hot Dog per child

Sandwich Platter. Includes an assortment of tuna, egg, and turkey sandwiches

   Regular 72 Pieces                   $39.99

   Large 96 Pieces                     $54.99

Fruit Platter

   Regular Approx. 25-30 Serv.         $36.99

   Large Approx. 40-60 Serv.           $59.99

Veggie Platter

   Regular Approx. 25-30 Serv.         $34.99

   Large Approx. 40-60 Serv.           $57.99

Pastry Platter. Includes an assortment of danishes, mini muffins and croissants.

   Regular                             $39.99

   Large                               $59.99

Cookie Platter

   Regular                             $26.99

   Large                               $39.99

   Breakfast Platter. Includes bagels, assorted cream cheeses, egg salad, tuna salad,
olives, cucumber and tomato slices.

      Regular Approx. 25-30 Serv.         $39.99

      Large Approx. 50-60 Serv.           $69.99

   Smoked Salmon (Lox) Platter

One Size Approx 20-50 Serv.               $59.99

   Wrap Platter. Price based on serving. Please call to inquire.

      Cold- assortment of egg salad, tuna salad and turkey

      Warm- assortment of chicken caesar, spiced mayo chicken, and Tex-Mex

   Waffle Platter. Includes fresh fruit, jam and hot syrup. Price based on serving. Please
call to inquire.