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					Below is a full day’s menu to illustrate that you don’t have
                                                                       Malvern Springs
to starve yourself and still avoid eating wheat!
                                                                        Holistic Clinic
                                                                      66 Graham Road,
                                                                       Malvern, Worcs
                         Breakfast                                       WR14 2HU
                              with nuts and seeds
            Wheat free muesli
                    Rice/Soya/Cows mi
                       Tea or coffee
                   Apple, pear or small                                        Sue Webster
                       Herbal or fruit tea
                                                                                   Colon Hydrotherapy
                        Vegetable soup                                                 Allergy Therapy
                      Ryvita ham ‘sandwich
                      Water with lemon sli
                         Mid-afternoon                                                    07817408297 or 01531 630215
                                     ts and raisins
                 Small handful of nu                                             
                                                 Large salad
                            (using rice pasta) &
        Spaghetti Bolognese
                           Fruit yogurt                                         Wheat sensitivity
                        Herbal or fruit tea                                         What does this mean?
                               Evening                                              Why is it ‘bad’ for you?
                                      d/or herbal tea
                 One piece of fruit an                                            What can we do about it?
                                                                     This leaflet aims to answer these questions so that
Recipe books that will also help you plan sumptuous meals include:   you can continue to enjoy a healthy, interesting but
The Food Doctor Everyday Diet by Ian Marber                                            wheat-free diet.
Cooking Without by Barbara Cousins
Wheat is found in many foods and disguised in many ways.               Why is it ‘bad’ for you?
The following is a list of places where wheat can be found – or
                                                                       The exact mechanism for food intolerances is not fully understood
hidden!                                                                at present. Part of the cause may simply be over eating wheat
Some alcoholic drinks like German wheat beer                           foods for many years which in the end, wears down the digestive
Batter                                                                 tract and causes inflammation. Sometimes it is caused by an attack
Biscuits                                                               of food poisoning where the ‘good’ bacteria that help to digest our
Bread                                                                  food get washed out of the system and are not easily replaced.
Breadcrumbs                                                            Repeated doses of antibiotics can also deplete friendly bacteria.
Bulgur wheat                                                           Long-term food intolerances can also deplete our immune systems
Cake                                                                   making us more prone to infections.
Coffee substitutes
Durum wheat (used to make most pastas)                                 What can we do about wheat intolerance?
Flours: ordinary self-raising & plain, Gluten, Gram, Semolina, Wheat
                                                                       If you have been used to eating the above foods regularly it can
                                                                       seems daunting to consider eliminating them from your diet.
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
                                                                       What is there left to eat you may be thinking?
Modified food starch
                                                                       There are alternatives to wheat which are becoming more widely
MSG (monosodium glutamate)
                                                                       available. Some (*) you will now find in the bigger supermarkets.
                                                                       Others can be obtained from good health food shops.
Pastry and Crumble mixes
Soy sauce                                                              Corn flour*                      Potato flour
Vegetable starch                                                       Buckwheat* (not a true wheat)    Ground rolled oats*
Vitamin E                                                              Soybean flour                    Rye flour*
White grain vinegar                                                    Amaranth                         Quinoa*
                                                                       Corn meal                        Potato starch
This list is not exhaustive. You need to check food labels very
                                                                       Rice flour*                      Oat flour
carefully to make sure that wheat is not in the ingredients.
                                                                       Barley flour                     Millet flour
What does it mean to have an intolerance to wheat?                     Ground nuts                      Pea flour
An intolerance or sensitivity to any food means any reaction that      Tapioca flour                    Chickpea flour
the body might make in response to you eating that food. Wheat is
a common cause of food reaction and we have identified that this
food is a potential problem for you.

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