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									                                       LEGISLATIVE AND STATE EMPLOYEE SERVICES
                                                     SPRING 2006
                                          MICHIGAN BACKGROUNDER FOR KIDS+
Department of History, Arts and
                                                  view online @

    As long as schools assign “State Report”                     Names of the Great Lakes (DEQ)
    projects, there will be requests for information   ,1607,+7-135-3313_3677-
    about Michigan. This issue of Timely Topics is               15930--,00.html
    a compilation of high quality web sites the
    Library of Michigan uses to spread the word –                Great Lakes Facts & Figures (Great Lakes
    and data – about Michigan.                                   Information Network)
                                                                 DEQ Great Lakes (links to several topics)
    Michigan Week                                      ,1607,+7-135-3313_3677-
    May 20-26, 2006                                              14871--,00.html

    HAL web page for Michigan Week 2006                          Office of the Great Lakes (DEQ)                      ,1607,+7-135-3313_3677-
    Michigan Week 2006 Poster,1607,7-160-                           Boating in the Great Lakes Region

    Michigan Week Youth Photo Contest (The 2006
    contest is over but kids can learn about the                 Lighthouses
    contest and take pictures for 2007.),1607,7-160-                           Travel Michigan (information on
    17447_18630_23112---,00.html                                 and pictures of the Great Lakes and
    A little Michigan Week history                     
    Spring04_96370_7.pdf                                         Save Our Lights page (HAL)
    Great Lakes                                                  17449_18638_21818---,00.html

    DEQ Great Lakes                                               Great Lakes (with lighthouse map and kids’
    Map and information about each lake.                         activities) (HAL),1607,7-135-                 ,1607,+7-160-15479-
    3313_3677-15926--,00.html                                    57595--,00.html

                                                Call us for all your information needs!
                                             373-1300: Still answered by a real person!
                                  Phone: 31300 Fax: 35853 Law: 30630 Email:
                                           Hours: Mon & Th 1-6; Tu, Wed, Fri 8-6; Sat 9-5
                                                        Michigan Adventure--State Symbols
State Parks
Mackinac State Parks for
Kids & Teachers                                         Michigan Historical Museum--Kids' Stuff (HAL)            ,1607,7-160-
teachers_2/                                             15481_19268_20778---,00.html
Map of all Michigan Public Lands, including             MI State Song controversy (HAL)
State Parks                                   ,1607,7-160-               15481_20826_20829-54116--,00.html
                                                        The Michigan Quarter (U.S. Mint 50 State
DNR State Park Explorer Program (with links to          Quarters® Program)
the parks )                                   ,1607,7-153-10369-                es/index.cfm?state=MI

Michigan Trivia and
   General Interest                                     Michigan Fun for Kids!
Michigan FAQ (HAL)           United States Mint image    Coloring -,1607,                             MI Flag:

Michigan in Brief (HAL)                                 State Symbols, Etc.,1607,7-160-                        Flower:
(click on PDF or printable version)                     html

Michigan History for Kids magazine (HAL),1607,7-160-
18835_40485---,00.html                                   Assorted images:
Statehood & the Upper Peninsula                  Puzzles -
                                              ,1607,7-126-                     tmp_mi.shtml
Michigan Legislative Process – A Student’s
Guide                                                   Great Lakes map and quiz for kids (Enchanted           Learning)
MI State Symbols Brochure (HAL),1607,7-160-                      Kids' Outdoor Explorer page (DNR)

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