Eli Whitney invented a machine that could separate cotton seeds by hcj


									Eli Whitney    The cotton gin
invented a     could do the work
machine that   of 50 people;
could          cotton could now
separate       be grown at a
cotton seeds   huge profit.
from fibers.
Planters       Slavery spread
needed new     further throughout
land and       the south.
began to
move west.
Conditions      In other areas
for growing     southerners raised
cotton were     rice, sugar cane,
limited to      tobacco, and
certain areas   livestock
in the south.

Rich planters Southern industry
invested in remained small
land and      scale.
The south        Southerners
depended on      resented their
the North        dependency on
and Europe       the North.
for almost all
of its

   Cotton gin – Machine that
   separated cotton seeds from
   cotton fibers.

   Cotton Kingdom – area in
   which cotton was the major
crop, from South Carolina to

Southerners found planting
cotton in the same soil year
after year wore out the soil.

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