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									Acronyms and abbreviation

WKY: Wistar Kyoto control rats

SHHF: Spontaneously Hypertensive and Heart Failure

LVH: left ventricular hypertrophy or compensated phase, 6Mo SHHF

CHF: Congestive heart failure or decompensated phase, 18 Mo SHHF

RAS: renin-angiotensin system

Ang II: Angiotensin II

AT1R: angiotensin receptor type 1(s)

AT2R: angiotensin receptor type 2 (s)

ATF-2: transcription factor ATF-2

R: beta-adrenergic receptor

ARK1: -adrenergeic receptor kinase 1

C-Jun: transcription factor C-Jun

ELK1: transcription factor ELK1

ERK1/ERK2: Extracellular signal regulated kinase ERK1 and ERK2

ERK5/BMK1: Extracellular MAP kinase ERK5 also called Big MAP kinase1

Gi: G protein inhibiting adenylate cyclase

Gs: G protein stimulating adenylate cyclase

Gq: G protein stimulating phospholipase C

G12/G13: G protein isoforms 12 and 13

G: G protein alpha subunit

G: G protein beta and gamma subunits

GRKs: G protein regulated kinase
JNKs/SAPKs: c-Jun N-terminal activated kinase also called stress activated kinase

MAP kinase: Mitogen-activated kinase

MYPT1: Myosin phasphatase 1

Pak: p65 protein kinase activated by Rac1

P38/HOG1: Stress activated MAP kinase p38

PP2A: protein serine phosphatase PP2A

Rac1: small G protein Rac1

Ras: small G protein Ras

Rho: small G protein Rho

Rho-K: a kinase activated by Rho GTPase

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