PLUM 1yr - €15 by Levone


									PLUM               1yr - €15       2yr - €18
Selection of hardy varieties.
Flowering group: E -Early M -Medium L -Late
                                                                                                    WOODKERNE NURSERIES
SF- Self-fertile, these crop well without a pollinator.                                                   Specialising in fruit and nut trees
PSF Partially self-fertile, crop better with a pollinator of same group or one group either side.

Avalon Large, red plum. Pick Aug. PSF M
Dennistons Superb Hardy, reliable, red gage. Pick Aug. SF M
Jubilee Dark red plum, like Victoria but more disease resistant. Pick Aug-
Sept. SF L
                                                                                                          CATALOGUE 2010
Opal Hardy, reliable, reddish/purple fruit, superb flavour. Pick Aug. SF L
                                                                                                     Walnuts                                         Apples
DAMSON         1yr - €15
Merryweather Large, reliable damson, self-fertile.                                                   Hazelnuts                                       Pears
Shropshire Prune Smaller fruit, reliable cropper, self-fertile.                                      Cobnuts                                         Plums
HAWTHORN                      Cratageus spp.     (Sorry not available this year)
                                                                                                     Sweet Chestnuts                                 Damsons
Unusual varieties with large, edible haws, eat straight from the tree or for cooking.
Crataegus arnoldiana, mollis, pinnatifida major ‘Big golden star’,
schraderiana, tanacetifolia.                                                                          Mail Order Trees mailed at a reasonable cost, delivery 1-3 days.
                                                                                                      Skibbereen Farmers’ Market Saturdays, 10am -1pm, (Dec-Mar).
                                                                                                      Bantry Farmers’ Market Most Fridays, 10am -1pm, (Dec-Mar).
HAZEL            Corylus avellana 2yr - €4, 10 for €30                                                Woodkerne Nurseries, Gortnamucklagh, Skibbereen, Co. Cork.
Native hazel suitable for pollinating Cobnuts.                                                            By appointment only; please phone for directions. Tel 028-23384

                                Tree Grafting Service
We can produce a copy of your favourite fruit tree by grafting it in March/April                      Special Services                   Workshops & Presentations
or by budding in July. Contact us for details.                                                      Grafting your favourite fruit tree    ‘Growing nut trees in Ireland’
                                                                                                    Pruning fruit trees                   ‘Grafting techniques for fruit trees’
                                                                                                    Planting & design of orchards         ‘Pruning fruit trees & Orchard management’
                                                                                                               ‘Growing native trees from seed’
From December 2010 our website will have lots of information on how to grow
fruit and nut trees and dates for workshops in 2010.                                                                      Gift Vouchers for all occasions

                   Paul McCormick & Jacinta French                                                                     Paul McCormick & Jacinta French
                    Gortnamucklagh Woodland Farm                                                                       Gortnamucklagh Woodland Farm
                Gortnamucklagh, Skibbereen, Co. Cork.                                                               Gortnamucklagh, Skibbereen, Co. Cork.
        Tel (028) 23384 Email:                                                  Tel 028-23384 Email:
COBNUT /HAZELNUT Corylus spp. 12 large nut varieties €12                                       APPLE                1yr - €15       2yr - €18
Butler A vigorous tree, producing good crops of large nuts.
Cassina Spanish variety, producing medium-size, sweet nuts.                                    All are hardy, disease-resistant varieties.
Corabel Vigorous tree, giving regular yields of large nuts.                                    D - Dessert C - Cooker Flowering group: E -Early M -Medium L -Late
                                                                                               Pollination by same flowering group or one group either side. On half standard (MM106) or
Cosford Old variety with medium-size nuts of good flavour.                                     semi-dwarf (M26) rootstocks. Oct/March = pick in October, keeps until March.
Ennis American variety, giving good crops of very large nuts.
Gunslebert Smaller tree, regular crops of medium-size, well-flavoured nuts.                    American Mother D Large, red, sweet apple. Sept/Nov. M
Halls Giant Very high yielding variety with large nuts.                                        Annie Elizabeth C Sweet cooker, keeps very well. Oct/ April. L
Kentish Cob Traditional variety, good yields of medium-size, tasty nuts.
                                                                                               Ardcairn Russet D Old Irish variety, sweet, firm flesh. Sept/Nov. M
Pearsons Prolific Heavy, regular crops of medium-size nuts, good flavour.
Segorbe New French variety, producing medium-size nuts.                                        Brown Crofton D Old Irish russet, very good flavour. Oct/Jan. M
Tonda di Giffoni Italian variety, high yielding, medium/large nuts.                            Charles Ross D/C Sweet & juicy, reliable cropper. Sept/Nov. M
Webbs Prize Reliable, high yielding, old variety, producing large nuts.                        Cornish Aromatic D Late keeping, crisp & sweet. Oct/Feb. L
         Note: Planting native hazel nearby maximizes pollination.                             George Cave D Heavy cropping, early eater. Pick Aug. E
                                                                                               Grenadier C Large yellow, early cooker. Pick Sept. M
SWEET CHESTNUT                                  Castanea spp.    8 varieties    €20            Irish Peach D Delicious, crisp, early eater. Pick Aug. E
Bouche de Betizac Mid-late ripening, productive, vigorous tree.                                Katy D Sweet eater, very disease resistant. Pick Sept. M
Bournette Late ripening, very productive, smaller nuts.                                        Kerry Pippin D Juicy, sweet, early eater. Pick Aug. M
Marigoule Early ripening, vigorous, hardy tree, good pollinator.                               Lanes Prince Albert C Reliable cooker, keeps well. Oct/March. L
Marsol Late ripening, large nuts, good pollinator.
                                                                                               Lord Derby C Hardy, large, green cooker. Oct/Dec. L
Marron de Lyon Late ripening, medium-size nuts, smaller tree.
Marlhac Late ripening, medium-size nuts, vigorous tree.                                        Lord Lambourne D Sweet apple, reliable cropper. Sept/Oct. E
Precoce Migoule Early ripening, smaller nuts, good pollinator.                                 Newton Wonder D/C Hardy cooker, becoming late eater. Oct/March. L
Verdale Mid-late ripening, medium-size nuts, vigorous tree, good pollinator.                   Scarlet Crofton D Old Irish russet, sweet, red fruit. Oct/Nov. M
                                                                                               Worcester Pearmain D Very hardy, crisp and juicy. Sept/Nov. M
Sweet Chestnut Seedlings from proven varieties. €8 each, 10 for €60

WALNUT                   Juglans spp.
                                                                                               PEAR               1yr - €15

Heartnut/Japanese Walnut Seedlings Juglans ailantifolia cordiformis 2yr - €10                  All are hardy, disease-resistant varieties.
                                                                                               Flowering group: E -Early M -Medium L -Late
Buartnut Seedlings Juglans x Bixbii (Heartnut x Butternut ) (Sorry, not available this year)   Pollination by same group or one group either side.

Common Walnut                  Juglans regia     6 grafted varieties    €20                    Beth Smooth, yellow fruit, sweet & juicy, good cropper. Sept/Oct. E
Corne du Perigord Medium-size nuts, late flowering.                                            Buerre Hardy Vigorous tree, reliable cropper. Sept/Oct. M
Franquette Medium/large-size nuts, partly self-fertile.                                        Louise Bonne of Jersey Medium-size, smooth, sweet fruit. Pick Oct,
Mayette Medium-size nuts, very late flowering.                                                 keeps well. E
Meylanaise Medium-size nuts, partly self-fertile, good pollinator.
                                                                                               Williams Bon Chretien Sweet, medium-size pear, good cropper.
Parisienne Medium-size nuts, late flowering.
                                                                                               Pick Aug. M
Ronde de Montignac Smaller nuts, late flowering, good pollinator.
      Note: All nut trees require two or more varieties for adequate pollination.              Winter Nelis Small, rich-flavoured fruit, keeps very well. Pick Oct. L

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