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Ornamental and Fruit Tree Order form


           ORNAMENTAL TREE ORDER FORM                                                                ORNAMENTAL TREES 15 LTR
                                                                            DESCRIPTION         QTY REQUIRED   RETAIL        DESCRIPTION           QTY REQUIRED   RETAIL
Doncaster Road                           E mail:                     Acer Crimson King                                  Malus Profusion
Nostell                                                              Acer Crimson Sentry                                Prunus Avium Plena
Wakefield                            Acer Drummondii                                    Prunus Kanzan
West Yorkshire                    Betula Jacquemontii                                Prunus Nigra
WF4 1QE                                                              Betula Pen Youngii                                 Pyrus Salicifolia
                                                                     Betula Pendula                                     Prunus Amangowa
Tel: 01924 862248                                                    Betula Pendula Purpurea                            Quercus Rubra
Fax: 01924 863730                                                    Crataegus Pauls Scarlet                            Sorbus Aria Lutescens
              Please fully complete section below for each order     Fagus Sylv Atropurpurea                            Sorbus Sheerwater
Customer Name                                                        Fagus Sylvatica                                    Sorbus Vilmornii
                                   Address                           Laburnum Vossii                                    Sorbus Aucuparia
                                                                     Malus Golden Hornet                                Tilia Plat Rubra
                                                                                                                        Malus John Downie

                                                                                                         FRUIT TREES 10 LTR
Tel Number                                                                  DESCRIPTION         QTY REQUIRED   RETAIL        DESCRIPTION           QTY REQUIRED   RETAIL
Fax Number                                                           Apple Bramley Seedling                             Pear Doyenne Du Comice
E mail                                                               Apple Cox Orange Pippin                            Pear Williams
Contact                                                              Apple Discovery                                    Pear Buerre Hardy
Agent                                                                Apple Egremont Russet                              Cherry Sunburst
                                                                     Apple Granny Smith                                 Cherry Morel
Order required                                                       Apple James Grieves                                Cherry Stella
                                                                     Apple Laxtons Superb                               Plum Czar
             ORNAMENTAL TREES 15 LTR - CONTAINER GROWN               Apple Golden Delicious                             Plum Green Gage
                FRUIT TREES 10 LTR - CONTAINER GROWN                 Apple Greensleeves                                 Plum Oullins Golden Gage
                                                                     Apple Jonagold                                     Plum Merryweather Damson
             MINIMUM ORDER 25 TREES - AVAILABLE NOW                  Apple Worcester Pearmain                           Plum Opal
         EXCELLENT LOOKING TREES, DELIVERED DIRECT FROM              Apple Katy                                         Plum Victoria
         NOSTELL PRIORY ROSE GARDENS - COME WITH COLOUR              Apple Bleinheim Orange                             Apricot Moorpark
            PICTURE LABEL AND PRE PRICING IF REQUIRED                Apple Jupiter                                      Nectarine Lord Napier
                                                                     Apple Sunset                                       Peach Peregrine
                                                                     Apple Spartan
                                                                     Pear Concorde
                                                                     Pear Conference

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