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									                   Guilford County Cooperative Extension
                               Video library

Landscape Ornamentals                       4:50            AG-1

Woodlot Management                         14:35           AG-2

Shiitake Mushrooms                         13:18            AG-3

Shiitake Mushrooms                          3:18            AG-4

Commercial Rabbit Production               10:30            AG-5

Biotechnology- Its Role In Your Future     23:00            AG-6

 Quality Produce on NC Small Farms-        15:25            AG-7
 Agricultural Teleproductions

 Biotechnology- Its in Your Future         15:44           AG-8
 Sowing the Seeds for Better Agriculture

 Keeping The Bugs out of Store Grain       12:00           AG-9

 Marketing Quality Tobacco                 13:30           AG-10

 Flue-Cured Tobacco Quality                17:55           AG-11

 Silent Thief:                                             AG-12

 Modern Yield Monitoring System             23:44          AG-13

 American Agriculture: A Future Look         4:00          AG-14

 County Cad : Weed Diagnostic                5:00          AG-15

 Farmer’s Market History                                   AG-16

 Farm Machinery Maintenance                  9:00          AG-17

 From Farm to Fast Food                                    AG-18

2003     February            Solar Energy
         April               Volunteers
         June                Dairy Month

2004     April               4-H Camp, Sugar Nutrition & Ponds
         June                Breakfast & Dairy
         August              Back to School
         October             Sweet Potatoes, Bulbs, 4-H, Topiary

2005     February            Master Gardner Youth Program
                             Breakfast on the Run
                             The Armory
                             Demonstration Garden

         March               Episode One: Horticulture

         June                Cleaning Mold/Mildew
                             BBQ Basics
                             Dairy Month

         August              Gloria
                             Jr. Master Gardner
                             Money Saves

         October (3 tapes)   Meal in a Pumpkin
                             Energy Conservation

         December            Ponds
                             Holiday Stains
                             NC Saves

2006     February (DVD&      Breakfast on the Run
          VHS)               The Armory
                             Demonstration Garden

         March               Episode One: Horticulture

              August       Milk

              October      Fig Propagation
                           Pantry Pests
                           Color Me Healthy


Not Sure of   October 27   Pumpkin Cookies
year                       4-H

2007          February

              August       Agritourism
                           Energy Conservation
              December     The Drought
                           Healthy Christmas Eating
                           Livestock – Drought

2008          February     Identity Theft
                           Grape Vines

                           Grapevine Snowman
              June         Dairy Month
                           Coltrane’s Foods

              October      Energy Conservation
                           Crockpot cooking

              December     Healthy Appetizers
                           ID Theft

2009          February     Mold
                           Pruning Grapes
                           Household Hazardous Waste
                           Small Farms Poster Contest

              April        Water Conservation
                           Transplanting a Plant
                           Certified Plant Professional Plant
               June                    Marty – Dairy
                                       Geissler – Vegetables

               August                  Snacks for Kids
                                       Fall Lawn Care
                                       MG Program

               October                 Forestry/Trees
                                       Goat & Sheep Industry
                                       National 4-H Week

               December                Holiday Eating Survival
                                       Holiday Crafts
                                       Home Made Beauty Milk Bath

  Your Healthy House                                           24:50   E-1

  "North Carolina's Take Pride in America-1992"                11:30   E-2

  Conservation Compliance:                                     13:08   E-3

  Muddy Water: It's More Dangerous                             10:05   E-4
  Than You Think!

  Caring For NC Mountains                                       2:11   E-5

  Water Quality PSA’s                                          30.00   E-6

  America’s Rainforest                                         30:00   E-7

  Bottom of the Barrel                                                 E-8

  Get a Grip                                                   12:45   E-9

  You Can’t Grow Home Again                                            E-10

  Help Save Planet Earth                                        1:11   E-11

  EPA Water Quality Series                                             E-12

  Anthrax Panel Discussion                                             E-13
 Waste Water Mgmt in the New Millennium                             E-14

 Community Perspectives                                             E-15

 Down the Drain – Children’s Television Workshop                    E-16

 Down the Drain – How NC Manages Stormwater Runoff          26:30   E-17

 Down the Drain – How NC Manages Stormwater Runoff         26:30    E-18

 Down the Drain – How NC Manages Stormwater Runoff          26:30   E-19

 Prevent Lead Poisoning                                      4:08   E-20

 It’s Our Only Home                                                 E-21

 Almanac Gardner – Solar Tools/Pantry Pests                  6:00   E-22

 Lead Poisoning… A Message to Parents of Young Children             E-23

Get Moving, Get Eating, Get Fit                            7:30     FN-1

Extension County Video Library – Cutting Meat             44:31     FN-2

Extension County Video library – Holiday Treats                     FN-3

 Nutrition Facts The New Food Label                                 FN-4

 Instructions for Breast Self-Examination:                32:00     FN-5

 Pleasant Meals & Snack                                   13:30     FN-6

 Nutrition Activities for Preschoolers                    17:30     FN-7

 Food & Fat                                               28:00     FN-8

 Home Plate: Getting Young Children To Eat                26:28     FN-9

Get With A Safe Food Attitude                             40:00     FN-10

 How To Read The New Food Label                           17:00     FN-11

 Thin Dining                                              20:00     FN-12
  Women and Cancer                                            8:00         FN-13

  Protecting Your New Born                                   29:00         FN-14

  Sun-Dried Beans from California                                          FN-15

  Dry Beans from the Heart of Northharvest Country                         FN-16

  Frontpage Episode w/Geissler Baker                                       FN-17

  Turkey Comes in New Dimensions                                9:10       FN-18

  Fight BAC! – Food Safety                                     30:00       FN-19

  Smart Kids FIGHT BAC                                         15:52       FN-20

  BAC Attack!                                                  19.45       FN-21

  Home Economics                                                           FN-22

  Operation Christmas Child                                    11:40       FN-23

  Internet Safety: What You don’t Know Can Hurt Your Child    (Cassette)   FN-24

  Safe Cooking with Capriel                                    14:00       FN-25

  Food Sanitation – Child Care                                             FN-26

  Preventing Food Borne Illnesses – Nursing Home Care                      FN-27

  Hand washing                                                  8:00       FN-28

  Healthy Dividends – Balancing your Fat Budget                            FN-29

  Dairy Does A Body Good                                                   FN-30

  General Canning – Show #101                                 28.50        FN-31

  Canning Fruits & Tomatoes – Show #102                       28.50        FN-32

  Canning Vegetables –Show103                                 28.50        FN-33

  Pickling –Show#104                                          28.50        FN-34

  Jellied Fruit Products-Show#105                             28.50        FN-35

  Freezing#106                                                28.50        FN-36

  Drying #107                                                28.50         FN-37

  Food Safety & Storage                                       28.50        FN-38
  Quail at the Edge                                                 26:15   FOR-1

  Timber Tapes - American Cyanamid Forestry Products (Cassette)             FOR-2

  Forest Stewardship                                                12:06   FOR-3

  Keeping N. C. Green and Growing                                   17:00   FOR-4

  Blackberries in The Home Garden                        22:20              GF-1

  Fruit Trees-Planting, Fertilizing & Thinning                              GF-2

  Plasticulture Strawberry Production                                       GF-3

  Raising Strawberries on Plastic                        22:00              GF-4

  Selecting / Planting Ornamentals...                      36:00            H-1

  Mower Safety: Deere & Company                              1:60           H-2

  Plant Pest Clinic                                          1:20           H-3

  Planting Annuals                                          19:40           H-4

  Fescue Lawn Management                                    28:00           H-5

  Fescue Lawn: How to Maintain and Manage                   25:00           H-6

  Weeds in the Landscape                                    10:30           H-7

  Horticulture Features From "Almanac Series”               11:27           H-8

  Almanac Series. - .Fertilizing Trees, etc.                                H-9

  Almanac Features...Composting, etc.                       35:97           H-10

  Restoring the Urban Canopy                                                H-11

  GC Cooperative Ext. – Horticulture Episode 1                              H-12

  Pruning Grapes                                           41.35            H-13

  Getting Good Soil Samples                                                 H-14

  Tetra Pond                                                                H-15
  Managing Your Pond for Better Fishing                          23:00   M-1

  Protecting Our Wildlife Heritage – Small Game Management       25:35   M-2

  Grandparenting: Enriching Lives                                        M-3

  FCE Sting                                                              M-4

  Guilford County – Building Tomorrow today                              M-5

  GrowLab A Growing Experience                                           M-6

  Kids For Character - Character Count                          60:00    M-7

  Living Without Cancer Pain                                             M-8

  Africanized Honey Bees in North Carolina                               M-9

  Insects with Rudy Hillman                                              P-1

  Safe use of Pesticides for Structural Pest                             P-2

  Communicating For Results                                              PD-1

  Everyone's Teamwork Role                                               PD-2

  Resolving Conflicts: Strategies For a Winning Team                     PD-3

  How To Juggle Multiple Priorities                                      PD-4

  Recycling used Oil: A Guide for Do-It-Yourselfers          6:00         R-1
  (Both English & Spanish version on one tape)

  Recycle This! Rock ‘N’ Roll Recycle                                      R-2

  Recycling Used Oil: A Guide to Farmers                     6:30          R-3

  Old Buildings Don’t Have to Go to Waste                    22.57         R-4
   NC Extension Homemakers Membership – Veep, CVU          12:12              VD-1

   On Country Roads                                        15:00              VD-2

   N.C. Extension Homemakers – Something for You           12:12              VD-3

Items in the library may be borrowed with a $20.00 deposit which will be returned
when the tape or CD is returned. Check or money orders only.

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