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Teachers for Tomorrow:

                                                      Teachers For Tomorrow
                                                   University of California, Los Angeles
                                                          1201A Campbell Hall
                                                           405 Hilgard Avenue
                                                      Los Angeles, CA 90095-1541           Sharing knowledge
                                                           Ph: (310) 794-4186

                                                                                           1201A Campbell Hall
                                                                                           405 Hilgard Avenue
                                                                                           Los Angeles, CA 90095-1541
                                                                                           Ph: (310) 794-4186
                                            Our multi-tiered system consists of one-         The GMP offers a full range of assistance
Teachers For                                on-one mentor counseling, faculty round-         to students preparing to take graduate
Tomorrow:                                   table discussions and seminars, a                entry tests such as the GRE, GMAT,
                                            comprehensive resource library, and test         LSAT, MCAT, and CBEST. Assistance
                                            preparation workshops. All of these are          includes sample tests, guides, and one-on-
                                            designed to supplement and direct the            one counseling with current graduate
Our Mission                                 often difficult and confusing transition         students. Exam applications are available
                                            from undergraduate to graduate education.        in our office.

UCLA’s Academic Advancement                 Mentoring                                        Letter of Intent & Mock Interviews
Program (AAP) established Teachers for      AAP students can meet with current               Along with identifying appropriate
Tomorrow (TFT) to advance a new             graduate students, faculty members, and          graduate programs and test preparation,
generation of socially conscious leaders    professional staff on a regular basis for        the GMP offers a Letter of Intent service
interested in careers in education.         counseling either by appointment, or             to help students write succinct and
                                            during scheduled drop-in hours. Mentors          engaging letters for their graduate
Currently, students of color make up        will discuss the students’ interests, and help   application packets.
62% of the total California public school   identify existing graduate programs that fit     Another component to the graduate
student body, however, there are only       the students’ desires. Mentors will also         application process is being interviewed by
23% of teachers of color. TFT’s goal is     assist the student in planning appropriate       admission committees. The GMP mentors
to increase the number of teachers of       undergraduate courses, and provide               will provide mock interviews for students
color in the under-served communities.      guidance in directing the students’ test         to hone their communication skills.
                                            scheduling, extra-curricular activities, and
Teachers for Tomorrow is dedicated to       internships.                                     Resource Library
assisting AAP undergraduates who                                                             The GMP maintains an extensive
promote educational equality and are        Faculty Round Table                              collection of college catalogues, fellowship
committed to social justice.                On a regular basis the GMP will sponsor          information, and test-preparation
                                            Faculty Round Tables, where students and         materials.
                                            faculty members gather to discuss
                                            educational and career opportunities, as
WHAT WE DO                                  well as current topics of concern to
The GMP brings undergraduate students       women, students of color, and
together with faculty, professionals, and   disadvantaged students. Topics will focus
current graduate students in an             on opportunities within academia,
environment of support and                  specifically in the fields of Humanities,
empowerment, to counsel and assist          Education, Social Sciences, Physical & Life
students in the process of preparing for,   Sciences, and Professional schools.
selecting, and applying to graduate and
professional programs.
                                            Test Preparation Workshops

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