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									                                         MOST EFFECTIVE RESUME

                    Robert Wood                          Robert begins his resume with a
                                                                                                 C: 416-987-3892
                    15 Amlet Blvd.,                                                              H: 905-828-6453
                                                         summary of the key assets the
                    Mississauga, ON L5L 1P6              employer seeks in the job 
                    SUMMARY OF SKILLS

                        Software development experience, including experience in software design and testing
                        Experience with several programming languages including languages with Object
                        Oriented features:
                            - Languages: C, C++, Java, Perl, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML
                        Avid user of various Operating Systems and software applications—both Open Source
                        and commercial:
                            - O/S: Red Hat Linux, Unix, System 7, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista
                            - Applications: OpenOffice; MS Word, Excel and Access; Paint.NET; Adobe Photoshop


Robert lists        Honours Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Specialist             Sept. 2006 – Present
courses that        University of Toronto
relate to the          3rd year, GPA: 3.76/4.0                                                 Robert included his GPA
position he is         Relevant Courses: Software Tools & Systems Programming (A),             and marks from his
seeking.                                   Microprocessor Software (A),                        relevant courses, as they
                                           Fundamental Data Structures and Techniques (B+)     are achievements, that
                                                                                               demonstrate the
Using separate                                                                                 programming skills the
sections for        SOFTWARE AND WEB DEVELOPMENT WORK EXPERIENCE                               employer seeks.
‘software and
web                 Software Developer                                                              Summer 2008
development’        Financial Models Company Inc.
experience and          Created supporting software to provide online, context-sensitive help as part of a web
‘other’ work            application
                        Designed, coded and debugged a multi-threaded ISAPI extension for Windows
makes the most                                                                                              Robert uses numbers
relevant                servers using C/C++                                                                 where possible to
experiences             Reduced server load by 10%                                                          quantify his
more readily                                                                                             accomplishments.
evident to the
employer.           Web Designer                                                                 Summer 2007
Within each         Financial Models Company Inc.
experience              Delivered 3 large web projects based on Microsoft Solutions Framework and the Rational
section,                Unified Process (team member)
experiences are         Developed web sites using ASP, client-side JavaScript, XML and XSL and produced the
listed in reverse       graphical look using Adobe Photoshop

                                            MOST EFFECTIVE RESUME

                                                                                                  C: 416-987-3892
                   Robert Wood                            Robert uses the “Other Work
                                                                                                  H: 905-828-6453

                                                          Experience” section to identify
                   OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE                  transferable skills such as
                                                          problem solving, customer
                   Computer Lab Assistant                 service, and communication.    Sept. 2007 – Present
                   University of Toronto Mississauga
                      Managed a 20-workstation computer facility
                      Resolved users’ problems, explained and demonstrated relevant material
Robert begins         Decreased downtime by 20%
each bullet with
an action word     Sales Associate/Cashier                                               Sept. 2005 – Sept. 2007
to describe his    GAP
                       Demonstrated excellent customer service by listening to customer needs, and suggesting
                       appropriate products
                       Trained new employees, explaining concepts and product information in a clear manner
                       Awarded Employee of the Month twice


                   Dean’s List, University of Toronto                                         Sept. 2006 – Present   Robert further
                   EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES                                                                       teamwork
                   Web Master                                                               Sept. 2007 – Present     interpersonal
                   Computer Science Club, University of Toronto Mississauga                                          skills through
                      Expanded website to include alumni profiles, exams file, events and careers links              his extra-
                      Update web site to keep members informed about club meeting details, special events, and       curricular
                      resources such as new practice exams and career information                                    activities.

                   Member                                                                Sept. 2006 – Present
                   Computer Science Club, University of Toronto Mississauga
                      Attend and participate in bi-monthly meetings, where members discuss and share
                      information on current and emerging computer technologies and software

                   Team Member                                                                Sept. 2006 – Present
                   University of Toronto Intramural Soccer Team
                      Voted Most Valuable Team Member                  Interests can be personal or work/
                                                                       career-related. Be prepared in an
                                                                       interview to talk about your “career
                   INTERESTS                                           interests” should you list any.

                   Soccer, Anime, cooking, programming, participating in open source community projects

                                                        Robert clearly tailors his resume to the position. The Summary
                   Available upon request               of Skills, his relevant work and extra-curricular experiences,
                                                        and his use of accomplishment statements match the position


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