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Partnering with your Host- Hostess coaching

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									                  Hostess Coaching System: Partnering with your Hostess
                                       (premise: give one task at a time for success)

Bookings from a home party

Step One:    Set party date within next 4 weeks (additional bonus, new host gets $5 free books) Use Party Date cards

Step Two:    Give triplicate Guest Mailing List with your business card attached for them to fill out.

Step Three: Set up a time to connect within one week, pick up completed Guest Mailing List and plan party.

After party is booked, consultant:

   1) Mail Thank you card to hostess the next day after scheduling the party

   2) Two to three days before Hostess Meeting, call to confirm.

   3) Meet with your host within one week after scheduling party to pick up completed guest list and plan party

            a. If host is an hour away plan B is to have phone meeting, host to e-mail or mail list to you, plan party

   4) Have the hostess start making “save the date” calls (offer your assistance)

   5) E-mail (or best form of communication noted) host to notify when invitations have been sent by mail and e-vite
      (invites to arrive one week before party)

            If she is mailing invitations, ask how she is coming and if she needs any assistance

   6) Three or four days before party ask how many guests she has heard from: remind her not to expect every guest
      to R.S.V.P, but to call everyone with a personal invitation, as this will boost attendance. Have host ask guests to
      bring a fun friend.

   7) Call host one day prior to party for directions, head count, age range of children guests will be shopping for, and
      any last minute details. Remind to have wish list ready the night of the party.

Written Details

       Write party date in your date book in pencil the day it is set

       On Party Date card and start Hostess checklist
       Host name, address, home/cell numbers, best way to contact (phone, e-mail?), best time to contact.
       Start “Party Checklist” to know where you are in the hostess coaching process.
       Write down date, time and directions to Hostess Meeting

       Start a sheet protector or file on the party: write hostess name, party date and phone # on file tab in pencil

       File in date order with current date in front

       The file will eventually contain:

       Party Date card                                 Order Pro summary form with PO#

       Party Checklist                                 Notes taken during Hostess meeting and conversations

       Hostess Checklist                               Guest list

       Hostess wish list (in the hostess guide)        Any pertinent information regarding this party

       Copies of customers’ order forms
                         Starting Hostess Coaching when Party is Booked

At the conclusion of a party, it’s time to speak to your new hostess!

          New hostess picks a Party Date card- these are the next four dates on your calendar!

          Request that the hostess complete the Guest Mailing List with at least 30 names and addresses

                  Offer special gift (you do not have to tell them what it is) as an incentive when you receive their completed
                  guest list of 30 names. Suggestion for gift: $5-10 free book - Use Hostess Book Category to pay for this.

                  “You will receive a special gift being offered to new hostesses
                  when I receive your completed list.”

          Appointment set for connecting within one week

1) Express gratitude for booking

“I want to thank you for scheduling a party. I‟m so excited to have you as one of my upcoming hostesses.
Our goal is to have a fun night out with friends!”

2) Be clear about hostess gifts and bonuses

“I want to be clear about how you receive the hostess gifts and bonuses, and how
(„Liz‟ name of previous hostess) receives credit for your booking. All it‟s going to take is three easy steps ”:

          1st Set your party date within 4 weeks of today. In a moment I‟ll show you the dates I have

          2nd: I‟m sending you home with a blank guest list. I have a great invitation to send to all your guests,
          and I‟ll have a special gift for you when I receive your completed list of at least 30 names and
          addresses within one week.

                  Begin by calling all your guests to invite them to a fun, relaxing Friend‟s Night Out Party.
                  Ask them for their addresses so we can mail them an invitation with a ticket for a special
                  drawing. If you‟d like to invite more guests great!
                  Earning the special gift requires a completed list of 30 names and addresses.

          3rd: We will set up a time you and I can connect within the next week. At that time I‟ll collect your
          list and together we‟ll plan a fun experience with your friends! I‟ll register your party with Usborne
          Books tomorrow. Then I have one week to pick up your list, and you‟ll receive the specials being
          offered to new hostesses.

3) Set appointment to get list and plan party

          Preparation is key- know several times you will be able to offer to meet with your new hostess within one week.
          (have these dates built into your store hours and circled on your calendar)

          Fill out the date card completely with them.

          You are making an appointment with them.

          “I look forward to seeing you at Panera Bread at the Derby Street shops on Wednesday the 22nd at
          8pm. Thank you for scheduling a party.”
                               PARTY DATE

Date:_______________________ Day:___________________ Time:____________________
City:___________________________________ State: _____________ Zip:_______________
Home Phone:__________________________________ Cell:____________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________
Best time to be reached:__________________________________________________________
Party Planning Date:_____________________________________________________________
Place:____________________________________________ Time:______________________

                              PARTY DATE

Date:_______________________ Day:___________________ Time:____________________
City:___________________________________ State: _____________ Zip:_______________
Home Phone:__________________________________ Cell:____________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________
Best time to be reached:___________________________________________________________
Party Planning Date:______________________________________________________________
Place:____________________________________________ Time:_______________________
                                                               Thank you note

Mail your new hostesses and potential hostesses a hand written thank you card.

   Acknowledge your new host for giving the previous hostess credit.

   Confirm the place and time of the Hostess Meeting appointment

   Emphasize the importance of completing the guest list within one week

   Close the message by making a personal connection

   Example of Liz who booked a party with you:

   Dear Liz,

       Thank you for scheduling a party and supporting Melissa in receiving her hostess booking gift. Your excitement at
   Melissa’s party was contagious! I’m looking forward to meeting you at Panera Bread in the Derby Street shops on
   Wednesday, October 22 at 8pm to pick up your list and plan your party. Don’t forget you’ll receive the special being
   offered to new hostesses for bringing your completed guest list with addresses to our appointment. This is a special
   night out with your friends. I’m so happy to be a part of it.


                                                    (Your Name)

   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------

   Example for Susan, who is a potential hostess that is still on the fence about booking a party:

   Dear Susan,

      Thank you for attending Melissa’s party. I thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm during the party. I’m excited you’re
   considering having your own special night out with your friends.

   I’ll start your party off with many exciting specials, and I’ll still be able to give Melissa credit for your booking as long
   as you schedule within 30 days.

   I’ll give you a call at the end of the week (state a specific time & day). I look forward to talking with you again.


                                                    (Your Name)
                                                 Hostess Checklist
                                       Agenda for the Hostess Meeting Appointment

       □    Party Scheduled _________________ (date & time)

       □    Guest list received

       □    Hostess packet delivered

       □    Invitations will be mailed by ___ consultant ___ hostess on (date) _______________ (will notify hostess)

       □    “Mary, let‟s plan a fun theme party for your guests. How about a Girl‟s night out, Chocolate Party
            or Holiday theme?”
            Note: When a hostess schedules a theme party it gives her another reason in addition to your product to
            invite her guests to a party.

       □ “I will be calling you a couple of times, if you have questions,
            (it doesn‟t matter how silly you think it is), you can call me at __________ or email me at

        □       Booster Call: Have you heard from your guests?

        □       Call for directions, last minute details

Notes from talking to Hostess:
                                          Your Role as a Party Coach
At the Hostess Meeting Party Coach:

You help the hostess design the ideal party, rather than just showing up and seeing what happens.

    Be honestly curious about what the hostess really wants- What do you want this experience to provide for you?

    o   ”Have you ever hosted a party before? How do you think it went?
    o   “Who would you like to see at your party?”
    o   “How many people do you think will come?
    o   “Who do you think would really like these books?”
    o   “Is there anyone in your group of friends that really likes to host parties?”
    o   ”What item(s) do you want to earn with your free shopping spree from your party?

Giving Information: (go through the hostess packet with her; go through it in this order)

            1. Use words on “Thank you for hosting a party on” page to go through Home Office Hostess Guide

            2. Hostess Specials

            3. Customer Specials

            4. How to Fill Out Order Form - give them 10 order forms (see example on Hostess Meeting sheet)

            5. Usborne Books & More Recruiting Brochure

            6. Monthly Recruiting Kit Sheet on joining the company

            7. 2 Catalogs

What is your intention for the coaching appointment?
       Connect with the hostess
       Pick up the completed Guest Mailing List
       Set a goal of $500 party, Coach her for her party
       Share the opportunity - Invite her to start a business

Gather information about your hostess
She will promote her party if she feels good about you and the entire party package
Ask questions: Examples you might use to help you get to know your hostess. Be curious; not interrogating!
So tell me a little about yourself.                                 What do you want this experience to provide for
Where do you work? How do you like your job?
                                                                    What do you want to earn for free?
Do you work during the day?
                                                                    What kind of party experience would you like your
What do you think of my job?                                        party to be? (Friend‟s Night Out, Wine and
How many children? Ages?                                            Cheese, Chocolate Party, Pre- Holiday get
                                                                    together, Holiday get together…)
Why did you decide to schedule a party?

You are creating an alliance with your hostess so she feels good about you and the whole party package. She will
promote her party and be an advocate for your business. This information also allows you to know what is going on in
your hostess’ life so you can genuinely offer them the opportunities to obtain things she really wants in life by joining the
                                                    Hostess Meeting

1.    Hostess Packet - organized for going through (see above)
2.    Hostess File - Hostess Checklist, Party Date Card, Party Checklist (see below)
3.    Date Book
4.    Home Office Consultants agreement

Outline of the Hostess Meeting:

1. Arrive 5 minutes early
2. Make a great first impression!
   Enjoy 10-15 minutes of casual conversation getting to know the hostess and gathering information
            a. Builds an alliance with hostess
            b. Helps give you information about your hostess
            c. Through this information you can lead her into the possibility of starting her own business

3.    Collect her Guest Mailing List
4.    Prepare the hostess to achieve and enjoy a successful party.
5.    If your party has a theme, go over that.
6.    Teach her how to invite her guests.
7.    Talk about outside orders.
8.    Offer a special for 2 Pre-party Bookings
9.    Plant recruiting seeds throughout the coaching appointment
10.   Share the benefits of the business as you have experienced them
11.   Tell your own personal story briefly
12.   Ask for referrals
13.   Invite your hostess to a local team training meeting or a Take A Look Call

                                          How to Fill Out the Order Forms
         Fill in Name, Phone, E-mail, Address, City, State, Zip, Hostess (you), Consultant Name.

         Fill in Title (as much as you can fit), item # (most important – last 6 digits of number in catalog which is usually in
          bold), quantity, price and amount (quantity times price)

         Box #1 – Enter Total
         Box #2 – Add 8% shipping and handling
         Box #3 – Take Total from Box #1
         Box #4 – Add __% Sales tax based on total in Box #3
         Box #5 – Add $5.00 if the guest would like to have the books shipped to their own house.
         Box #6 – Add Box #2, #3, and #4 together

         I take cash, check (written out to (your name) or Credit Card (Visa, MC or Discover only.) Enter the credit card
          number on the sheet and have the guest sign at “Signature Required”.

         If the guest wants the books shipped to their own house – enter their address on the bottom section. Note that
          they won’t deliver to a post office box.

                   If you have any questions – just give me a call – or we can fill in the information at the show.
                                         Be “Interested”; Not “Interesting”

                      So many times we tell people what to do but neglect to tell them how to do it.
                                 Keep this in mind when meeting with your hostess.

Use words that send the message of a light, relaxed party that doesn’t involve pressuring their friends or overselling a
product. If you are primarily promoting a good time, the hostess can do the same.

“Liz, my goal is that your friends leave your party saying they had a great time. Whether we have 3 guests
or 20; we‟ll create a fun experience for you and your friends. Here‟s how you can invite your guests.

Words she can use to invite guests Example #1:
Jenn, I‟d like to invite you to a Friend‟s Night Out Party on October 24th at my place. My theme is a
chocolate party, and I‟m going to have brownies, cookies, and fondue.

Words your hostess can use to invite guests Example #2:
My friend, (consultant‟s name), is a representative for Usborne Books. She is going to bring her books and
we are going to enjoy a night of laughs and have a great time. She‟s a lot of fun and really makes the
experience enjoyable. By the way, do you know anyone you really like to get together with that is a lot of
fun- maybe someone you haven‟t spent time with in a while? Feel free to invite her, this will give you a
chance to see your friend and have fun at my party.”

Talk about your free goodies and specials plus enjoy discussing her free shopping spree!
Find out what she really wants- use this as an incentive. Write down her favorite items.
Liz what books did you want at the last party but didn‟t get?

Your role is to promote her party perks and your hostess’s role is to choose her favorite items. Create excitement about all
the things she can earn. Consider offering a special gift to hostesses who meet or exceed a specific goal. For instance,
consider creating a $700 club. Offer a special gift to each hostess who meets this expectation. Use the bonus gift or
hostess books (65% off any $25 worth of product) for this.

The goal is to motivate your hostess toward a specific goal ($500 party)

Outside orders

If a hostess is motivated, one half of your party could be the result of outside orders. Outside orders can also move the
party into the next hostess special level meaning more free books for your hostess.

“My hostesses usually take several outside orders from guests who cannot attend their party. What this
does is give you a lot of extra credit toward your party and guests who cannot attend are not disappointed.
When someone let‟s you know they are unable to attend simple tell them you have a catalog and you would be
happy to get together with them to share it. I also have an online bookstore which makes it convenient for
out of town guests to order.”

Point out in her hostess packet there are order forms and explain how to fill out an order form.

Outside bookings- How do you encourage your hostess to promote outside bookings?

Explain what she earns for bookings:

        1. She only gets the monthly hostess special if she meets home office’s requirement (usually needs 2 bookings).

        2. At each party booked from hers, she gets $20 in books for $5,
        3. At every 3 party booked, she gets a free title (up to $20 value) from the entire catalog or 65% of any set in
           the entire catalog

Give her an example of how to ask. Share a story about a hostess who had an outside booking or two. Example:

“Liz, when you‟re inviting your friends, you will have a friend or two who will express disappointment about
not being able to attend your party. Invite them to have their own party and share your reasons for hosting.
Tell them, “If I get 2 parties booked before my party starts I get a special gift, can I count on you for
booking a party?”

At this time, don’t sell your product; sell the hostess perks. Hostess perks help her to envision future possibilities.

Share the business - Don’t talk too much (use the information you know about the hostess)

“I always offer this opportunity to everyone. You never know who could use extra money; especially now.
Have you ever considered about doing what I do? Would you like to earn some extra $$ to boost your
family‟s budget?” Wait for her answer!

Ask for a referral:

o   Who do you know that needs an extra stream of income?

o   Who do you know that hates to drop their kids off at daycare?

o   Who do you know that has more month left at the end of their money? 

I would love to invite you to our next (Take a Look Call or local meeting).

Do you have any questions as you get started?

Conclude with a laugh and a fun plan directing the hostess to successful action.

“There are three simple steps you can take to ensure a successful and fun party, for both of us and your

    1. Call all your guests prior to the party. Everyone likes to feel special. As you call your guests make it
       fun and tell that that it would be great to see them at your party.

        Focus on having 10 guests at your party. Invite each guest to bring a fun friend.

    2. Focus on five outside orders. Invite guests to take a look at the catalog prior to the party or go to
       the online bookstore and order.

    3. Secure one outside booking before the night of the party. As I shared with you earlier, you will
       inevitably receive a call or two from guests who may not be able to attend. Those are the ones to
       invite to host their own party. Tell them why you booked and remember to tell them what you earn if
       they schedule a party.”

Tell your hostess you will be in touch (confirm best way to contact-e-mail or phone) and should she have any questions to
feel free to contact you.

The Hostess Meeting appointment takes about 45 minutes to one hour.
                                                  Party Checklist
Hostess Name:_________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address:________________________________________________________________
Ages of children:_______________________________________________________________
Show Date:________________________________________ Time:___________
Booked from Previous Show?___ Yes___ No   Previous Hostess________________
Booked within 3 wks? Yes      No


E-show Set up: Yes       No Date Started: _________Date Ending:________

Hostess Coaching:                                                            Date to be       Date
                                                                             Completed        Completed
Thank you note send confirming Hostess Meeting
Hostess Meeting
Received Guest Mailing Labels/list
Send Invitations
Set up e-show in event manager
1 Hostess call (3 days before show), reminder calls, directions
2 Hostess call (day before show),approx # guests; age range buying for

# of guests______________ Ages of children shopping for:__________________________________

Incentive to Hostess for Guest list:_______________________________________________________
Other incentives:______________________________________________________________________

Bookings:       1.______________________________________________________________________
Recruit Packets Distributed:

Orders: At Show: $___________ Outside Orders:$__________ E-show Orders:$________________
Total Retail Sales: $_______________ My commission:_______________ $ I spent:______________
$$Charge to my Credit card:_______________

Money collected: Total:__________ Credit Cards:_________ Checks:__________ Cash:__________

Customer Service                                                             Date to be       Date
                                                                             Completed        Completed
Books Delivered
“It was a Pleasure” email or letter mailed
Follow up Call 14 days after product received (including call to hostess)

Mileage:__________ Postage__________ Hostess Fee:__________ Other:_______________________
Giveaways:____________________ ____________________ ____________________
                    THANK YOU for Hosting a Party on
                                    ______________________________ (date & time)


      Personally invite your guests 2-3 weeks in advance
□     ~ Ask them to “save the date”!

      Invite 30+ people so that 10 will come. Sound excited as you invite your
□     guests – the more guests, the more FREE books for you – use the 40
      guests in 4 minutes worksheet included in your packet.

□     Make reminder calls 1-2 days before the show

      Collect outside orders from people that can’t attend your party
□     –strive for 7 orders or $150 in orders!

      Have those who are out of town, order online at
□     Then click on your name to place the order for credit to your show.

□     Make a BIG WISH LIST!

     See the hostess specials sheet PLUS
      Add $5 more in free books for holding your show within 4 week of
□     dating it.

□     At each show booked from yours, you may select $20 of books for $5!

      At every 3rd show booked from yours, you may select one set for 65% off
□     or any book (up to $20) for FREE!


    I will be calling you before the party to answer any questions you may have.
These ideas presented in this Hostess Coaching System are a collaboration between
Julie Mitton (Usborne Consultant in Massachusetts),
Lynn Wiltshire (National Coach through Lifeline Coaching),
Trainings we’ve received from Belinda Ellsworth and Jillian Middleton (both National
Training Coaches) and Deb Casey (Usborne Director in New Hampshire)

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