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					Session ID   Email                                 Submit Time         Question 1: What is your exact job title? (enter you
  27649341   msack@prescenter.com                    10/10/2003 6:41   General Manager
  27649843   pgangott@comcast.net                    10/10/2003 6:55   President
  27650978   rkruse@optechus.com                     10/10/2003 7:24   Managing Director
  27651244   tanson@infoviewsystems.com              10/10/2003 7:33   President
  27655107   jenn@eilerpr.com                        10/10/2003 8:50   account supervisor
  27655204   mathisr@aam.com                         10/10/2003 8:53   Director Safety, Security, Environmental & Medica
  27656219   molly@moonsevent.com                    10/10/2003 9:15   President

  27658227   b_bartos@cityofsouthfield.com          10/10/2003 10:11   Business Development Manager
  27658912   rlindman@dura-sys.com                  10/10/2003 10:31   General Manager
  27659175   delvecchio@korsengineering.com         10/10/2003 10:38   Office Manager
  27661582   resourcecenter@instantassistant.com    10/10/2003 11:35   Office Manager
  27672531   jomorcool@voyager.net                  10/10/2003 17:26   International Business Development Consultant
  27699895   melnick@butzel.com                      10/13/2003 7:24   Training Coordinator
  27700717   sandra.coccimiglio@iconicweb.com        10/13/2003 7:45   Director, New Business Development
  27703373   mirielleataya@tescoeng.com              10/13/2003 8:46   Human Resources Generalist
  27714855   shaker@emaximm.com                     10/13/2003 13:17   Product Manager
  27732934   mlosh@amsystech.com                     10/14/2003 7:18   Vice President of Operations
  27736519   afloyd@rbkauto.com                      10/14/2003 8:39   Office Manager
  27800620   careers@atriosystems.com               10/15/2003 18:40   Managing Partner
  27830428   tboutche@mcc.edu                       10/16/2003 12:12   RWDC Project Clerk
  27833888   russ@integralsolutions.com             10/16/2003 13:19   Marketing Manager
  27835263   hamann@doeren.com                      10/16/2003 13:43   Human Resources Manager
  27835927   ilearn@ilearnsystems.com               10/16/2003 13:58   Director, Learning Strategies
  27840926   kyancura@raypro.com                    10/16/2003 16:05   Firm Administrator

  27851401   rseeterl@twp.waterford.mi.us            10/17/2003 5:41   Director of Fiscal & Human Resources
  27854474   ronald.l.beeber@delphi.com              10/17/2003 7:05   Executive Director Organizational & Employee Dev
  27855001   aborsuk@flagstar.com                    10/17/2003 7:17   Recuiter
  27869603   lzotkovich@ci.novi.mi.us               10/17/2003 13:23   Human Resource Specialist
  27893401   info@up-llc.com                         10/19/2003 7:12   President
  27906025   mpk@acmephoto.com                       10/20/2003 5:37   Secretary, Treasurer, General Manager
                                  Question 2: CEO,Question Director, Manager, Administrator Question 2:
                                                      one)                  Consultant/Subject Manager
                                                                                       Project 2: Support
             Question 2: Your job function is: (selectPresident2:Question 2:Question 2:QuestionMatter Expert Technical Services
                                  X                  X
 y, Environmental & Medical                          X


Development Consultant                                         X


man Resources                                       X
anizational & Employee Devel                        X

General Manager                   X
                          Question                         employees in your organization? 5:Question 5: current employe
                                                                                   Question What with High School
Question 2: Other, Please Specify 3: What is the number ofQuestion 4: How many years have you beenis your level of educa
                                                        2                       13
                                                       10                        7
                                                       50 5 years
                                                       15                       10
                                                        7                        4
                                                   12,000                        7
                                                        1                       12           X

                                                             orgn: #5 -
                        On our Team, 5 (2 full-time); entire29 (re: 1000some postgrad/prof. accreditation)
                                                         4                        13
Office Manager and Bookkeeper                           13                        23             X
                                                         3                         5             X
                                                         1                         1
                                                       475                         3             X
Sales                                                   13                         2
Human Resources                                        355                       1.5
                                                        10                         2
                                                        35                         8
                                                        15                         2
                                                         8                         3
                                                       150                         4
                                                        95                         2
                                                       200                     5.25
                                                         1                        13
                                                        83                       3.5

                                                       370                        14
                       4 direct 58 indirect                                       34
Non-Management Positionapproximately 4500                    2 years
                                                       273                          3
                                                         1                          2
                                                        13                          5            X
           Bachelor Degree Degree Degree
                      Master     PhD
Question 5:Question 5:Question 5:Question 6:QuestiontheHigh School of education of yourPhD Degree most of your workfor
                                            What is 6:Question 6:Question 6:Question 6:Question 7: Is
                                                       average level
                                                                 Bachelor Degree Degree
                                                                            Master      workforce?
X                                                     X                                Yes
X                                                     X                                Yes
           X                                                     X                     Yes
X                                                     X                                Yes
X                                                     X                                Yes
X                                           X                                          Yes
                                                      X                                Yes

X                                                    X                               Yes
X                                                    X                               Yes
                                                     X                               Yes
                                          X                                          Yes
          X                                                     X                    Yes
                                                     X                               Yes
X                                                    X                               Yes
X                                         X                                          No
X                                                               X                    Yes
X                                                    X                               Yes
X                                                               X                    Yes
          X                                                     X                    Yes
X                                                    X                               Yes
X                                                    X                               Yes
          X                                          X                               Yes
X                                                    X                               Yes
X                                                    X                               Yes

          X                               X                                          Yes
          X                                          X                               Yes
X                                         X                                          Yes
X                                                    X                               Yes
          X                                                     X                    Yes
                                                     X                               Yes
Question 8: How many of your workforce has taken any kind of E-learning?9-1: 1
                                                         30% eCommerce
                                                         10% Hotest IT Skills
                                                             4 Java
                                                         50% Safety

Mine? None. Organizationally, don't know.                       ? handled by HR
                                                            0   SQL
                                                            3   Microsoft Office & Internet Proficiency
                                                            0   Coaching
                                                            0   Professional Development
unknown                                                         none
                                                            0   Manager Training
                                                            2   sales
                                                            5   .NET development
all I believe                                                   technical Training
                                                            5   SQL server
I honestly have no idea. Probably at least half.
                                                         10%    MS Products
                                                         50%    MS Office Products
                                                            1   Marketing
                                                        2-Jan   Word

                                                           20 Employee Discipline
                                                         10% problem solving
                                                          100 banking
                                                            1 Time Management
                                                            1 photoshop
Question 9-2: 2               Question 9-3: 3                Question 9-4: 4

Sales via Internet            Customer support via Internet Billing via Internet
Recruiting Training           Negotiation Training          Microsoft Training
IBM Websphere

Quality                       Lean Manufacturing             Leadership

#10- do not know
HTML                          ASP                            WML

Customer Service              Organization, Multitasking     Photoshop / Graphic Manipulation
Mentoring                     Leadership                     Customer Service
Software                      Risk Management

Computer training
.NET technology
MEMS                          Systems Engineering
Quality                       Sales                          Leadership and Development
Windows Server 2003           Exchange Server 2003           BizTalk Server

Clientele (CRM)
Business Management           eLearning Technology           Neuroscience Research
Outlook                       Access                         Excel

Public Finance & Accounting   Customer Service               Basic Safety in the Workplace
lean enterprise               six sigma                      supplier issues
proficiency testing           candidate testing              underwriting tests
Supervision/Management        Discipline                     Conflict Resolution

web page design               ftp
Question 9-5: 5                            Question currently have Soft E-learning now, Question organization?
                                                     Question 11: an E-learning initiative at your 11: Quality
                                                                  Question 11:(i.e. Communication, of andBuilding, Coachin
                                                                                 Technical what kind Team development
                                 Question 10: Do you11: If you engage in SkillsQuestion 11: Leadershipcourses do you offer?
                                 No                               X            X
Management Controls via Internet No
Sales Training                   No
Basic Skills                     No                                            X

Network                           No
Website Development               Yes                  X          X
Business Development              No
Product Training                  No
SharePoint portal 2003            Yes                             X
                                  Yes                  X          X           X          X
                                  Yes                             X                      X
                                  No                              X
Interactive Software Technologies Yes                  X          X           X

Dealing with Difficult People     No
leadership                        Yes                             X           X          X
general clerical                  Yes                  X          X
Computer training                 No
                                  No                   X
                                        Question Question 12: What is 12: ILT
                                                            Question your deliveryQuestion Training)—on Pleaseoff s
Question 11: OSHA 11: HIPPA 11: Product11: Sales 11: New employee orientation (Instructor Ledfor E-learning? site orBase
          Question Question Question training                                        method 12: Based Training)
                                                                        Question 12: WBT (Web CBT (Computer sel
                   X                                                                X

                     X                                           X

X                                                                          X
                     X                                                     X          X

                                                                           X          X
                                                                 X         X          X
                     X                                                     X          X
                                                                           X          X
                     X                                           X         X          X

X                    X          X          X                     X         X          X
                     X                                           X                    X

                                                                 X         X
          Question 12: Synchronous anytime on theROM not live)12:technologies)
                     Question 12: Video on DVD using distance PDA (Handheld computer)
                                Question Question 12:   Question            Question 13: On-site 13: thehome
                                                                                       Question (at At employer's E-Lea
Question 12: Asynchronous (Available (Live 12: web or web; CD ROM Question 13: Where does your workforce engage inlocatio
                                X           X                               X

X                    X                     X                                X          X
          X                                                                 X

                                                                            X          X
                                                                            X          X

X                                                                           X          X
                                           X                                X          X
          X          X                                                      X
                                                                            X          X
          X                     X          X                                X          X
X                    X          X          X                                X          X

X                                          X                                X          X
                                           X                                X

          Question atQuestion 13: Other, Please
                           trainer's or service14: Please location that Question 14: E-learning initiative.the total number of empl
                                     Question provider's select all 14: Certification
                                                 Question 14:
                                                            Question apply to Question 15: What is  a degree
Question 13: Off-site 13:aAt a library or university Specify Skill enhancementyour Credit towardQuestion 16: Are there any larg
                                                 X          X                                   1
                                                 X          X                                 40
                                                 X                                              1

                       N/A                                                                     2
                                               X                                               4
                                               X                                               0
                                               X           X           X                       3
                                               X                                               1
                                               X           X                                 300
                                               X                                              10
                                               X                                               0
                                               X           X                                   8
           X                                   X           X           X                       0
                                               X                                               3
                                               X                                             150
X                                              X                                               1

X                                              X           X           X                190,000
                                               X                                   Personally 0
                                               X                                                1
                                                           X                                  13
          Question 16: HardwareQuestion 16:aUnion employeesemployeeslow computer 16: Language barriers barriers
                     Question 16:constraintsQuestion 16: Plant 16: Very 16: Very low literacy in 16: Cultural
                                    Access to computer
Question 16: Bandwidth (infrastructure)                                               Question general
                                                      Question Question Question literacy

X         X
X                    X


          X                                         X



X         X          X                                                   X
                     X         X                    X
          Question issues (handicap, space and time) Question 19: What is 20: Do you 21: If a technical or IT department onnE
                     Question 18-1: Year 2004
                                          Question 18-2: Year team
                                                                Question the percentage you engage in budget spent tha
                                                                                      Question training E-learning right
                                                                                                    Question 23: How many
Question 16: Access 17: Does your upper management/executive 2005 supportQuestion haveof your22: Are E-learning courses
          Yes                           0         0           0 Yes        No
          Yes                     100,000 150,000          75% Yes         Yes        No            None
          Yes        Not determined                           0 Yes        Yes                                0
          Yes                      15,000    15,000             Yes                                           0
          Yes                                                   No                                            0
          Yes                                                   Yes        No         Yes
          Yes                                                   No         No         Yes

                      handled by HR case-by-case           see #18
           Yes                                                           Yes                                0
           Yes                              0            0            0 No              Yes                 0
X          Yes        unsure at this time       unsure at this time
                                                            0% at this time
                                                                         No    No       Yes         see Bee Freeway
           Yes                                                           No
                                                                         Yes                                 0
           Yes                           0               0            0 Yes    Yes      No                   0
           Yes                      30,000          30,000         40% Yes                                   0
           No                            0                            0 Yes    No       No                   0
           Yes        as required               as required        25% Yes     No       Yes         none on regular basis
X          Yes        unknown                   unknown 0-1000           No    No       No          none
           Yes                      10,000          10,000        100% Yes     No       Yes         10+
           Yes                                                           Yes   Yes                         80
           Yes                                                           Yes   Yes      No                   3
           Yes                                                           Yes            No
           Yes        $2,500/employee                              30% No      Yes      Yes                  3
           Yes                                                           Yes

           No                       50,000     50,000                0 Yes              Yes                  0
           Yes                                          5-7%
                      decentralized--impossible to estimate            Yes     No       Yes         20-25
           Yes                                                         Yes     Yes      No
                                                                       Yes                                   0
           Yes                                                         No      No       Yes                  0
                                                                       No      Yes      Yes                  0
          Question 25: Do you want that percentage to be higher in the
Question 24: What percentage of training is accomplished by E-learning?future?

       10% Yes
         0 Yes
         0 Yes
       10% Yes
       50% No

do not know
         0 Yes

2%-5% Time just is not available for training
       0 Yes
       0 No
       0 Yes
       0 Yes
     10% Yes
none     Yes
     70% No

>1%        Yes

       25% Yes

         0 Yes
5-7%       Yes
         0 Yes
        10 No
         0 Yes
Question 26: If yes to question 25, why?

Excellent resource. Cost effective, excellent for tracking results, etc.
Improve the skills of employees

Easier to facilitate.
Reduce costs, consistency of training, scalability

Survey should have had 'do not know' or 'not applicable' boxes to check. Also should have asked who handles
those needs for you; whether you have e-learning at all (if not, they can skip rest of survey).


Because it would take the burden off of me to enhance the skills of my staff when it comes to Microsoft Office, Internet proficien

I think E-learning is one of the best methods for delivering training.

We would like to implement e-learning into our organization
We need e-training so that we can keep our technical and sales staff more actively engaged in staying informed on the latest
Feel it would be quicker.


For its asynchronous capability.

Cost effective
Consistant Message
Easy to Schedule
financial advantages
It will help develop employees to better their career path

I speculate that E learning ing morecost effective
          Question 28: Are the 29: provide E-learning 31:other businesses? 33: arehow 34-1: Name: courses have you in pa
                     Question objectives forQuestion totied to the organizational Are considered for E-learning ROI?
                                 Question 30:organizationOver the last three years, youmany online
                                              If yes to question 29, Question Question or your E-learning?
                                                           measure what factors goals?
                                                                     the Return on Investment with technology?
Question 27: Does your organizationDoes your E-learning Question 32: How comfortable are youfororganization interestedtaken
No        No         No                                              No        Michael Sackett
                                                       0 Extremely confident and comfortable
No        Yes        No                                              Yes       Paul Angott
                                                       0 Extremely confident and comfortable
No        No         No                                              Yes       Ronia Kruse
                                                       0 Extremely confident and comfortable
No        Yes        No                                0 Comfortable No
No        No                                                         No        Jennifer Cornell
                                                       0 Extremely confident and comfortable
No        Yes        No                     > 10         Extremely confident and comfortable
No        No         No                                              No
                                                  6-Apr Somewhat uncomfortable

                                                       0 Comfortable  No
No         Yes        No                                              No
                                                       0 Extremely confident and comfortable
No         Yes        No                               0 Comfortable  No
No         Yes        No                                              No
                                                  6-Apr Extremely confident and comfortable
Yes        Yes        No                          3-Jan Comfortable   Yes         Joseph Cool
No                                                                    Yes         Kurt Maaske
                                                  3-Jan Extremely confident and comfortable
Yes        Yes        Yes                              0 Extremely confident and comfortable
                                                                       higher retention rate of employees, increased efficiency o
                                 cost savings to traditional learning,Yes         Sandra Coccimiglio
           Yes        No                               0 Comfortable
No         No         No                          6-Apr Comfortable   No
No         No         No                                              No
                                                  3-Jan Extremely confident and comfortable
No         No         No                               0 Comfortable  No
No         Yes        No                                              Yes         Brian Demoe
                                                  10-Jul Extremely confident and comfortable
Yes        Yes                                    6-Apr Extremely confident and comfortable
Yes        Yes        Yes                         6-Apr Extremely confident and comfortable
                                 Reduction in travel costs, and trainers costs.
           No         No                                              No
                                                  3-Jan Extremely confident and comfortable
Yes        Yes        Yes                          here. Comfortable  Yes         Greg Adams
                                 Too many to list 6-Apr It also depends upon the client, the audience needs, business objectiv
No         No                                                         No
                                                       0 Extremely confident and comfortable

No         No         No                              0   ComfortableNo
Yes        Yes        Yes        financial        3-Jan   ComfortableNo
No         No         No                              0              No
                                                          Extremely confident and comfortable
No                                                    0   ComfortableNo
No         No         No                          3-Jan   ComfortableYes        Dale Hetrick
No         No         No                          3-Jan              No
                                                          Extremely confident and comfortable
Question 34-2: Organization:   Question 34-3: Phone Number:
The Presentation Center        248 5266600
Self-Guided Systems, LLC       (248) 338-1011
OpTech                         248-614-9200

Eiler Communications           734-761-3399

Cool & Associates           248 683 1130
Butzel Long                 313-983-7462
ICON Creative Techologies Group

Atrio Systems, Inc.            248.377.1621

iLearn Systems                 248 334-8556

Unlimited Potential, LLC       248-651-3516