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									                                    Production Supplier Survey
                                   The purpose of this survey is to gather information specific to current or potential Production suppliers to Shape Corp.
                                   The information provided will not be provided to any parties outside Shape Corp. or our affiliated companies.
                                   Any questions regarding this survey or it's use should be directed to Pete Klahorst, Director of Materials (

  The Shape Corp. Supplier Surveys are located on Shape's website at
  The surveys should be downloaded, completed and send via email to in the following file format:
     "supplier name date production" i.e. "Acme Steel 02112006 production"
 Current suppliers are required to update this survey on an annual basis or in the event of a significant change to the the requested information.
 New or potential suppliers are required to complete this survey as a condition of sourcing approval or consideration.

 Quality Systems

 What is the name of your organization?

 What is your name and role?

 Provide your phone number and email address.

 Is your organization TS16949 certified? If yes, who is your registrar?

 If your organization is not TS16949 certifed, has a timeline been established for cerification? If yes, what is your target date?

 What is your current quality PPM level with your customers?

 Does your organization have a formal problem-solving and corrective action process?

 Are work instructions and control plans present at each operation within your manufacturing facilities?

 Does your facility have a product traceability procedure?

 Has your company received any quality awards from your customers within the last three years? If yes, from what customers?

 Does your company have a formal continuous improvement program?

 Does your company track your supplier's quality performance? If yes, what is your supplier's quality performance?

 Does your company utilize the AIAG Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) manual format for part submission packages?

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Materials Management

Has your company completed AIAG's Materials Management and Operations Guide/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) in the past year? If yes,
what was the assessment score?

Does your company have dedicated materials management resources?

Does your company track on-time delivery to your customers? If yes, what is your on-time delivery performance to your customers?

Is your company utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with your customers and suppliers?

Do you track your supplier's delivery performance? If yes, what is your supplier's on-time delivery performance?

Do you have a formal procedure for notifying your customers if delivery requirements will not be met?

Does your company have a formal capacity planning process?

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