Personal Fitness Survey

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                      Personal Fitness Survey

1. How old are you?

2. What sex are you?Male

3. Do you like fitness?    Yes     No

4. Do you think fitness is important?      Yes    No

5. Do you think that you are at an appropriate fitness level for
   your age?    Yes     No

6. How many days a week do you participate in physical

7. How many minutes a day do you participate in physical

8. Do you participate in physical activity outside of school?
   Yes, often

9. Do you know how to find your heart rate?Yes, I know how to

10. Do you know what your target heart rate zone is?            Yes,
  it is       No

11. Do you know what BMI stands for?

12. Are you at a healthy BMI?        Yes     No

13. Are you happy with your current body weight?
     Yes    No