Mount Clemens DDA GIS Project Building Information Survey by aaf63568


									                   Mount Clemens DDA Geographic Information System (GIS)
                             Project Building Information Survey

Please answer as best you can and leave blanks if necessary.
1. Square footage of building:

2. Square footage of different property divisions/apartments/store fronts:

3. Year the property was built:

4. Special features and characteristics of the property:

5. Number of stories:

6. Primary building materials:

7. Ceiling heights/different heights by room:

8. Building architect (if known):

9. Number of mailing addresses within property:

10. Number/types of power systems available (amperage of service into building voltage):

11. Storage/how much available:

12. On-site parking available:

13. Proximity to public parking/nearest public parking facility:

14. Recent upgrades and renovations/dates:

15. Rental rate:
16. High speed internet access:

17. Phone Network:

18. Elevator:

19. Vacancies available:
- Units/square footage available:

-Type of Space available: residential/commercial-office/commercial-retail:

20. Type of office space available:
-A grade (new, high quality construction)
-B grade (newer construction or recent renovation)
-C grade (older renovation or original construction)

21. Re-paintings/area/date:

22. Tenant improvement allowances:

23. Bathrooms/shared or private:

24. Total number of windows:

25. Floor Surfaces/types by room:

26. Please provide historic photos & condition:

27. Additional information/comments:

Mail or email completed surveys to:
Mount Clemens DDA, 49 Macomb Place, Mount Clemens, MI 48043, or

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