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									                            Sample Parent Survey Questions
                                 Health and Wellness
Before you develop a survey, consider carefully what you would like to know. Surveys can be used to:
 Get ideas for programs and services (Family nights, health screenings, etc.)
 Get feedback about quality, changes or proposed changes (classroom celebrations, out of school
   time activity fees, curricula)
 Solicit volunteers (propose projects, allow sign ups, determine popular volunteer opportunities)
 Identify barriers and motivators to change (more students walking or biking to school, healthy

Be sure as you develop and distribute your survey that you can get the broadest response possible.
This may involve translating the survey into other languages, paying attention to reading level, and
making internet available at a school computer lab for families to access the survey. To determine that
you received a response from diverse families, you can include demographic questions in your survey
as well.

Below are some examples of survey questions. Free web-based survey tools are a great resource in
structuring questions and gathering the response data. Two popular web-based survey tools are
Survey Monkey and Zoomerang.

School Health and Wellness
                              Yes, definitely        I am not sure         Definitely NOT
School meals are healthy
and my child wants to eat
Snacks and drinks that
kids can purchase are
My child gets regular PE
that he/she enjoys.
My child gets important
information on being and
staying healthy.
grounds are safe.
Other comments:

Before and After School Programs
If your child participates in a program after school or if you would consider sending your child
to an afterschool program, please let us know how important these things are for after school
                       Extremely         Important            Not
                       important                              important
Healthy Snacks

Health information

Physical activity

Help with school

RDB 09-1474
Opportunities for Families
What programs for families would you be interested in attending?
                          Would love to come!       Maybe I would come.     Not for me.
Learning about eating
Learning about eating
healthy on a budget
Family Fun Night with
active games
Health Fair with health
Family dinner/night
Family dance night



Helping with Health and Wellness
Would you be willing to help us make the school healthier by….?
                            I would love to help.    If I have some time.   Not right now.
Sending in healthy
classroom snacks
Volunteering at a healthy
event at school
Calling other parents
about events
Being a member of our
school health committee
Talking to decision
makers about the
importance of health

Getting Information
What is the best way for us to tell you about changes we are making or events for families
related to our wellness efforts?
                          Works best                Maybe                   Not helpful
Posted on the website
Phone calls
In person meetings
(back to school

If you would like to be contacted to volunteer: (name/phone optional)

RDB 09-1474

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