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Christmas Gifts - DOC by lonyoo


									Apple and Cinnamon Cake                         23cm                                         £14.00
A beautifully moist cake, made with fresh apples, organic apple juice and raisins
Ingredients: flour*, cinnamon*, light muscovado sugar, raisins*, sunflower oil*, eggs*, apple juice*,
apples, pumpkin seeds*

Banana Nut Brownies 16 pieces                                                                £15.00
Made with organic chocolate, these are rich, moist and nutty
Ingredients: Sussex butter, light muscovado sugar, Montezuma’s organic chocolate (cocoa
solids 73%, sugar & natural vanilla)*, mixed nuts*, eggs*, bananas, flour*, fair-trade cocoa*

Carrot Cake 16 pieces                                                                        £16.00
A fantastically light but moist carrot cake made with raisins, orange juice and
pumpkin seeds, topped off with a cream cheese icing and a hint of lime
Ingredients: light muscovado sugar, cream cheese, icing sugar*, sunflower oil*, eggs*, carrots,
raisins*, orange zest and juice, flour*, cinnamon*, nutmeg*, pumpkin seeds*, lime

Chocolate Fudge Cake 20cm                                                                    £16.00
Made with organic chocolate and topped with chocolate fudge icing
Ingredients: Sussex butter, free-range eggs*, golden caster sugar*, light muscovado sugar,
chocolate (cocoa solids 73%, sugar & natural vanilla)*, sour cream, corn oil*, water, cocoa
powder*, icing sugar, vanilla extract, baking powder*

Citrus Poppy Seed Cake 20cm                                                                  £15.00
Perfect for a special tea-time treat: this cake is packed with poppy seeds and creamy
yogurt and topped with a zesty mascarpone icing
Ingredients: Sussex butter, golden caster sugar*, eggs*, flour*, poppy seeds*, oranges,
lemons, natural yoghurt*, mascarpone

Flapjacks 12 pieces                                                                          £11.00
An all time classic with the added twist of pumpkin seeds and coconut
Ingredients: Sussex butter, golden syrup, light muscovado sugar, rolled oats*, raisins*,
pumpkin seeds*, coconut*

Flapjacks (vegan)                12 pieces                                                   £11.00
Made just like our regular flapjacks but without the butter
Ingredients: sunflower margarine*, golden syrup, light muscovado sugar, rolled oats*, raisins*,
pumpkin seeds*, orange zest, coconut*
Layered Lemon Curd Cake 20cm                                                             £14.00
A light and fluffy lemon sponge cake, sandwiched together with homemade lemon
curd and topped with zesty icing
Ingredients: flour*, Sussex butter, golden caster sugar*, eggs*, lemons, icing sugar, baking powder*

Orange + Honey Syrup Cake (wheat-free) 23cm                                              £16.00
Steeped in a citrus and honey syrup, topped with creamy Greek yogurt and toasted pistachios
Ingredients: ground almonds*, semolina, Sussex butter, oranges, golden caster sugar*, eggs*,
honey, Greek yoghurt, pistachios, lemons, cinnamon, baking powder*

Pear, Hazelnut + Chocolate Cake 20cm                                                     £14.00
A firm favourite amongst Baobab regulars, this is made with five fresh pears, organic
chocolate and ground hazelnuts
Ingredients: hazelnuts*, flour*, Sussex butter, golden caster sugar*, eggs*, pears,
Montezuma’s organic chocolate (cocoa solids 73%, sugar & natural vanilla)*

Pine Nut + Treacle Tart 20cm                                                             £15.00
An indulgent treat of organic creamy pine nuts baked in a rich treacle tart; delicious
served with Greek yogurt
Ingredients: flour*, caster sugar*, almonds*, Sussex butter, eggs*, lemon, light muscovado
sugar, golden syrup, pine kernels*

Spiced Almond Loaf                                                                       £11.50
Made with natural marzipan and mincemeat, this cake is perfect for Christmas but
delicious at any time of the year – and even better spread with butter
Ingredients: flour*, Sussex butter, light muscovado sugar, natural marzipan, eggs*,
mincemeat, flaked almonds*

Sticky Almond Cake 23cm                                                                  £15.00
A beautifully moist cake made with organic ground almonds and a gooey layer of
natural marzipan running through the middle
Ingredients: butter, caster sugar*, eggs*, almonds*, flour*, natural marzipan , icing sugar*

Sticky Ginger Fudge Cake 23cm                                                            £15.00
A really gingery treat made with stem ginger and molasses and lashings of ginger
syrup, topped with a ginger fudge icing
Ingredients: Sussex butter, molasses sugar, icing sugar*, molasses*, milk*, eggs*, stem
ginger*, flour*, ginger, lemon juice

Sussex Ale + Fruit Cake 20cm                                                             £14.00
Lighter than traditional fruit cake and super moist; this cake is stuffed full of dried
vine fruits and Sussex ale
Ingredients: Sussex butter, mixed dried fruit*, orange*, light muscovado sugar, Sussex ale,
bicarbonate of soda, eggs*, flour*, mixed spice*
Toffee Brownies 16 pieces                                                            £15.00
Gooey brownies just as they should be; made with organic chocolate and dark
muscovado sugar for an extra toffee taste
Ingredients: Montezuma’s organic chocolate (cocoa solids 73%, sugar & natural vanilla)*,
Sussex butter, eggs*, dark muscovado sugar, flour*, baking powder*

Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake 20 cm                                                     £16.00
Just as rich and gooey as our regular Chocolate Fudge cake, but without the dairy!
Ingredients: vegan margarine, flour*, golden caster sugar, cocoa*, soya milk*, Montezuma’s
organic chocolate (cocoa solids 73%, sugar & natural vanilla)*, banana, olive oil, black cherry
jam, lime zest, vanilla extract*, baking powder

Walnut + Espresso Cake 20 cm                                                         £16.00
A moist sponge cake full of walnuts, flavoured with a shot of espresso and
sandwiched together with espresso mascarpone icing
Ingredients: flour*, golden caster sugar*, Sussex butter, eggs*, light muscovado sugar,
espresso*, walnut halves, mascarpone, fromage frais, baking powder*

* denotes organic ingredient

  We use only free-range and organic eggs and, along with the butter and yogurt these
  are produced locally. All chocolate used is produced in Sussex, the raw ingredients for
  which are produced by co-operative growers in the Dominican republic.

  All products are suitable for vegetarians and are free of any artificial additives and
  preservatives. Our products are not suitable for people with peanut/nut/sesame

  All of the above items can be ordered at the Baobab Cafe, which is situated on the
  south end of The Level. Please drop by to place your order, or call 07917 724 048.

  We would appreciate as much notice as possible for orders but please try to give us at
  least two days notice; all items must be paid for in full upon ordering.

  Please be aware that orders will need to be collected from the Baobab Café.

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