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									Webhosting: Shared, VPS or Dedicated
Due to the rapid speed of success achieved by web hosting companies, web hosting services have become a trend in online business. A web hosting
company hosts your website, whether personal or professional. It can also provide you with a host of benefits, and to add to it, your to-be employers
might also appreciate seeing your details from your own website, rather than from any other place. Internet has emerged as a great medium for
conducting business, and a website is a prerequisite for this purpose, which facilitates the need of a web hosting company. To make such things work,
a webmaster must be aware of how important web hosting is.

There are a lot of types of web hosting services like free and paid hosting, shared and clustered web hosting, file and dedicated web hosting, etc. So
when you select a web host, you have to consider your needs for it.

Three common kinds of web hosting are as follows:

Shared hosting

In simple terms, this is a situation where a solitary server hosts and supports several web pages. This suits fledgling businesses perfectly who are
unable to spend large to acquire dedicated servers and therefore does away with other expenses like maintaining a system administrator.

The shared web hosting provider, much like dedicated hosting, provides the customers a lot of features like management of server, backup of files,
security updates, etc.

Web hosting is primarily done in two ways: the IP address based way and the name based way. In the IP address way, the host who has his own
individual IP address provides each of the sites he hosts with their own SSL certificate, thereby endowing a sense of security to the websites. While for
name based hosting, the various web sites hosted are provided with a single IP address which is to be used by all.

A shared web hosting is cheap, no doubt, but it doesn't have the level of security offered by the IP-based web hosting.

The name-based web hosting system has other drawbacks as well. They are not fully compatible with old browsers. So an HTTP/1.0 browser will be
unable to send requests which carry the name of the host, unless they are upgraded. Due to the fact that they share a common digital certificate, they
even cannot support HTTPS websites. It becomes impossible to access them if the Domain Name System chokes out a website which a name-based
web server hosts.

So keeping aside the cost benefits of a shared web hosting system, its lack of features like lower disk space and bandwidth, slow speed of the site due
to many others using the same server, etc., clearly outweighs the cost benefit. A webmaster can have little control over things like the system software
and the scripts. However, the silver lining is that if you don't use the website for extensive business purpose, and if you can adjust with the flaws of a
shared web host, there is nothing better than that. However, you must be acquainted with Virtual Private Server [VPS] if you wish to have greater
control over your website.

VPS - Virtual Private Server

The software of the divides it into many 'virtual machines' though it has a single server like a shared server. Each such VPS gets their own allotted
RAM, disc space etc though the server's total resources are still shared by the various websites being hosted. Using the allocated resources, each
operates completely independently.

You can do various things as you are granted this much greater freedom when compared to a shared host. These different things range from running
a totally different OS to having your own scripts and choice of software, without disturbing the other sites on the server.

The liberties associated with dedicated servers are nearly identical to the root level access to the main server that you get in a VPS. At a
comparatively lesser price than a dedicated server, you can install your preferred software; create accounts etc in a VPS.

Due to the internal divisions of the system of the VPS, there is more security to a website than what a shared host provides. In a shared host, if
someone hacked into the main server, then every site would get affected, which is not so in case of VPS.

The server division normally occurs evenly; the websites getting an equal share of the total resources. So if a VPS server hosts a dozen of websites,
then every item like RAM, disk space etc. will be shared equally among all the 12 websites.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Individuals and large businesses who eagerly want to control their websites and the functioning processes of the web host find dedicated hosting
facilities simply perfect. As the name suggests, a dedicated server host a single website offering people the benefit of controlling. As the website
owner has only to look into the web software related matters, and exercise his freedom, the freedom and control is multiple. The hosting company
looks into other issues like data maintenance, security and power supervision.

The perfect solution for your website requirements of large bandwidth, greater resources like disk space, a high quality, customized server is choosing
a dedicated host. A host of features for your website like settings, operating system, multi-media necessities, and software can then be chosen. Those
who cannot afford to buy their own server but want similar services will find a dedicated hosting service ideal for their needs.

Your expenses can be saved up to 85% with a dedicated server. You may not have the financial resources and technical know-how to maintain, install
and run your own IT staff but have a high traffic to your website. Then, if you can not pay for a network administrator, the programs will run everything
smoothly and most of the other functions.

Security is no longer an issue with dedicated server at the helm of all affairs, since you would be the sole user of a server. Even downtime problems
are eliminated because of this unique access to the server. Those companies which need to have a database of clients and such other information on
their website feel more secure on a dedicated server.

While shared web hosts come cheaper, they also come with the heavy burdens of ominous security concerns and accessibility concerns if other sites
face heavy traffic at any point. Using a dedicated server might cost a lot more, but provides you with the comfort and knowledge that you are using a
thousand time safer server and one that shouldn't be slowed down by traffic of other websites. A dedicated server, therefore, is perfect for those
looking to expand and grow in their businesses.

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