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									The Importance of a Good Web Host
Web hosting is a crucial element in the website building world. A web host is a company that owns space, and sells it to you monthly, yearly, or in
specific installments. There are a few types of web hosting, such as free hosting and commercial hosting.

There are a few upsides to free web hosting. One of them being, its free. With a free web host also comes advertising that cannot be controlled by
you. They usually consist of banners, and sometimes pop up ads. Free web hosts also have a set number you can have available for bandwidth.
Exceeding this bandwidth restriction will have some undesirable repercussions. If you need a lot of space you will definitely need to purchase a paid
web host service.

If you need to upload large single files at a time, you should find a free web host that will allow this. Most free hosts do not allow large single files at
one time, so larger files would need to be broken up into bits before being uploaded. A good free web host will have good access rates, not slow or
unreliable ones. While free web hosts generally have bugs and unreliable rates of access, its possible to find good ones that are not like that.

A good web host has a plethora of options available to suit all different types of users. If you have a video based site, a good web host should have
options to support high bandwidth usage. Reputation is the most important factor in choosing a web host company. If they have a reputation of being
unreliable, deceitful, or "scammers" run away fast.

While free web hosts have very few options, a good paid host should have the exact opposite. There should be a wide range of bandwidth options
available for users, as well as payment options, and tech support options. Its very important to choose a web host that has an always open tech
support, and even more important to find one that has reliable tech support that can actually help you.

If you are unsatisfied, do not be afraid to ask for a refund. A great web hosting company that values their customers will be glad to refund you your
money if you are not pleased with their services. This is a very important factor, because no one wants to waste money on web hosting that turns out
to be less than satisfactory. Multiple types of payment are also great, such as monthly payment, quarterly, yearly, or for two years in advanced. It is
recommended to pay for one month, and see if it works out for you. That way you risk much less.

Closing Comments

If you are looking for a good web host, use the above suggestions for what a good web host will have for their company. Everything is dependant on
you and what you want!

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