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    Vol. 3, Issue 5                               2008-2009                  April 15, 2009
                                 PEDAGOGICAL NEWSLETTER
       Keep up with developments. Material is updated regularly on the LTU website info
       pages ( and your union info board at school. Questions may also be directed
       to your union delegate, your sector director and to the union office. Get to know us!

                                                              Technology textbook (Eureka) which is on
PROGRESSIVE ENTRY (modification)                              the provisional list.
A decision was made at the board level
modifying the formula used to determine the                   For Secondary Cycle 2, everything will be
number of days of progressive entry at                        available (textbooks and teacher guides) for
kindergarten. The maximum number of days                      September 2009, but will be provisional (not
allowed for the school year 2009-2010 will                    yet on the official approved list), with the
now be four (4) days. The decision was                        exception of Physics and Chemistry (Cycle 2
justified by the way the calendar is set for the              year 3) for which textbooks should be
next school year with a first week of four days               available only in September of 2010.
for the students. Concerns were expressed by
the union at EPC but the board’s decision will                For ERC, materials should be ready for all
stand. This item will be re-discussed for the                 cycles as provisional materials.
school year 2010-2011.
                                                              NEW TEACHERS
Group Size / Maximum Number of Days *                         The New Teachers Workshop will be held at
11 or less / 2 days                                           the board on September 18th 2009. It will be
16 or less / 3 days                                           an occasion for teachers new to the board to
17 or more/ 4 days                                            receive valuable information to help them
*The last scenario of 20 or more was removed.                 start the year on the right foot. Each new
                                                              teacher will receive a tool kit including
As you have now heard there is some delay in                  information from Educational Services,
receiving the cycle 3 ELA exams. It looks as                  Human Resources and the Laurier Teachers’
though the earliest start date will be April                  Union. Other sessions should be planned as
20th. This is the same situation we were in                   follow up and opened to teachers new to the
last year. If schools have already organized                  profession on various themes (to be
their schedule for beginning the exam on the                  determined).
14th of April, and reorganizing your schedule
                                                              SCALES OF COMPETENCY LEVELS AT THE
will be a hardship, emergency measures can                    ELEMENTARY
be arranged with ESD.                                         Training will be offered to elementary
                                                              teachers on the new scales of competency
                                                              levels that must be used for end-of-cycle
Tremendous improvement has been achieved
                                                              reports, as of June 2009. Consultants from
on the textbook front since last year!
                                                              ESD will offer sessions towards the end of
Following the last meeting of the Textbook
                                                              May at four different locations (Laval,
Committee at the provincial level, a summary
                                                              Joliette, Lachute and Rosemere). Sessions
of the availability of the approved and
                                                              will cover ELA, French, Math and Science for
provisional textbooks for the school year
                                                              grades 2, 4 and 6 teachers. Teachers will be
2009-2010 was presented. At elementary,
                                                              released for a half day to attend.
everything is available (textbooks and teacher
guides) and on the approved list for all                      SEC.4 MATH END-OF-YEAR EXAM
subjects at all levels. For Secondary Cycle 1,                Finally, as the MELS made the end-of-year
everything is available and on the approved                   exam available to the school boards, training
list with the exception of the Science and                    will be provided by ESD on April 15, 2009
for Secondary 4 teachers. On April 8, 2009        possible for high schools receiving students to
training was provided for Secondary 2             access previous files on ISM; only physical
teachers.                                         copies can be transferred. Investigation will
                                                  be made by ESD as to the technical issues
ERAT DOCUMENT (aligning evaluation with           related to problems with the transfer of
                                                  information. Efforts will be made to establish
The board has prepared a new end of
                                                  a system of tracking IEPs and a timeline for
cycle/year evaluation/reporting alignment
                                                  them. Reminders will be sent to elementary
table to help teachers better align reporting
                                                  schools to have the IEPs revised and sent
with evaluation.     One rating scale was
                                                  before the end of June and to address them
developed for use during a cycle (report
                                                  directly to the high schools concerned in care
cards), and the other was designed to use for
                                                  of the administration. Hopefully this will
end of cycle (elementary and secondary cycle
                                                  bring about improvements!
1) or end of year (secondary cycle 2)
competency reports. It is available on the        LCEEQ REPLACES IDC
board      website     under      Educational     A new committee with a new mandate was
Services/Assessment/Aligning Reporting with       recently formed to replace the old
Evaluation.                                       Implementation Design Committee (IDC) at
                                                  the provincial level.       The Leadership
Summer school will be held at Laval Liberty       Committee for English Education in Quebec
for the summer of 2009 while renovations are      (LCEEQ) is a group composed of
being completed at Laurier Senior. Efforts        representatives from the English school
will be made to reduce the discomfort related     boards, board consultants, administrators,
to the absence of air conditioning in the         teachers (QPAT), and MELS whose purpose
building. The same subject areas will be          will be to address the needs of the English
covered. As no August exams will be               educational community. It will attempt to
prepared by the MELS, they will be board          identify and communicate those needs to the
exams.                                            MELS as well as establish ways of improving
                                                  and supporting educational practices,
SPECIAL EDUCATION                                 professional development and availability of
MEASURE 30050 – 30059 (IEPS)                      materials for the English educational
Two new budgetary Measures, 30050 and             community. A first meeting of the LCEEQ
30059, were implemented by the MELS in            was held at in Laval on March 24, 2009. Two
February 2009 and money was allocated to          other meetings of this new body are planned
the boards. The purpose is to address the         for April and June. Let’s see what comes out
integration of special needs students in          of this!
regular classrooms. The first measure can be
used to fund projects, attendant hours or
anything else that will provide additional
services for special needs students. The
second one is meant solely for the release of
teachers in relation to IEPs. This doesn’t        ENJOY SPRINGTIME!!!!!!!!
imply that teachers are the ones writing the
IEPs, but that they contribute, along with
other members of the school team (principal,
non-teaching professionals, etc.) to the
development and the revision of them. It is
recognition on the part of the MELS that the
time invested in the development of IEPs is
an important one and has value.

Since the allocations for Measure 30050 were
distributed to the schools late in the year, it
will be possible for schools to carry those
monies over to next year’s budget. On the
other hand, monies from Measure 30059 will
not be carried forward and must be spent
before May 30th, 2009.
The transfer of information on IEPs still
proves to be inefficient from elementary to
secondary school. It is not and will not be