Credit Pre-Approval Form.xls - pdfMachine from Broadgun by hbp14854


									                                                            Rockhurst University
                                                      Pre-approval of Study Abroad Credit

Name                                                                                                   ID#

Mailing Address (current)

Home Phone                                    Cell Phone                                                  E-Mail

Study Abroad Location

Institutional Sponsor

Term                    Fall         Spring                    Summer

  Course Dept. and Number                         Title                                      Hours Core Maj Min Elec                                Dept. or Core Approval

Student Signature                                                                                                   Date

Study Abroad Approval                                                                                               Date

Advisor Approval                                                                                                    Date

Financial Aid Approval                                                                                              Date

Registrar Approval                                                                                                  Date

Original: Registrar
                                                           NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to gather all signatures and take this original form to the Registrar's Office. Once completed,
Copy:          Student                                     the courses approved will transfer to Rockhurst University if the grade received is a "C" or above. It is the student's responsibility to
               Study Abroad Office                         have an official copy of the transcript sent to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office will distribute copies of this form to the
               Advisor                                     parties listed above with final approval/non-approval indicated.


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