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The Oceanside Track and Field Club is an organization that provides District 69 youth an
opportunity to participate in the sport of Athletics. The goals of the club are to:
       Promote sportsmanship
       Provide healthy competition
       Develop fitness and skills in the sport of Athletics
       Have fun!


The Oceanside Track and Field Club is a registered club with B.C. Athletics.
Membership and cost of registration in the club are in the following categories:
      a. Junior Development (born 1993-1999, 9 to 15 years old)
             Cost $170.00 ($55.00 for B.C. Athletics membership, $115.00 to
             Oceanside Track and Field Club for equipment replacement, trophies,
             miscellaneous expenses, and most meet entry fees). Junior Development
             athletes are eligible for B.C. Athletics awards and may participate in the
             B.C. Junior Development Championship.

       b. Juvenile Athlete (born 1991-92, 16 to 17 years old)
             Cost $188.50 ($73.50 for B.C. Athletics membership, $115.00 to
             Oceanside Track and Field Club for equipment replacement, trophies,
             miscellaneous expenses, and most meet entry fees). Athletes are eligible
             for all competitions.

An Oceanside Track and Field Club Registration Form and a BC
Athletics Membership Form is included with this information. Please
complete all forms (Oceanside Track and Field Club Registration Form,
Athlete Information Form, Clothing Order Form, Release of Liability
Waiver Form, and BC Athletics Membership Form), and either:

     1. Send the completed forms, separate cheques for the
        registration fee and clothing order, and a cheque post-dated
        for July 31, 2008 for the competition singlet deposit (all
        payable to Oceanside Track and Field Club) to:
Oceanside Track and Field Club
c/o Barb Chestnut, Registrar,
1076 Roberton Blvd.
Parksville, BC, V9P 2N9

       2. Bring the forms, separate cheques for the registration fee and
          clothing order and a cheque post-dated for July 31, 2008 for
          the competition singlet deposit (all payable to Oceanside Track
          and Field Club) to the Registration Evening March 5th, at
          7:00pm, in the foyer of the Oceanside Place Arena. There will
          be an informational meeting at 6:30pm for new families.

       A late fee of $20.00 will be applied for registration between the
       registration evening and March 31st. No registration will be
       accepted after March 31st!

Track Meet Entry Fees

Club membership fees include entry into all two-day Vancouver Island meets for the
season, except the Dogwood meet. Athletes do not have to attend both days of meets, but
there will be no refund of meet fees. The Dogwood Meet in Victoria is the only
exception, where OTFC will pay entry into five events per athlete. Additional events cost
$7.00 each (2008 entry fees may be more). Entry fees will not be refunded if athletes do
not attend any of the meets.

All athletes are provided with an Oceanside Track and Field competition singlet. It is the
athletes’ responsibility to have and wear this singlet at each meet. If the singlet is
forgotten, an “old”-style singlet will be provided for that meet. A post-dated cheque for
$25.00 is required as a deposit for the singlet. Cheques will be returned when the
singlet is handed in at the end of the season.

Track spikes are recommended, but are not a required piece of equipment. Athletic shorts
(preferably navy, red, or black) and warm-up suits are the responsibility of the athletes.
Club warm-up hoodies, sweatpants, jackets and long sleeve tops, may be ordered at the
time of registration (the order form is on the registration form). Athletes may wish to
purchase/sell used spikes at the Registration evening or at practices.

Parent Responsibilities
Parents are required to actively participate in the practices and meets. Please see the
attached list of ways that parents can provide assistance. Please remember that this
is a volunteer organization, with volunteer coaches. If coaches are to devote full
attention to the coaching, parents must provide supervision of their children and
assistance at all meets and practices. We will only be successful as a club with full
parental support.

Practices will be held at the Ballenas Secondary School Track on Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays, beginning on Tuesday, April 1st at 4:45pm for athletes 1996 and older,
and at 6:15pm for 1997, 1998 and 1999 athletes. The first Saturday practice, for athletes
1996 and older, will be held on April 5th from 11:00am-12:30pm.

In cases of extreme weather (eg. hail, thunder storms, freezing rain) practices may be
cancelled or end early. Parents should check the website to see if a practice is cancelled.
Athletes must ensure that they dress appropriately for the weather conditions, and bring a
water bottle.

As mentioned previously, parents are required to supervise their children and assist as


Ray Riva              Head Coach             752-6840
Kim Longmuir          Mid/Distance Coach     248-8515
Randy Longmuir        Mid/Distance Coach     248-8515
Cathy MacKenzie       Throws Coach           752-1872
Laurie Ritchie        Sprint/Hurdle Coach    248-4455
Tina Hoey             1997-99 Coach          954-2099
Bill Hoey             1997-99 Coach          954-2099
Liz Munro             1997-99 Coach          248-0048
Andy Jenkins          1997-99 Coach          954-3646
Barb Chestnut         Registrar              954-3938
Jill Pinkerton        Clothing               752-3802
                       PARENTAL JOB LIST - MEETS
As a club, our main responsibility at all of the Vancouver Island Track and Field Meets is
to officiate the Javelin event for all age groups. Four parents are needed for each age
group over the course of the two-day meets. A sign-up sheet will be circulated at practice
for participation in javelin officiating prior to each meet. A Javelin officiating clinic will
be held during one of our first practices in order for parents to become familiar and/or
refresh their skills. A short summary follows:

                                   Javelin Officiating
Four parent volunteers at each session (eg. Boys 1991; Girls 1993, etc.) are needed to
officiate this event properly. The four officials are:

Recorder – The recorder is responsible for running the entire event. The recorder must
check in all competitors, and affix their stickers to the recording sheet. They must call out
the throwing order of the competitors (eg. “A” is Throwing, “B” is on deck, “C” is
retrieving). The recorder is responsible for calling all faults affecting the throwing arc
(eg. Athletes are not allowed to go over the throwing arc (line), and they must exit the
throwing area correctly). After the throw, the recorder is responsible for reading the tape
measure and recording the distance (after the tape is pulled tight). After the final
competitor throws the last javelin of the competition, the recorder is responsible for
determining final competitor finish order.

If there is an additional volunteer, they may read the tape and inform the recorder of the

Tape Puller - After each fair throw the distance must be measured and the tape pulled
tight before the distance is recorded. The tape puller has to ensure that the tape is tight,
and is pulled through a designated spot five metres before the foul line. This spot is
generally clearly marked on most tracks.

Spotter – The spotter is responsible for watching the flight of the javelin and marking the
point where it is to be measured from, which is the point closest to the throwing arc. The
spotter is responsible for calling faults in relation to the flight of the javelin. The javelin
must hit point first (it need not stick in or break ground) and land within the marked
sector. The spotter usually is supplied a spike or large nail that they stick into the ground
to mark the spot that is to be measured. The spotter then must hold the “zero” end of the
tape against the marker. It is essential (for safety reasons) that the spotter remains alert
for the entire competition, and always closely follows the flight of the javelin.

Tape Dragger – The tape dragger brings the tape to the spotter. They remove the javelin
after it has been marked and gives it to the athlete who is retrieving. The tape dragger
must also remain alert for the entire competition, and always closely follow the flight of
the javelin.
                                   Other Meet Tasks
Meet First Aid Volunteer – The first aid volunteer is in charge of the first aid kit and ice
packs. They will hand out minor first aid items (eg. Band-aids) and ensure that parents
are informed if their children are in need of additional first aid treatment.

Meet Javelin Volunteer Coordinator – The Javelin Volunteer Coordinator ensures that
those parents who have signed up are at the Javelin for their event. They are also
responsible for enlisting additional volunteers, if needed.

All parents are responsible for ensuring that their children get to their events on time,
with their singlets, sticker, spikes etc. They are also responsible for ensuring that their
children are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. (from warm, waterproof
clothes to sunscreen and hats).

At each practice there are a large number of areas where parents can provide assistance.
A partial list is below:

Volunteer Coordinators (Tuesday, Thursday) – The Volunteer Coordinator ensures that
all volunteer positions and tasks are being carried out, and recruits parents to assist as

Equipment Coordinators (Tuesday, Thursday) – The Equipment Coordinator ensures
that all of the required equipment gets set out and returned to the storage shed and that
the shed is kept tidy.

Event Monitors (Tuesday, Thursday for each of the following events – Long/Triple
Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Javelin, Discus/Hammer, Hurdles) – The Event Monitors
help the coaches at each of the events (such as raking pits, measuring distances, etc) and
assist in the supervision of the athletes.

Track Timing Assistants (Tuesday, Thursday) – The Track Timing Assistants help the
Track coaches with starting, timing, and recording work-out times, and with supervising

First Aid Coordinator (Tuesday, Thursday) – The First Aid Coordinator attends to
minor scrapes and bruises and assures that the First Aid kit is stocked and available when

Social Coordinator – The Social Coordinator arranges the social activities for parents
and athletes, such as the pizza party at the end of the season.

Phoning Committee – The Phoning Committee will call parents when necessary, such as
if a meet or practice is cancelled.

There are always additional tasks that pop up from time to time, and all assistance is
appreciated at those times.

                     TRACK MEET INFORMATION
Please ensure that your child has his/her singlet, stickers (a sheet of stickers will be
provided by the meet coordinator), and adequate clothing for every meet. During the
course of the meet please ensure that your child knows when he/she is competing and
gets to his/her event on time. Please be on time for any Javelin officiating that you are
signed up for. Although there are posted times for each event, they may either be delayed
or (in rare instances) be advanced by up to thirty minutes. Any changes are generally

During track meets, a track event always takes precedence over a field event. If there is a
conflict, your child should report to the field event to check in only after checking in at
the track event. The athlete will have to closely monitor when they must arrive for their
track event while doing their field event. The athlete must return to the field event as
soon as possible after the completion of the track event, and may have missed one or
more rounds of the field event.

                 Tentative Meet Schedule (subject to change)
Date                   Meet                                                 Location

April 19/20            George Dean Memorial                           Sidney
May 3/4                Bob Dailey Memorial                            Port Alberni
May 10/11              Dogwood Invitational                           Victoria
June 1                 VIAA Pentathlon and Weight Pentathlon          Sidney
June 7/8               Garriock Memorial/Zone 6 BC Games Trials       Duncan
June 21                BC Junior Development Pentathlon Championship South Surrey
June28/29              Comox Valley Cougars Meet                      Courtenay
July 11-13             BC Midget 15/Juv./Jun./Sen. Championship       Kamloops
July 11-13             BC Junior Development Track/Field Championship Nanaimo
July 24-27             BC Summer Games                                Kelowna
Aug. 6-12              National Legion Championship (1991/92/93)      Sherbrooke

                   REGISTRATION FORM

Athlete’s Name: ________________________________________

Date of Birth: _____/_____/_____ (year/month/day)
     (Birth Certificates are required for new members!)

Male / Female (please circle)

Address: ______________________________________________

Home/Cell Phone: ______________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Names:     _______________________________

Parent/Guardian Address (if different): ______________________

Parent/Guardian Telephone (if different):   __________________

Emergency Contact Name and Telephone: __________________
Doctor’s Name and Telephone: __________________ _______

Dentist’s Name and Telephone: __________________ _______

Care Card Number      ____________________________________

                              Athlete Information

Year of your child’s last Tetanus shot: _______________

Does your child wear contact lenses? _______________

Please list any allergies that may be a concern: ________________

Please check if any of the following apply to your child:

Asthma                (   )       Recurring headaches       ( )
Black outs            (   )       Seizures                  ( )
Chest pains           (   )       Heart Disease             ( )
High Blood Pressure   (   )       Low Blood Pressure        ( )
Diabetes              (   )       Other–please indicate     _________

Clothing Order (Optional) – Child’s Name:_______________________

Samples will be available on registration night.

HOODIES            TMT Brand 50/50 Navy Blue with white lettering
                   and name embroidered on the sleeve.
Youth (S to XL)    Size:____________                 Cost: $27.00              $_________
Adult (S to XL)    Size:____________                 Cost: $28.50              $_________

       Name you want on the sleeve:_______________________

SWEAT PANTS        TMT Brand Navy Blue with TRACK in white lettering on the bottom for
                   girls/the thigh for boys.
Youth (S to XL)    Size:____________                 Cost: $15.00              $_________
Adult (S to XL)    Size:____________                 Cost: $16.00              $_________

JACKET             Your name can be embroidered on the back for an additional $5.00.
Youth (S to L)     Size:____________                 Cost: $35.50              $_________
Adult (S to XL)    Size:____________                 Cost: $41.00              $_________

       Name you want on the back:________________________
                                              Cost: $5.00                      $_________

WARM UP PANTS              Matches jacket and has a zipper on the lower leg.
Youth (S to XL)    Size:____________                 Cost: $26.00              $_________
Women(XS to XL)    Size:____________                 Cost: $28.50              $_________
Men (S to XL)      Size:____________                 Cost: $28.50              $_________

    This red T-Shirt has the Oceanside Track and Field Logo on the front
    and “The finish line isn’t given. It’s earned!” printed on the back.
    (100% cotton)

Youth (S to XL)    Size:___________                  Cost: $22.50              $_________
Adult (S to XL)    Size:___________                  Cost: $22.50              $_________

                                                     TOTAL                     $________

    Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of
By signing this document, you waive certain legal rights, including the right to sue.

I understand that risks are involved with my child’s participation in the sport of track and
field. I assume these risks. I also assume any and all other risks associated with my
child’s participating in a track and field club, including but not limited to falls, injury,
contact with other participants, the effects of weather and the condition of track surfaces,
all such risks being appreciated by me. I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors,
administrators and assigns release, save harmless and indemnify all persons comprising
the group commonly referred to as the Oceanside Track and Field Club, their respective
agents, assigns, coaches, volunteers, or anyone else on their behalf, and the District 69
Recreation Commission or contractors (the “Releasees”)from and against any and all
existing and future claims, actions, costs, expenses and demands in respect to death,
injury, damage, loss or expenses to my child’s person or property, whether forseen or
unforeseen and wheresoever and howsoever caused, arising out of or in the course of my
child’s participation in this Track and Field Club and related events and notwithstanding
that the same may have contributed to or occasioned by any act or failure to act,
including without limitation, negligence of the Releasees or any of them. I hereby
acknowledge having read this release and waiver and by accepting I understand and
accept its terms.

I am also aware that the Oceanside Track and Field Club adheres to the procedures set
out in the BC Athletics Privacy Statement and Personal Information Protection document
in order to meet the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act.

I have read and understood the above and accept its terms.

I give OTFC permission to allow my child’s name and photo to appear in the local
newspaper and club website.

Parent Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _______________

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