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An anti-Christian religion
  Musharraf and Afghan President Hamid Karzai met in the Pakistani
capital Islamabad on Wednesday and appealed for European and other
  western countries to condemn the cartoons, saying freedom of the
  press did not mean the right to insult the religious beliefs of others.
                     – 15 Feb 2006 Wednesday
• Islam has been insulting Christian Faith since its
• Islam based its legitimacy for existence on
  smearing Jews and Christians as corruptors of
  their Holy Book and Covenants.
• The Islamic World has been occupying the
  Temple Mount, and obstructing Jews
  worshipping there.
• Islamic people do not bless Israel but curse
Earlier Wednesday, the European Union condemned both the cartoons and what it called
   ―systematic incitement to violence‖ against European diplomatic missions by some
   unidentified governments — an apparent reference to Iran and Syria. The U.S. has
     accused Tehran and Damascus of stoking the violence against western targets.
                                Wednesday 15 Feb 2006

• Attitude of Tehran and Damascus is not
  one of tolerance or peace.
Islamic tradition explicitly prohibits any depiction of
                Allah and the Prophet.

• Islam is trying to insert and exert its power, rule,
  and sovereignty on non-Islamic people, nations
  and traditions.
• Muslims are trying to displace and substitute
  reasonings of non-Muslims with theirs.
• We are on our way to a slippery slope where
  no-one can tell how the self-censorship will
  end - Jyllands-Posten editorial - 2006
  God's curse be on those who insulted the prophet
         Demonstrators in Karachi – Feb 2006

• Christians are not trying to voice out
  threats, but blessing others in prayers and
  in goodwill.
• Christians fear not the curses and threats
  voiced by other gods,Allah.
• Christians ought to fear Yhwh El-Shaddai
  only; and praise His Holy Name.
Thousands of supporters of hardline Islamic groups marched up to the
  main business district in the north-western city of Peshawar and
    attacked shops and businesses, setting a KFC outlet on fire.
The office of a Norwegian mobile phone company was also attacked.
• The most moderate Muslim will go to the street and talk against
  it because this hurts the sentiments of every Muslim
• Pervez Musharraf – 13 Feb 2006
• We have 2 conflicting views of Pakistan – Most moderate Muslim vs.
  supporters of hardline Islamic groups
     The paper chose as its central image a visual joke about the Prophet among other
turban-wearing figures in a police line-up and the witness saying: "I don't know which one
                                              he is".
 It is presumably an ironic appeal for calm over the issue, the suggestion being that, if a
  Danish illustrator were to portray the Prophet, it is not known what he looks like and is
                                therefore a harmless gesture.
 The humour comes from the fact that the line-up also includes people like Jesus Christ,
           the far-right Danish politician Pia Kjaersgaard and Mr Bluitgen himself.

• No Christian took the inclusion of Jesus Christ
  as intolerable insult, or abuse.
• No Humanist express the inclusion of Danish
  politician as intolerable insult, or abuse.
• Muslims scorned Jesus/God, and Christians,
  and Danish politician by insisting that their
  Mohammad stand out above all other figures.
    Muslim writer Ziauddin Sardar likens them to anti-Semitic images
     published in Europe in the 1920s and 30s, with Muslims being
      demonised as violent, backward and fanatical. – Feb 2006

• How many buildings have been burnt?
• How many men died?
• How many demonstrators broke through police barriers?
• How many demonstrators shouted out threats of death
  and curses?
• How many demonstrators stormed Christian
• How many demonstrations caused shops to close up
  from normal daily business?
• How many still believe such people are not demonised,
  violent, backward in tradition(as referring to 3rd World,
  and 3rd World tradition), and fanatical? How many?
 "Freedom of expression is not about doing whatever we want to do
 because we can do it," Muslim writer Ziauddin Sardar wrote in the
               Independent on Sunday. – Feb 2006

• Who caused deaths, voiced threats and curses,
  burnt and stepped on flags, burnt and stormed
  embassies their countries ought to protect, and
  expressed anti-semitic sentiment?
• Who attempt to dominate expression and rights
  of expressions?
• Who express invasion of their religion into the
  countries of other systems of belief?
• Who restrict freedom of millions of people?
• Who have been doing all these as they seem to
  be getting away with it?
  "Freedom of expression is about creating an open marketplace for
 ideas and debate where all, including the marginalised, can take part
                 as equals." - Ziauddin Sardar 2006

• Where is this freedom of expression between Muslim men and
  Muslim women?
• How are marginalised Christians treated as equals in ghettos?
• How are Christians in Malaysia freely expressing themselves under
  Malay Islamic law forbidding them to voice their believes to Muslims
  and anyone who claim to be Muslims?
• How are Christians in Saudi Arabia freely expressing themselves
  under Arab Islamic law forbidding them to worship openly, and voice
  their believes to Muslims and any Arab?
• When and where are people being treated as equals in Islamic
• Where do you find security guards armed with firearms outside
  churches? Where is peace and goodwill?
         Germany challenging Iran
•   The Iranian Ambassador to Germany         •   Pray that the Lord will deal with the
    is demanding a written apology from a         confrontational ways of the Islamic
    Berlin newspaper that printed a               fundamentalists, which is designed to
    cartoon of Iranian soccer players             destroy life for any peoples who do not
    dressed as suicide bombers.                   live according to their restrictions.
•   The cartoon, published in Friday's
    edition of Der Tagesspiegel [February
    10], shows four soccer players
    wearing Iranian shirts, with bomb belts
    strapped to them, standing beside four
    German soldiers in a soccer stadium.
•   The ambassador is threatening legal
    action if no apology is offered.
•   (By Arutz Sheva, February 14, 2006)
      Islamic action to murder
• Peshawar cleric        • Pray that the Lord will
  Maulana Yousaf           deal with the
  Qureshi offers 7.5m      confrontational ways
  rupees ($125,000)        of the Islamic
  and a car to anyone      fundamentalists,
  who kills the            which is designed to
  cartoonist who drew      destroy life for any
  the cartoons. The        peoples who do not
  reward is later          live according to their
  reportedly raised to     restrictions.
  $1m - 17 Feb 2006
  On September 19, 2005,
 a superior court in Malaysia
upheld an earlier decision that
 ethnic Malay people cannot
     convert from Islam.
          No legal exit
    Action of apostate churches
• A delegation representing    • The Church keeps
  Protestant and                 looking to God/Yhwh.
  Evangelical churches in
  Denmark travels to Cairo
  in order to express
  solidarity with Muslims. -
  17 Feb 2006

• United Church of Canada
  says prophet's name has
  been ‗tragically misused,'
  - Friday 17 Feb 2006
  Show for strength of hardline
• Correspondents say       • The Church keeps
  many of the targets        preaching Christ
  attacked in Pakistan       Jesus.
  have nothing to do
  with the cartoons and
  the demonstrations
  have been more of a
  show of strength by
  the country's hardline
  Islamic parties.
  - 17 Feb 2006
Iranians rename Danish pastries
Bakeries across the      • The Church keeps
capital, Tehran, are       preaching Christ
covering up signs          Jesus.
advertising the          • Christians are bearing
pastries and replacing     their crosses.
them with ones
bearing the dessert's
new name. - 17 Feb
2006 Friday
• Satan-inspired term ―Palestine‖ was used
  by the pagan Romans to spite the Jews
  after defeating and dispersing them,
  renaming the holy land after Israel's
  ancient enemies, the Philistines.
• Muslims and Arab Muslims favor Palestine
  and disown Israel(a real historic state).
• "Palestine" reflects the dark mind that
  would erase the name of Israel off the map
  (Psalms 83:4,5), as the wicked Iranian
  leader has recently called for, and the use
  of "Palestine" is totally unscriptural! We
  ought to call the Promised Land of Israel
  what God in His Bible has clearly named it:
  Israel - not Ishmael, not Philistine.
    The United Church of Canada
•   "We believe that the intention of          •   1Sam 12v21
    publishing the cartoons has little to do   •   Psalm 78vv30-33
    with freedom of expression and much        •   Ephesians 4vv17-19
    to do with incitement to racial and
    religious hatred," senior church
    representatives said in the letter
    released to the media on Friday.
•   The letter was signed by Rev. James
    Sinclair, general-secretary of the
    church's general council and Rev.
    Bruce Gregersen, general council
    minister for programs for mission and
•   "The answer to your question of 'why
    publish such cartoons?' we believe is
    simply racial hatred," they told the
    Islamic Council.
•   "In other forms, it has been called
    Islamophobia. These attitudes should
    have no place in Canada."
•   - 17 Feb 2006 Friday
    Death for Afghan conversion
• It doesn't look good for Abdul Rahman. The judge in his case says
  the 41 year old clearly violated Islamic law by converting to
  Christianity. "If he doesn't regret his conversion, the punishment will
  be enforced on him," the judge said. "And the punishment is death."
• The Chicago Tribune has changed its headline from "Afghan man
  faces death for being a Christian" to "Afghan man faces death for
  abandoning Islam." But both the judge and prosecutor (Rahman
  doesn't have a defense attorney) have said his crime isn't just
• "It is illegal to be a Christian and it should be punished," the
  judge was quoted as saying in the Toronto Globe and Mail.
  Prosecutor Abdul Wasi told The Times of London, "We are Muslims
  and becoming a Christian is against our laws. He must get the
  death penalty."
  Afghan protest greets freeing of
        Christian convert
 KABUL, Afghanistan — Hundreds(700) of people
 protested in a northern Afghan city Monday
 against a decision to free a man(Abdul Rahman)
 who faced a possible death penalty for
 converting from Islam to Christianity, officials
 said. - Mar. 27, 2006. 05:18 AM ASSOCIATED PRESS

• The constitution in Afghanistan is based on
  Sharia law, which states any Muslim who rejects
  his or her religion should be sentenced to death.
• "Abdul Rahman must be killed. Islam demands
  it," said senior Cleric Faiez Mohammed, from the
  nearby northern city of Kunduz. ``The Christian
  foreigners occupying Afghanistan are attacking
  our religion."
• Senior Muslim clerics have been united in calling
  for Raham to be executed.
• Several Muslim clerics have threatened to incite
  Afghans to kill Rahman if he is freed, saying that
  he is clearly guilty of apostasy and deserves to
  die. – 28 March 2006 AP
• ―If he(Abdul) is allowed to live in the
  West, then others will claim to be
  Christian so they can, too. We must set
  an example…He must be hanged‖ (Said
  Mirhossain Nasri, senior cleric at
  Hossainia Mosque, one of the largest
  Shiite mosques in Kabul, Afghanistan
  (AP)) 2006
• ―If anyone changes his religion, kill
  him‖ – The Prophet Muhammed . . . ,
  baddala deenahu faqtuhu, Bukhari vol.
  9, bk. 84, no. 57
       The Chicago Tribune:
• "One Afghan liberal scholar, Ali Mohaqeq
  Nasab, spent almost three months in jail
  last fall after publishing a magazine
  challenging many traditional views on
  Islamic law, including the belief that
  Muslims who convert to other religions
  deserve to die."
• Santoro(Roman Catholic Priest), 60, was
  shot and killed Feb. 5 while he prayed in
  his parish in the Black Sea city of Trabzon.
  Witnesses said the killer, a 16-year-old
  boy, screamed "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for
  "God is great," before firing two bullets into
  Santoro's back.
• WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon has photographs that
  show Iraqi and U.S. forces were fired on from buildings filled
  with weapons in an operation that has generated controversy
  after Shi'ite accounts of a mosque massacre, Senate Armed
  Services Committee Chairman John Warner, said on Tuesday.
  28 March 2006
• U.S. commanders in Iraq have accused Shi'ite groups of
  moving the corpses of gunmen killed in battle to encourage
  such accusations.
• Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld showed photographs
  taken immediately after the raid, "and clearly you can see all
  types of armament and other military paraphernalia there,"
  Warner, a Virginia Republican, said.
• Countless Web sites and password-
  protected forums -- most of which have
  sprung up in the last several years -- now
  cater to would-be jihadists like Irhabi 007.
  The terrorists who congregate in those
  cybercommunities are rapidly becoming
  skilled in hacking, programming, executing
  online attacks and mastering digital and
  media design.
• To Our Brother Irhabi 007. Our brother Irhabi
  007, you have shown very good efforts in
  serving this message board, as I can see, and in
  serving jihad for the sake of God. By God, we do
  not like to hear what hurts you, so we ask God to
  keep you in his care. - a member of Ansar in August 2004
• The God of Israel is greater than any false god.
  Irhabi 007 could not be protected by Islam or
  Islamic god, neither did they have power to
  escape destruction. Within a few years Irhabi
  was caught. - 2006
• On Tuesday [March 28] the parliament of
  the Palestinian Authority [PA] approved
  the new Hamas government and its
  guidelines: "The Koran is our constitution,
  jihad is our path, and dying as martyrs our
  biggest wish.― – 2006
• His call was answered by a standing
  ovation and calls of "Allahu Akbar."
• The new PA Minister of Information, Yusuf
  Rizka, said that the new Hamas
  government "is a government of shahids
  [holy martyrs] that will take the path of Dr.
  Abdel Aziz Rantisi [a ruthless terrorist
  leader killed in 2004]." – March 2006
• After the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)
  publicized that the Hamas children's Web
  site was encouraging children to seek
  martyrdom, the Russian server (CORBINA
  TELECOM Network Operations)
  immediately closed down the Web site on
  March 9. However, the site reopened a
  couple of days later and is now being
  hosted by a Malaysian Web host.
    Islamicisation in Malaysia
• The president of the Consumers
  Association of Subang and Shah Alam in
  Selangor State has been helping to
  organise efforts to stop the local
  authorities in the ethnic Malay-Muslim
  dominated city of Shah Alam from
  demolishing a 107-year-old Hindu temple.
• A church in Johor was demolished
  recently – May 2006
• Just before Christmas a newly completed church
  of an indigenous community near Skudai in
  Johor state was reduced to rubble, closely
  monitored by Islamic department officials and
  the police.
• In all cases the Muslim-dominated local
  authorities say the buildings were illegal. Many
  such buildings are deemed as such because
  they pre-date land records. Others are put up
  illegally because some local authorities seem
  reluctant to grant permission for temples and
  churches, but worshippers build them regardless.
• The Malay police recently ordered non-
  Muslim policewomen to wear Muslim
  headscarves for their annual parade,
  something that many non-Muslims felt set
  a worrying precedent.
• And then there have been moves by some
  local authorities to ban or restrict dog
  ownership - conservative Muslims see
  dogs as unclean - and prosecute couples
  for holding hands or kissing in public.
• On May 12-2006, a Christian radio station in
  Nairobi, Kenya broadcast a Swahili-language
  program comparing the Bible to the Quran.
  Shortly afterwards, eight gunmen attacked the
  station, killing a security guard, injuring three
  others and setting fire to the building. The radio
  station, HopeFM, is owned by Christ is the
  Answer Ministries and is based at the Nairobi
  Pentecostal Church. According to one news
  report, the attackers accused the radio station of
  refusing to take their calls. Kenyan authorities,
  along with Christian and Muslim leaders, have
  condemned the attack. The radio station was
  able to resume broadcasting the next day.
            In Sudan 2006
• A Sudanese Anglican priest has been
  arrested on charges of kidnapping a
  woman who came to him wanting to
  convert from Islam, according to a May 15,
  2006 report from Reuters. Reverend Elia
  Kumundan and at least four other
  Christians were arrested on May 14
  following the disappearance of the 23-
  year-old woman in March. The authorities
  believe that the church helped the woman
  to either hide or to leave the country.
            In Sudan 2006
• One church leader recounted how many
  Christians have been forced into hiding in
  fear of death. Authorities regularly harass
  and threaten Christians but are careful to
  avoid any indication that the harassment is
  for religious reasons.
         In Indonesia - 2006 May
• More than six months after three teenage girls were beheaded and
  another seriously wounded in Central Sulawesi (see, police have
  arrested seven Islamic militants for the attack. According to the
  Jakarta Post, three of the men have confessed on video and
  expressed remorse for their actions. One of the men, Irwan Irano,
  also confessed to being a part of other attacks, including a deadly
  attack on the Efatha Presbyterian Church in Palu in July 2004 (see
• and the bombing of a market in Tentena which killed twenty-one
  people in May
• 2005 (see
•   Added: Sunday, 20 August, 2006, 06:20 GMT 07:20 UK
• There is not much that the UN can do without the co-
  operation of the warring countries and their backers.Here
  I would like to ask my muslim bretheren, were they in a
  state of coma when the taliban blasted a vital relic of
  buddhistic heritage, in Bamiyan, Afghanistan during the
  taliban rule? When a mosque is demolished in India, the
  entire islamic world rises up with a violent protest and
  issuing fatwa! so, let islamists first learn the basic
  civilising nature of tolerance towards other faith
•   changirachari lakshmi, chennai, India
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      Muslims killing Muslims
• Snipers shoot hundreds of Shiite pilgrims
• Security forces, militias battle insurgents
  along route
• BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — Snipers fired on a
  major Shiite religious procession in Baghdad
  Sunday, killing at least 16 pilgrims and
  injuring 230, officials said. Four suspected
  gunmen were shot dead by police.  - Aug. 20, 2006. 07:30 AM – T.S.
      Sit in the ruins of a nation and
               declare victory
•   Added: Sunday, 20 August, 2006, 05:40 GMT 06:40 UK
• Only a terrorist organization like Hezbollah can
  sit in the ruins of a nation and declare victory for
  simply surviving. Hezbollah is willing to take any
  number of casualties to prick Israel much like a
  mosquito would a man. So, no, there will be no
  peace as long as long as Israel's opponents
  think they have acheived "victory" when they
  lose 10 of their own for every Israeli. Do
  Hezbollah (and for that matter all Islamists) think
  they can win a war with suicide bombers alone?
•   Shashi, New Orleans
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