IFRS vs Canadian GAAP Understand _ Apply International and Financial by akgame


									IFRS vs. Canadian GAAP: Understand & Apply International and Financial
Reporting Standards

This 2-day seminar will outline the major differences between Canadian GAAP and IFRS. Since Canadian
GAAP and IFRS are already converged in most respects, the emphasis will be on outlining the major
differences between Canadian GAAP and IFRS. The course will consist of a blend of theory and practical

Date: November 24-25 2009, 9 AM to 5 PM


         Increase your understanding of the major similarities and differences between Canadian GAAP
         and IFRS.
         Prepare for first time adoption of IFRS in 2010.
         Provide a useful training tool and reference guide to help prepare your accounting staff for the
         transition to IFRS.
         Outline areas in which Canadian GAAP and IFRS are NOT converged and discuss how these
         issues will likely be resolved.
         Briefly discuss how US GAAP and IFRS differ.


    1.   IFRS vs. Canadian GAAP – Areas of Convergence
              Financial Statement Concepts and presentation
              General Framework.
              Disclosure of Accounting Policies
              Accounting Changes
              Interim Financial Reporting
              Notes and Accounts Receivable
              Unrealized Gains & Losses – Comprehensive Income
              Joint Ventures
              Share Capital
              Long-Lived Assets and Discontinued Operations
              Capital Transactions
              Investment Tax Credits
              Subsequent Events
              Treatment of Related Party Transactions
              Pension Plan Treatment

    2.   Differing Areas and Unresolved Differences
               Business Combinations including foreign currency translation and comprehensive
               revaluation issues.


                 Segment Disclosures.
                 Measurement Uncertainty (Contingencies).
                 Inventory Valuation issues
                 Treatment of Impairment losses (Including Intangibles, Investments and Property Plant &
                 Income Taxes – Including Changes in Tax Status
                 Treatment of Non-Monetary Transactions
                 Share-based payments
                 Variable Interest Entities

    3.      A brief comparison with US GAAP
                 This section will briefly compare US GAAP to IFRS and Canadian GAAP.

    4.      Discussions & Practical Examples
                 First-time adoption of IFRS)
                 Accounting changes
                 Foreign Translation
                 Financial Statements
                 Presentation & disclosure


Pierre Hilal is a widely-respected Lecturer with the Department of Accountancy at the John Molson
School of Business at Concordia University. He is a Certified Management Accountant and was Director
of CMA Prep, a CMA Coaching program offered by the Department of Accountancy designed to help
students pass the CMA Entrance Examination. Mr. Hilal has taught both Financial and Managerial
Accounting classes at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. In addition to his teaching
responsibilities, Mr. Hilal works as controller for a medium-sized internet software company.

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    Place                                           Montreal
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                                                    Email : ec@jmsb.concordia.ca

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