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									Quality Education • Lifetime Opportunities

                                                       Welcome to the Singapore Accountancy Academy (SAA). For over
                                                       23 years, the SAA has been the choice academy for ambitious and
                                                       energetic individuals and corporations both locally and in the region.
                                                       It is easy to understand why.

                                                       Our Academy has the most productive and influential lecturers in
                                                       their fields. It is our policy to ensure our faculty produce quality
                                                       accountancy graduates from our various programmes and make
                                                       themselves accessible to students.

                                                       Students can be assured that our curriculum and facilities are
                                                       continuously upgraded. At SAA, our students will experience
                                                       commitment to quality, with a special sense of belonging, and the
                                                       chance to develop networking relationships with fellow students
                                                       that will last a lifetime.

                                                       The SAA offers quality undergraduate, post graduate degrees and
                                                       professional qualifications in accounting, financial management
                                                       and business management. These programmes are challenging and
                                                       intensive, especially for those who have work and family
                                                       commitments. At SAA, we help such students cope with the rigours
                                                       of balancing work, family and studies. You will come to know SAA's
                                                       faculty and staff as people who play a key role in enhancing
                                                       understanding, providing solutions and offering insights about
                                                       fundamental business forces that shape our global economy.

CONTENTS                                               We are confident that our students will receive an excellent education,
                                                       well groomed in theory, ethics and practical applications. To serve
                                                       you better, our customers are now able to choose from 2 campus
Message by Training Director                      1
                                                       sites for the education needs. Our city campus at 6 Raffles Quay
Our Profile                                       2
                                                       is located in the heart of CBD – an ideal venue for those who find
A Career in Accountancy                           3
                                                       a city location more convenient in their learning journey.
Pathway to be a CPA Singapore                     4
Professional Development                          5
                                                       Whether you are a prospective student, a business professional
Bachelor Degrees
                                                       looking to expand your business insights and skills, an alumnus returning
UOL BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance               6
                                                       to learn more and tap into the Institute's network, or a visitor eager
UOL BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance                6
                                                       to explore the programmes conducted at the Singapore
UOL BSc (Hons) Business                           6    Accountancy Academy, we welcome your interest and look forward
UOL BSc (Hons) Economics & Management             6    to connecting with you.
OBU BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting                 8
Accounting Qualification Programmes
ACCA (ICPAS/ACCA Professional JES)                9    Evan Law
CAT (ICPAS/ACCA Technician JES)                   12   Training Director
ATTS Diploma in Taxation                          14   BSc, MBA
CEP (Certificate in English Proficiency)          15
CaseTrust For Education / International Student   17
Withdrawal / Refund Policy                        18
Funding Schemes / Financial Assistance            19
Accommodation                                     20
Student Testimonials                              21
The SAA Advantage                                 22

                                                                                           OUR PROFILE
The Institute Of Certified Public
Accountants Of Singapore                         Our Mission
Established in June 1963, the Institute Of       To train and equip CPAs and students in the best professional skills
Certified Public Accountants Of Singapore        to enable them to be good quality accountants and to contribute
(ICPAS) is the not-for-profit national           richly to a competitive, efficient and progressive Singapore.
accountancy body in Singapore that
accords the prestigious CPA Singapore            Our Vision
(Certified Public Accountant Singapore)
                                                 To be the Premier Accountancy Academy in the region.
designation, which is synonymous with
Integrity, Commitment, Professionalism,
Authority in their field and Superiority, the
                                                 Our Values
five acronyms that represent “ICPAS”.            Professionalism : To show respect in our words and actions.
                                                 Empathy              : To show care and concern.
The Certified Public Accountant
                                            Quality            : To meet or exceed expectations.
Singapore (CPA Singapore) is a
professional in accountancy, finance and
business who has the relevant work experience in addition to        Technician Diploma programme to give individuals a strong
a recognised accountancy qualification. Today, ICPAS has            foothold in Taxation as a professional career. SAA offers tuition
over 20,000 members working and making their mark worldwide,        for the University of London Degree programmes; BSc(Hons)
which makes the CPA Singapore a designation with international      Accounting & Finance, BSc(Hons)Banking & Finance, BSc
recognition.                                                        (Hons)Business and BSc(Hons)Economics & Management.

Singapore Accountancy Academy                                             SAA Facilities
The Singapore Accountancy Academy (SAA) was established                   Main Campus
in 1985, with a vision to service and foster the needs of the             SAA, together with the secretariat division of ICPAS, is housed
accountancy industry. It is the training arm of the Institute of          in CPA House, at Aljunied Road, occupying 29,900 square feet.
Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS).                        SAA has a total of 7 classrooms suitably sized for 50-180 persons
                                                                          and an auditorium that can accommodate up to 170 persons.
The SAA has over 23 years track record and has consistently
produced a list of prize winners for the ACCA and CAT                     KH Plaza
programmes in the Singapore and International category. The               From January 2009, we have expanded our facilities, occupying
Academy has trained thousands of individuals to upgrade their             13,000 sqft of space over 2 storey in KH Plaza. There are 5 fully
education and career needs through various academic and                   fitted classrooms sized for 20 – 90 persons, meeting rooms &
continuing professional education programmes. The success of              consultation room as well as the ICPAS Examination and
our graduates is attributed to our dedicated team of lecturers            Student Registry Office & SAA Administration Office.
who are top academics and professionals in both industry and
public practices.                                                         City Campus
                                                                          The SAA City Campus is prestigiously located at 6 Raffles Quay,
There are currently more than 5,000 part-time and full time               at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. The Academy’s
students studying at the SAA, with students from Singapore,               strategic location is easily accessible from Raffles Place MRT station
Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, and            through a sheltered underground walkway. Sited on the 23rd floor
other Asia Pacific region.                                                with over 10,000 square feet of floor space, it encompasses 4 well-
                                                                          equipped training rooms and a CPA lounge.
SAA administers the ICPAS Professional Examination (PE) for               Awards / Accreditation
individuals with overseas qualifications who are seeking                  The SAA has been awarded “Platinum” approval by the ACCA,
membership with ICPAS and the Pre-Admission Course for                    United Kingdom in recognition of its’ quality of tuition provision
provisional members. We ensure that all ICPAS members are                 for ACCA students.
kept up to date on technical issues via our Continuing Professional
Education (CPE) seminars. SAA has a history of providing                  The SAA is one of the first few organizations to be awarded the
Customized In-house Training programs for government bodies               CaseTrust for Education accreditation by the Consumer
and multinational organizations.                                          Association of Singapore. The recognition affirms our good
                                                                          business practices and commitment to our customers.
We have been offering academic programmes in collaboration
with government education institutes and acclaimed overseas               We are proud to be a recipient of the Singapore Quality Class
universities. SAA is one of the first to offer the ICPAS / ACCA           (SQC) for Private Education Organizations (PEO) award. This
Professional Joint Examination Scheme and ICPAS / ACCA                    award recognizes PEOs who have attained a commendable
Technician Joint Examination Scheme programmes in Singapore.              level of performance and would further enhance our journey
We are the only institution to offer the Association of Taxation          to reach world class standards of business excellence.

                                                                                                       SAA PROSPECTUS 2009                  2
Accountants are vital business assets. They play a key role in        business, employer and/or client.
commerce, industry and organizations large and small. They
are the mainstays within the corporate world and in many cases,       Good business advice is a key ingredient in the management
the accountant becomes even more than head of a financial             mix necessary to achieve and maintain a successful business.
department – General Manager, Chief Executive – the                   Indeed, sound professional guidance often makes the crucial
accountant’s training and experience can lead right to the            difference between complete and absolute failure. It is
top.                                                                  particularly important to ensure that this vital assistance comes
                                                                      from a bona fide expert.
A sound knowledge of all aspects of business, constant
reappraisal of technical advances and options, together with          CPAs Singapore are sought after by employers of local and
a trained ability to analyze with accuracy, enable                    international organisations across all industries. They work in
the accountants to play a crucial part in many areas of               diverse roles across commerce and industry, academia,
opportunity.                                                          government and public practice in Singapore and around the
                                                                      world, many of whom helm some of the most prominent local
Banking and merchant banking, management consulting and               and international companies.
stock-broking, and top positions within multinational companies
and government offices number some of the career routes that          ICPAS Professional Examination
can be pursued. For more information on the various specialists       The ICPAS Professional Examination (ICPAS PE) is the qualifying
areas, please visit www.saa.org.sg/careerinacct.html.                 examination to the CPA Singapore designation for graduates
                                                                      with University Degrees in Accounting or Major in Accounting.
CPA Singapore
A Certified Public Accountant Singapore (CPA Singapore) is a          ICPAS Board of Education and Examiners (BOEE) will assess all

member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of            applications for entry into ICPAS PE. Upon approval, the

Singapore. This means that he or she is a professionally qualified,   applicants will become ICPAS PE Candidates to attempt 5

experienced and competent individual bound by a strict code           modules in which examinations are conducted bi-annually.

of professional conduct and ethical standards, and backed             Optional workshops are available to help candidates to prepare

by a strong professional body.                                        for the examinations. After passing the 5 modules examinations,
                                                                      ICPAS PE Candidates can proceed to apply for membership

This valuable credential is also a testament to his or her well-      with ICPAS.

grounded knowledge, integrity and commitment. The
                                                                      Please refer to www.icpas.org.sg/pe.asp for more details or
experience and high standards of professionalism of CPA
                                                                      write to profexam@icpas.org.sg.
Singapore makes a difference when it comes to the interest of

 3     SAA PROSPECTUS 2009
       Pathway to be a CPA Singapore

                    Relevant Work Experience + Pre-Admission Course + Proficiency in Local Laws

                                                                   ASSOCIATE ICPAS

                                                                                     ICPAS Professional                 NTU
                      ICPAS / ACCA                                  Other               Examination                    MBA
                         Joint Examination                      Recognised                                         (Accountancy)
                              Scheme                             Professional                                       Bachelor of
                                                                Qualifications    *Other Recognised                Accountancy
                    Professional Level                                           Accountancy Degrees                    SMU
                                                                                                                     Master of
                                                                                    University of London            Professional
                      Fundamental Level

                                                                                  BSc (Hons) Accounting &           Accounting
                                                                                          Finance                   Bachelor of
                                            Skills          Fundamental Level                                      Accountancy
                                                                                  Oxford Brookes University             NUS
                                                                 Advanced to        BSc (Hons) Applied              Bachelor of
                                                                                        Accounting                    Business
                                                                                             +                     Administration
                                                                                     Bridging Subjects
                                          Knowledge                                                                (Accountancy)

Requirements 21 years old                 18 years old with 2   16 years old
                without                    GCE “A” & 3 “0”        without                              “A” Levels or
               academic                     Level Passes or      academic                              Polytechnic
              qualification               Relevant Diploma      qualification                           Diplomas

The first step in earning the designation of CPA Singapore is qualifying for an ICPAS Provisional Membership through an
*undergraduate degree recognised by the ICPAS.

Upon accumulating three years of relevant work experience and undergoing a five-day pre-admission course and passing a set
of examinations, provisional members can then apply for full ICPAS membership and obtain the CPA Singapore designation.

* For current list of accredited overseas degree programmes, please refer to www.icpas.org.sg

                                                                                                SAA PROSPECTUS 2009           4
PRE-ADMISSION COURSE (PAC)                                           Minimum CPE Hours
Under the rules of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants     Practising CPAs
of Singapore, all applicants for membership must complete            As part of the requirements for public accountants to have their
courses on professional ethics and other core subjects as may        certificates of registration renewed, public accountants are
be determined by the Council from time to time.                      required to maintain at least 40 CPE hours per calendar year,
                                                                     of which:
The Pre-Admission Course provides an introduction to the
accountancy profession in Singapore and an insight into the          a. At least 30 hours must be structured; and
objectives, organization structure and workings of the Institute.
The course is to be completed over 5 days.                           b. At least 15 structured hours must be in the core expertise
                                                                       areas of the Public Accountant Competency Map (see
The following subjects are covered and tested for the                  www.acra.gov.sg ). Of the structured hours in the core
Pre-Admission Course:                                                  expertise areas, at least 8 hours must be obtained through
                                                                       structured learning of financial and statutory reporting
• Accounting Standards                                                 standards, accounting and auditing standards and
• Auditing Standards
                                                                     The Practising CPAs’ CPE year is from 1 January to 31 December
• Tax Matters
                                                                     of the same calendar year.

• Legal and Other Requirements
                                                                     Non-Practising CPAs
• Professional Ethics                                                Non-Practising CPAs must attain at least 120 CPE hours per
                                                                     triennium, of which at least 20 structured CPE Hours per year
The applicant must be approved as a Provisional Member               with coverage in ethics. The CPE year is from 1 January to 31
before being eligible to attend the Pre-Admission Course.            December of the same calendar year.

With increasing public expectations and demands on the               Our seminars can be customised to meet our corporate clients’
profession, CPE is a vital necessity. The ability to remain viable   requirements at competitive pricing. Programmes can also be
and competent in not only the accounting profession but also         specifically designed and developed to meet our clients’ training
the rapidly changing and increasingly competitive business           needs.
environment hinges ultimately on members’ commitment to
continually upgrade their professional knowledge and skills.         Contact Details
The CPE programme was made mandatory for members since               Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore
1 July 1995.                                                         Singapore Accountancy Academy – City Campus
                                                                     6 Raffles Quay, #23-00 Singapore 048580.

                                                                     Tel     : +65 6532 5312
                                                                     Fax     :+65 65323095

                                                                     Email : e-cpe@saa.org.sg
                                                                     Website : www.icpas.org.sg/cpe

University of London External Programme
BSc(Hons) Accounting & Finance                             • Diploma for Graduate in Accounting
BSc(Hons) Banking & Finance                                • Diploma for Graduate in Banking
BSc(Hons) Business                                         • Diploma for Graduate in Finance
BSc(Hons) Economics & Management                           • Diploma for Graduate in Management

The University of London
The University of London is one of the world’s leading academic
institutions, internationally recognized as a center of excellence.
Its alumni and academics shape the world that they inhabit.
They include over 57 Nobel Prize winners and over 35 years past
or present Heads of State.

The University of London is a federal university comprising 19
world-class colleges such as the prestigious London School of
Economics and Political Science, King’s College London and
a number of specialist institutes such as the Warburg Institute.

The University of London External System
The University of London External System initiated in 1958, is the
oldest distance learning programme in the world. Today, it has
over 46,000 students worldwide taking the degree
including some 10,000 students in Singapore.

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
The academic direction for the University of London’s External
Systems undergraduate degrees and diplomas in Economics,
Management, Finance and Social Science is provided by the
London School of Economics and Political Science. LSE
academics and administrative staff develop syllabuses, write
subject guides, and set and mark the examination papers.

The LSE ensures that students are examined to the same standard
in their home country as at LSE and the University of London.         Good University guide. Its teaching and research is recognized
Hence, the UOL degree is internationally recognised and               worldwide as a benchmark for quality.
identical in standard whether awarded to External students or
students who attend the University itself.                            More information about the University of London External System
                                                                      is available at http://www.lse.ac.uk/collection/LSEEXTERNALStudy
The LSE is ranked 4th in the United Kingdom in the 2007 Times         and http://www.londonexternal.ac.uk/

                                                                                    Professional Advancement Track

  • Standard Route: Degree consists of 12 units.                                              CPA Singapore
  • Graduate Entry Route: Degree consists of 9 units.
  • Access Route: Prospective students have to take 2 foundation
                                                                             ICPAS Professional
    units and pass both in order to progress to the degree
                                                                              Examination (PE)
    programme and complete the remaining 10 units.
  * BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance degree is accredited by
    ICPAS, enabling graduates to sit for ICPAS Professional                       Year 3                 ICPAS / ACCA Professional
    Examination for membership purposes and to attain the “CPA                   UOL B.Sc*               Joint Examination Scheme
    Singapore” designation.
                                                                                   Year 2
                                                                                  UOL B.Sc

                   Two specified                       Year 1                Bridging Maths &
                 UOL foundation units                 UOL B.Sc                Econs Courses

                   17 years old with                ‘A’ levels or         Business, Accounting or            First Degree from a
                    min 4 GCE ‘O’                   Polytechnic            Banking Polytechnic                    Recognised
                        Levels                       Diplomas                    Diplomas                          University

                    ACCESS ROUTE                              BS.c STANDARD ROUTE                         GRADUATE ENTRY ROUTE

                                                                                                  SAA PROSPECTUS 2009              6
Recognition                                                             complete the advanced level of the CEP and attain a level of
• The UOL Accounting & Finance degree is accredited by                  English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.0.
  ICPAS, the National Accountancy Body, for entry into ICPAS
  Professional Examination as a pathway to attaining the CPA            Exemptions
  Singapore designation.                                                • Awarded if students have already covered a similar syllabus
                                                                          as part of a previous qualification, within the last 5 years.
• UOL degrees are accepted by the Singapore Public Service
  Division as a first degree.                                           • Please refer to the UOL website for a list of qualification and
                                                                          the possible exemptions: http://www.londonexternal.ac.uk/
• UOL degrees are internationally recognized for entry into top
  Masters & PhD programmes.

                                                                        SAA Bridging Course in Economics & Mathematics
• 12 units to complete the degree programme and 4 units to
                                                                        (Externally Reviewed by London School of Economics & Political
  complete the diploma for graduates programme.                         Science)
                                                                        • For local business related polytechnic diploma holders who
• Units are classified as ‘Foundation’ & ‘Further’ units (certain
                                                                          graduated within the last 5 years.
  further units have prerequisites).

• Students typically study 4 units a year and have up to 8 years        • For candidates who do not have a credit in GSCE ‘O’ level
  to complete degree.                                                     Mathematics.

General Entry Requirements                                              • Candidates who passed both courses gain up to 4 UOL
• Normally 17 years old with min 4 GSCE ‘O’ level passes.                 foundation units automatic exemption.

• Credit in GSCE ‘O’ level Mathematics & English Language at            • Course Commencement: April & June.
  grade C or above.
                                                                        Course Detail
• For Standard Route Entry, 2 ‘A’ levels & 3 ‘O’ levels or
                                                                        • Course venues: 6 Raffles Quay, Level 23 & CPA House.
  Polytechnic Diploma or equivalent qualification with
  recognized proof of competency in English.
                                                                        • Course Commencement: August (Part-time & Full-time)
• For Graduate Entry, a First degree from a recognized University.        April (University Foundation Course).

                                                                        • Classroom-based lectures, inclusive of revision and mock
English Requirement for International Students
International students may be required to take SAA’s Certificate
in English Proficiency (CEP) programme to provide recognized
proof of competency in English. A placement Test determines             • Internships are available for full-time students (Singapore/PR).
the level of entry into the CEP programme. Students need to

Fee Structure
- Total cost for Standard Route is approximately S$22,000 to S$24,000 over 3 years.
- Total cost for Access Route is approximately S$24,000 to S$26,000 over 4 years.

- Total cost for Diplomas for Graduates is approximately S$8,000 over 1 year.

- Total cost for entry via SAA Bridging Course is approximately S$16,000 to S$18,000 over 2 years.

        Year          Fees to SAA (Inclusive of 7% GST)                            Fees to UOL

                      Application fee (Local Students)        S$50 or             Application fee                       £56
                      Application fee (Int’l Students)        S$200               Registration fee                      £539
         1            Student Development Fee (Int’l          S$180               Exam fee for 4 units                  £632
                      Course fee for 4 units                  $4200

                                                                                  Continuing Registration fee           £270
         2            Course fee for 4 units                  S$4200
                                                                                  Exam fee for 4 units                  £632

                                                                                  Continuing Registration fee           £270
         3            Course fee for 4 units                  S$4200
                                                                                  Exam fee for 4 units                  £632

 * Please note that the University revises its fees every year on the 1st of September. Fees are subject to revision.

                            For more information, email uol@saa.org.sg or visit www.saa.org.sg/uol

         ACCA/Oxford Brookes University
                                                    BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting

                                                                     key skills by undertaking a business related topic.
  The strategic alliance between ACCA (UK) and                       You have three attempts to pass the RAP. Unfortunately if you
  Oxford Brookes University (OBU) offers a great                     fail the RAP on three separate occasions you will no longer be
                                                                     eligible to complete the BSc degree. Please note that you can
  opportunity for ACCA students to obtain a recognized
                                                                     either submit the same project topic three times or three different
  professional qualification and a highly sought after               RAPs.
  UK Degree simultaneously.
                                                                     2. Delivery of Presentation
                                                                     Towards the completion of your project, you are also required
  Oxford Brookes University has been voted the best
                                                                     to prepare and deliver a presentation on your project to your
  modern university in the Sunday Times Good University              project mentor and a group of your peers.
  Guide for seven years in succession.
                                                                     Submission of Project
SAA Mentorship Programme                                             Student is required to submit the Project together with the Project
SAA offers you the mentorship programme to help students             Submission Form direct to OBU with payment of £75. Payment
pursue the Oxford Brookes University – BSc (Honours) Applied         should be in the form of cheque, credit or UK debit card or
Accounting. The programme includes seminar and tutorial text,        bank draft. Cash is not accepted.
mentor’s meetings, and presentation. The programmes start in
January and July for OBU April Submission and October                Your RAP will be assessed
Submission each year. The course fee is $550.                        as either ‘pass’or ‘fail’
                                                                     according to the
                                                                     University regualtion.
You must have:
• Registered for the ACCA/Oxford Brookes University Programme
  prior to completion of F7, F8 and F9.

• Pass the required Fundamentals Level (Knowledge Module
  & Skills Module ) of the ACCA Examinations.

• Complete the ACCA Professional Ethics Module.

• Complete and pass the Oxford Brookes University Research
  and Analysis Project.

• Complete the BSc degree scheme within 10 years of your
  initial registration onto the ACCA’s professional qualification.

Please note that you must successfully complete the
Fundamentals level exam papers, F1-F9, and complete the
Professional Ethics module before submitting a Research and
Analysis Project to Oxford Brookes University.

You can check your eligibility status by logging in to MyACCA
at www.accaglobal.com/login. This information is also printed
on your most recent exam results / entry form. For more
information on this, please kindly seek advice from our course

Program Outline
1. Complete a Research and Analysis Project (RAP)
The Research and Analysis Report consists of two separate
documents: a 6,500 word Research Project (RP) and a 2,000
word Skills and Learning Statement (SLS). This RAP allows students
to demonstrate their ability to do research, analyse and use

                                                                                                 SAA PROSPECTUS 2009                8
ICPAS / ACCA Professional
Joint Examination Scheme
                                                     The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS) is the
                                                     partner of the ICPAS/ACCA Professional & Technician (CAT) Joint Examination
                                                    Schemes. The Joint Examination Schemes (JES) has been successfully run
                                                    by ICPAS and ACCA since 1983 and thousands of JES students have
                                                    graduated and gone on to rewarding careers.

                                                    The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification
                                                     is one of the professional qualifications recognized internationally and
                                                       also by ICPAS for entry into the accountancy profession in Singapore.

                                                          The ACCA qualification is a highly relevant, targeted combination
                                                                 of study and practical experience. The syllabus is the result
                                                                        of extensive research and consultation with
                                                                        governments, students, colleges and employers from
                                                                        a range of public and private sector organizations.

                                                                          Wherever you are in the world, ACCA strives to offer
                                                                          consistently high standards of training and support.
                                                                          Future employers will be aware of your potential,
                                                                          the ACCA qualification is highly regarded throughout
                                                                          the world.

                                                                          ACCA is recognized and respected across the world,
                                                                          and currently has 240,000 students and 105,000
                                                                          members in 170 countries. Whatever your background,

Entry Requirements                            Student Registration
                                              All students intending to sit for examinations MUST register as a student with ACCA
Professional Examination Route (PER)          (UK) and ICPAS. For more information, email studentadmin@icpas.org.sg or visit
• Minimum of 2 ‘A’ levels and 3 'O' levels    http://esr.icpas.org.sg
  passes with credits in English and
                                               Examination Session                   Deadline for submission of registration form
  Mathematics or

                                               1st eligible examination - June       15 Dec of the previous year
• Diploma or Degree from a recognized
  institution in any subject or                1st eligible examination - December 31 July of the same year

• 3 LCCI Higher Diploma passes with ‘O’       Examination and Exemption Regulations
  levels passes with credits in English and   • Students have a period of 10 years to complete the qualification.
  Mathematics or
                                              • Examinations are normally held over an 8-day period in June and December of
                                                each year.
• Completion of CAT Papers T1 - T5
                                              • There is no requirement for students to sit and / or pass any of the examinations,
Mature Student Entry Route (MSER)               including the three Essentials exam in the Professional level.
If you do not meet the PER criteria above,
                                              • Students may attempt a maximum of four exams within a six month period, including
you may still qualify via the Mature
                                                paper-based and computer based examinations.
Student Entry Route (MSER). There are no
educational requirements under this           • Students are expected to complete the module – Knowledge, Skills, Essentials and
route, but you must be 21 years old and         Options in order. Papers may be attempted from different modules at the same
above, and must pass the equivalent of          sitting as long as the modules are attempted in order.
Papers F2 & F3 within 2 years from the
                                              • All passes in any examination sitting will be retained. Candidates need only to
date of your first eligible examination         re-sit for papers failed.
                                              • All exemptions are subject to final approval by ACCA(UK).

Course Intakes

Intake     Type of Classes                    Starting Date of Enrolment                 Type of Discount
January    New classes for June examination   New classes for December examination       Enroll by 30 December
July       November of the previous year      May of the current year                    Enroll by 30 June
                                                                                         Course Promotion
                                                                                         1 Paper               5%
                                                                                         2 Papers            15%
                                                                                         3 Papers or more 25%

                                                                                         Early Bird Discount
                                                                                         Additional 5% discount on top
                                                                                         of course promotion. Enroll by 6
                                                                                         December (for January Intake)
                                                                                         or 6 June (for July Intake).

February   Pro-rated classes                  One week before the release of             Pro-rated fees are about 50% of
           (joining the existing January or   the June / December examination results full fees in January / July Intake
August     July intake classes)

May        Revision classes for June          Early March                                Enroll by 15 April , 20% discount
November   Revision classes for June          Early September                            Enroll by 15 October, 20%
           examination                                                                   discount

                                                                                     SAA PROSPECTUS 2009 10
 Syllabus and Fees

                                                                                   Examination /         Course
                                                                                   Exemption Fees (£)#   Fees (S$)*

                                        F1 Accountant in Business (AB)                     50                440
                  Knowledge Module      F2 Management Accounting (MA)                      50                440

                                        F3 Financial Accounting (FA)                       50                440

 Level                                  F4 Corporate and Business Law (CL)                 60                510

                                        F5 Performance Management (PM)                     60                510

                     Skills Module      F6 Taxation (TX)                                   60                510

                                        F7 Financial Reporting (FR)                        60                510

                                        F8 Audit and Assurance (AA)                        60                510

                                        F9 Financial Management (FM)                       60                510

                                        P1 Professional Accountant (PA)                    70                580
                   Essentials Module    P2 Corporate Reporting (CR)                        70                580

                                        P3 Business Analysis (BA)                          70                580

 Level                                  (Choose 2 out of 4)

                                        P4 Advanced Financial Management (AFM)             70                580

                   Options Module       P5 Advanced Performance Management (APM)           70                580

                                        P6 Advanced Taxation (ATX)                         70                580

                                        P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)              70                580

 Total Examination Fees / Exemption Fees                                                   860

 Total Fees for Fundamentals and Professional Levels                                                         7,280

 # Subject to changes by ACCA (UK)                 * Subject to changes by SAA

Online Professional Ethics Module
Students will be required to complete a Professional Ethics
module, developed by ACCA. They will be able to apply what
they have learned in a case study where they can experience
an audit situation from two points of view – that of the auditor
and the corporate financial accountant.

Students will be given access to the Professional Ethics
module as soon as they become eligible to take Paper
P1, Professional Accountant. Students are recommended
to take the Professional Ethics module at the same time
as, or before, the Professional Accountant paper is
taken. Students have the flexibility to complete the
ethics module at their own convenience. The ethics
module is a requirement for students applying for
full ACCA membership.

ICPAS / ACCA Technician
Joint Examination Scheme
  Overview                                                             Recognition
  The CAT programme in Singapore is a joint effort between             With this qualification you will be able to support financial
  the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA),           managers in any type of business all over the world. Successful
  United Kingdom and the Certified Accounting Technicians              completion of this qualification will enable you to become
  (Singapore) Limited.                                                 a Certified Accounting Technician and use the designatory
                                                                       letters CAT upon full membership application.
  The CAT qualification is an introductory course in accountancy
  that comprises a combination of examinations and practical           CATS will allow you to gain direct entry into the ACCA
  experience. It is designed to equip you with all the necessary       programme . The CAT Programme is accredited by ACCA
  technical skills and knowledge required to fulfill an accounting     (UK) and CAT (S) Ltd.
  role to technician level. It also provides a firm foundation of
  knowledge and the opportunity to fast track towards
  becoming a professional accountant.

Entry Requirements
• At least 16 years old and above.

• No formal academic and accounting knowledge is required.

Student Registration
All students intending to sit for examinations MUST register with
ACCA (UK) and CAT(S) Ltd. For more information, email
studentadmin@icpas.org.sg or visit http: //esr.icpas.org.sg

 Examination Session                     Deadline for submission of registration form

 1st eligible examination - June         15 Dec of the previous year

 1st eligible examination - December 31 July of the same year

Examination and Exemption Regulations
• There is no time limit to completing the qualification.

• At Introductory and Intermediate Levels of the CAT
  examinations, you can choose to attempt these papers as
  computer-based examinations (CBEs) held monthly, or as
  paper-based examinations typicaily held over an 8-day
  period in June and December of each year.

• Students are free to choose the order and number of
  examinations to be taken at each examination session.
  However, the ACCA recommends attempting the papers in

• All passes in any examination sitting will be retained.
  Candidates need only to re-sit for papers failed.

• All exemptions are subject to final approval by ACCA (UK).

                                                                                                  SAA PROSPECTUS 2009 12
 Course Intakes

 Intake                Type of Classes                       Starting Date of Enrolment            Type of Discount
 January               New classes for June examination      November of the previous year         Enroll by 30 December
 July                  New classes for December              May of the current year               Enroll by 30 June
                       examination                                                                 Course Promotion
                                                                                                   1 Paper           5%
                                                                                                   2 Papers          15%
                                                                                                   3 Papers or more 25%

                                                                                                   Early Bird Discount
                                                                                                   Additional 5% discount on top
                                                                                                   of course promotion. Enroll by
                                                                                                   6 December (for January
                                                                                                   Intake) or 6 June (for July
 February              Pro-rated classes                     One week before the release of        Pro-rated fees are about 50%
                       (joining the existing January or      the June /December examination        of full fees in January / July
 August                July intake classes)                  results                               Intake
 March                 New Intensive classes for June        End January
                       CBE                                                                              Course Promotion
 September             New Intensive classes for             End July                                     2 Papers 10%
                       December CBE
 May                   Revision classes for June             Early March
                       examination                                                                              NA
 November              Revision classes for                  Early September
                       December examination

 Syllabus and Fees
 Syllabus                                                  Examination Fee (£)#      Exemption Fee (£)#        Course Fee (S$)*
                       Paper 1 Recording Financial
                                                                   37                        -                        310
 Introductory Level
                       Paper 2 Information for
                                                                   37                        -                        310
                       Management Control

                       Paper 3 Maintaining Financial
                                                                   37                        -                        380
 Intermediate Level
                       Paper 4 Accounting for
                                                                   37                        -                        380

                       Paper 5 Managing People
                                                                   42                        42                       450
                       and Systems
                       Paper 6 Drafting Financial
                                                                   42                        42                       450
                       Statements (SGP)
                       Paper 7 Planning, Control and
                                                                   42                        42                       450
                       Performance Management
  Advanced Level       Option Papers
                       (Choose 2 out of 3)
                       Paper 8 Implementing Audit
                                                                   42                        42                       450
                       Procedures (SGP)
                       Paper 9 Preparing Taxation
                                                                   42                        42                       450
                       Computations (SGP)

                       Paper 10 Managing Finances                  42                        42                       450

 Total Examination Fees / Exemption Fees                           358                       210
 Total Fees for Introductory, Intermediate and
 Advanced Levels

  # Subject to changes by ACCA (UK)                * Subject to changes by SAA

For more information, email cat@saa.org.sg or visit www.saa.org.sg/cat.html

      Association of Taxation
  Technicians Singapore (ATTS)
Overview                                          Entry Requirements
The Association of Taxation Technicians
                                                  Diploma in Taxation
Singapore (ATTS) was incorporated under           This course comprises 5 papers. It introduces the     5 ‘O’ Levels with credits in
the auspices of the ICPAS in March 1995           student to Basic Accounting, Management, Law,         English and Mathematics or
for the taxation support staff. It is the only    Basic Taxation and Advanced Taxation. The             equivalent.
Association here offering an affordable,          Diploma may be completed in 12 months of              Mature students will be assessed
                                                  part-time studies.                                    on a case-by-case basis.
locally recognized qualification meeting
the demand for skilled taxation staff with        Certificate in Advanced Taxation
the ability to assist management in               This course comprises 1 paper (Paper 5                Certificate in
corporate duties.                                 Advanced Taxation) that introduces the student        Basic Taxation
                                                  to corporate taxation. It may be completed in
                                                  4 months of part time studies.
To stay ahead of changes in the
Accountancy profession, aspiring students         Certificate in Basic Taxation
and accountancy professionals can                 This course comprises 1 paper (Paper 4 Basic          5 ‘O’ Levels with credits in
specialize in TAXATION by studying for the        Taxation)that introduces the student to the basic     English and Mathematics or
following taxation programmes awarded             knowledge of taxation. It may be completed in         equivalent.
                                                  4 months of part-time studies.                        Mature students will be assessed
by the ATTS. These programmes are                                                                       on a case-by-case basis.
recognized by ICPAS and give you a
strong foothold in your professional career       Courses are available to local students only
in Taxation.
• ATTS Diploma in Taxation
                                                 • Up to 90% WDA support for mature              Academic Advancement Path
• Certificate in Advanced Taxation                 workers (Eligibility criteria applies).
                                                                                                   CPA Singapore

• Certificate in Basic Taxation                  Course Intake : January and July
                                                 • Part-time, classroom-based lectures.                     Experience & Other
Role of Taxation Technicians
• Provide skilled support to professionals       • Courses are conducted once a week,              ICPAS / ACCA                   Senior
                                                   over a period of 4 months for each             Professional Joint             Member
  in taxation and finance matters.                                                                                                 (STT)
                                                   intake, unless otherwise stated.                 Examination
• Organise the taxation computation                                                                                              Ordinary
  process and ensures it is in order for                                                                                          (ATT)
  submission to the Tax Authorities .
                                                 Course Structure & Fees
                                                                                                           Exemptions Granted To
                                                 Diploma in Taxation                                       • ACCA Papers F1, F3 & F6
Examination Structure                                                      Course Fees (S$)
                                                 Syllabus                                                  • CAT Papers T1, T3, T6 & T9
• There is no time limit to completing the
                                                 Paper 1 Principles of
  qualification.                                                                350                      ATTS
                                                                                                      Diploma in
                                                 Paper 2 Principles of                                                  Full Membership
• The Examination / Exemption fees are                                          350                    Taxation
                                                 Business Organisation
  S$50 per paper.
                                                 Paper 3 Principles of
                                                 Law                                                     ATTS
For Diploma in Taxation:                                                                           Certificate in
                                                 Paper 4 Basic Taxation         400              Advanced Taxation
• Students are required to pass Paper 4
  (Basic Taxation) before attempting             Paper 5 Advanced                                Certificate in Basic
                                                 Taxation                                              Taxation
  Paper 5 (Advanced Taxation).

                                                 Student Registration
• Students have the flexibility of
                                                 Students who intend to sit for the examinations MUST register as students with ATTS. For
  attempting Papers 1,2 & 3 in any order.
                                                 more information, email atts@icpas.org.sg or visit http://esr.icpas.org.sg

SDF Funding                                       Examination Session       Deadline for submission of registration form
• ATTS Diploma in Taxation is a pre-              June                      15 February
  approved course by WDA for SDF                  December                  15 August
                             For more information, email atts@saa.org.sg or visit www.saa.org.sg/atts.html

                                                                                                    SAA PROSPECTUS 2009 14
Certificate in English Proficiency

 Overview                                                             language to foreign students such as the CELTA, TEFL or a
 The SAA provides high quality language training and support          diploma/masters degree in Applied Linguistics.
 for international students. Our CEP programme is a graded
 course that aims to build up students’ level of competency           Course Progression
 and confidence in the English language in a gradual and              The students are assessed through a combination of course
 structured way so that they can live and study effectively in        work and a final exam from the Elementary level to the Upper
 an English-speaking environment. It is designed primarily to         Intermediate level. The weighting will vary from level to level.
 prepare students for living and studying in Singapore where          However, at the Advanced and Proficient levels the student is
 command of the English language is necessary. Classes are            assessed solely by means of a final examination based on the
 kept small to ensure a personal and interactive learning             IELTS test.
                                                                       Intakes           January, April, July, October
 The CEP programme at SAA is mapped on to the Common
 European Framework (CEF) of reference for English language
                                                                                         3 months per level
 learning, teaching and assessment. After taking our in-house
 placement test at SAA, the student will be placed in one of                             • 275 hours, including examination and one
 the six appropriate levels based on their English needs.                                  week break
                                                                       Duration          • 5 hours per day (3 classroom based hours +
 Students taking the General English modules will develop
                                                                                           2 structured study hours)
 their ability to communicate more confidently and effectively
 using English in a variety of situations in their daily lives. The                      • 5 days per week over 11 weeks
 Academic English Modules focus on language skills essential
 for higher education with English as its medium of instruction.
                                                                                         S$ 2300 for one level, subsequently each
                                                                       Course Fee
Teaching Staff                                                                           level at S$1800
SAA ensures that our teachers are experienced and suitably
                                                                       Students will be awarded a certificate of achievement on
qualified, with at least a degree in the social/natural sciences
                                                                       successful completion of a level
and a postgraduate qualification relevant to teaching English

  SAA Certificate in English Proficiency Levels      Entry to SAA Courses   IELTS Equivalent               Council of Europe Level

                Elementary                                                     IELTS 0-2          A1 - Breakthrough Basic User
  ENGLISH       Pre-Intermediate                                               IELTS 3             A2 - Waystage Basic Use

                Intermediate                                                   IELTS 4            B1 - Threshold Independent User

                Upper-Intermediate                            CAT              IELTS 5             B2 - Vantage Independent User

  ACADEMIC      Advanced                                      ACCA             IELTS 6             C1 - Effective Proficient User

                Proficient                                                     IELTS 7 - 8         C2 - Effective Proficient User

General English                                                        Academic English
The General English course is designed for full time foreign           The Academic English modules in SAA’s CEP programme takes
students who wish to advance their knowledge of the English            a graded approach to prepare students for furthering their
language for social, academic or professional purposes. The            studies at tertiary institutions where the language of instruction
modules focus on building and strengthening our students’              is English. This course specifically prepares students for their
language abilities, enabling them to communicate effectively           further studies in the skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading
and confidently in an English- speaking environment. The               and Writing. More specifically, it emphasizes developing skills in
emphasis will be on developing the 4 essential skills of English –     writing various styles of essays, lecture listening and note taking,
reading, writing, listening and speaking, through the expansion        article analysis, research procedures, oral presentations,
of vocabulary and improvement in grammar and pronunciation             expressing opinion, conversation strategies, independent learning
accuracy.                                                              and active participation in an academic environment. The skills
                                                                       acquired through the course will also reflect a broad range of
Admission Requirements                                                 language for academic study in an English-speaking
There are various classes to meet the different needs of students.     environment.
Some might have little or no prior knowledge of the English
language. Others might have already learnt some English and            Admission Requirements
wish to build on their language skills.                                Before enrolling in this course, students are required to
Students are required to take a placement test prior to admission      demonstrate a high-intermediate level of proficiency. They will
to the General English programme to determine which level              take a placement test prior to admission to the Academic
their English is at. They will then be placed in a class which can     English programme to determine which level their English is at
best meet their learning needs.                                        before they are placed in a suitable class.

Course Content                                                         Course Content
The course focuses on helping students develop the essential           The course syllabus will be based on the contents of the IELTS
skills of English – reading, writing, listening and speaking through   test basically the four modules: listening, reading, writing and
the learning of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The             speaking. It will be characterized by both lectures and task-
course will be characterized by both lectures and task-based           based activities. A student-centered approach will be employed
activities. A student-centred approach will be employed to             to produce positive results. Emphasis will be placed on short
produce positive results. Emphasis will be placed on short             lectures, focused exercises, tests as well as comprehensive
presentations, focused exercises, role-play, student-interaction,      analysis of answers and errors. Role plays and interview
pair-work, student tasks, continuous assessment, projects and          presentations will be exploited so as to provide students with
final exams.                                                           hands-on experience and effective feedback. These activities
                                                                       are essential as they better equip students with language skills
                                                                       necessary to excel academically in an English environment. For
                                                                       students looking to sit for the IELTS test, the course strives to
                                                                       improve IELTS-tested skills, enhance familiarity of the test, build
                                                                       confidence and help maximize students’ test scores upon
                                                                       completion of the course.

                                                                                                   SAA PROSPECTUS 2009 16
CASETRUST For Education And
International Student Application
Casetrust For Education
SAA has in place a Student Protection Scheme as stipulated            limits that are specified in his Certificate of Student Insurance.
by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) by way of            The period of Insurance will cover the entire duration of the
the NTUC Income Student Tuition Fee Insurance. The Student            course enrolled by the insured student. A personal Certificate
Tuition Fee Insurance protects the insured student against the        of Student Insurance will be issued to each insured student to
following events:                                                     confirm that his/her insurance cover is in place.

i) Loss of tuition fee paid in advance by the insured student to      International students who are applying for student’s pass for
   SAA and not refunded, if the student cannot start or complete      the first time with SAA need to be covered under SPS. Local
   his course as a result of SAA becoming insolvent or being          students can choose to opt out of the SPS scheme.
   required by the Singapore authorities to stop operations.
                                                                      Student Contract
                                                                      The student contract outlines the important terms and conditions
ii) SAA’s failure to pay sum awarded by Singapore courts to the       between the student and SAA. It is thus compulsory for all students
    insured student, where such award relates to a dispute            to enter into a student contract, as required by the scheme.
    between SAA and insured student on tuition fees paid by the
    insured student to SAA.                                           Confidentiality
                                                                      SAA is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the
iii) Complimentary S$10,000 benefit covering the insured student’s    Student’s personal information and undertakes not to divulge
     accidental death or total permanent disability by accident.      any of the Student’s personal information to any third party
                                                                      other than relevant government authorities without prior written
The amount payable to an insured student is subject to maximum        consent of the student.

International Student Application
SAA welcomes applications from all well qualified and motivated       All documents that are not in English are required to be translated
candidates.                                                           and notarized.

All foreign candidates wishing to pursue their studies at Singapore   Step 3 - Send Us Your Application
Accountancy Academy (SAA) must apply for a Student's Pass             Before departing for Singapore, you should make payment for
with the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).         the following:
SAA is awarded the SQC-PEOs accreditation and therefore all           • Application fee of S$200
international students can enjoy the benefits such as:                • Student Development Fee of S$180
• “Green Lane” of Student’s Pass application                          • Student Tuition Fee Insurance premium (based on the individual
• No security deposit required for ICA                                  programme enrolled)
                                                                      • Tuition Fees (based on the individual programme enrolled)
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply to study at SAA.
                                                                      Step 4- Accepting Your Offer
Step 1 - Check the admission requirements                             Once you have been accepted to SAA, you will receive the
Find out the admission requirements for the course you are            following:
interested in.                                                        • A Conditional Letter of Offer (UOL)
                                                                      • A Letter of Acceptance (ICPAS/ACCA Professional JES,
For information about specific course pre-requisites and the
recognition of qualifications not listed, please contact us at          ICPAS/ACCA Technician JES, CEP)
intl@saa.org.sg                                                       • Student Contract
                                                                      • Fee, course, refund and withdrawal information
Step 2 - Fill in the Application Forms                                • Accommodation information (when required)
• SAA Enrolment Form
                                                                      If you would like to accept your offer, you should complete,
• ACCA/CAT(S) Technician Registration Form, or
                                                                      sign and fax the acceptance declaration and student contract
• ACCA/ ICPAS Initial Registration From (for CAT and ACCA
                                                                      to the Admissions Office at SAA or to your agent in your country.
  applicants only)
• ICA student’s pass application forms: Forms 16, V36                 Step 5 - Your Student's Pass
• One recent passport-sized photograph                                As soon as we have received your acceptance form and
• Official birth certificate                                          student contract, we will proceed with the Student Protection
• High school certificates and result transcripts                     Scheme (Student Tuition Fee Insurance) and Student’s Pass
• Highest education certificates and result transcripts               application with NTUC Income and ICA respectively.
• Documentary proof of financial ability in the form of bank
  statements/fixed deposit accounts/saving accounts,                  Please note that ICA will take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to
  advisable to be S$40,000 (if applicable)                            process the student’s pass application.
• Applicant Employment Letter (if applicable)
                                                                      Upon approval of your student’s pass, you will receive an email
• Parents’ Employment Letter (if applicable)
                                                                      notification and ICA In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter from us.
• Photocopy of student’s passport
• Marriage Certificate (if applicable)                                You should then arrange your departure to Singapore, attend
                                                                      orientation and start your learning journey with SAA in Singapore.
                                             Withdrawal / Refund Policy
1. Procedure
Students who wish to withdraw from their classes must fill up the Course Request Form, attach proper documentation and submit
to the SAA Student Reception Counter.

2. Policy
 Withdrawal of class(es) due to the following reasons:
                                                                    Will be approved
                                                                                 Policy (For UOL programmes, please go to                                         Will not be approved
 Reasons                                                                         www.saa.org.sg/uol_policies.html)
 • Classes cancelled by SAA
 • Unsuccessful application of new Student’s Pass                                         Cheque refund on full course fees paid
                                                                                                                                   • Heavy work commitment,
 • ACCA / CAT Graduates                                                                                                              without certification from
                                                                                          Cheque refund on 50% of course fees paid
   Completion of any ACCA option papers                                                                                              company
 • Proof of Exam results                                                                  Credit Note on 50% of course fees paid   • Family commitment
 • Hospitalization of more than 2 weeks                                                                                            • Holiday trips
 • Pregnancy                                                                                                                       • Enrolment of more than 2
 • Medical reasons certified by a Singapore                                                                                          classes, resulting in inability
   registered doctor                                                                      Credit Note (refer to Tables 1, 2 or 3)    to cope with studies
 • Short term overseas assignments which are more                                                                                  • Enrolment of classes with no
   than 2 months                                                                                                                     intention of sitting for exams
 • Emergency reservist service which is more than
   2 weeks
 • Heavy work commitment certified by company
 • Unsuccessful application of renewal Student’s                                          Cheque refund (refer to Table 4)
   Pass / withdrawal or transfer to other Institutions
 • Exemption                                                                              Credit Note (refer to Table 5)
1. All other reasons will be approved on a case-by-case basis. For all other reasons, students will be informed of the results within 3 working days of SAA receipt of the CourseRequest Form, with supporting
2. Credit Notes are non-transferable and non-replaceable and are valid for 6 months, from month of issue.

 Table 1: January / March / July / September Intake                                                         Application fee, Student Development Fee & Student
 Credit Note Amount as a                                                                                    Administration Fees
 Percentage of Course Fees             Requirements: Written notice of withdrawal
 Paid (exclude cost of books)          is received:                                                         Application Fee
             100%                      More than 60 days before the intake                                  • The application fee paid to ICPAS is non-refundable under
 (less $100 administrative fee)        Commencement Date
               75%                     Between 30 to 60 days before the intake                                any circumstances.
                                       Commencement Date
               50%                     Less than 30 days to 1 day before the intake
                                       Commencement Date                                                    Student Development Fee
               25%                     1st day of the intake Commencement Date to                           • The Student Development Fee will be refunded in full to student:
                                       14 days after the Commencement Date
                                       More than 14 days after the intake                                      (i) In the event of cancellation of course by SAA.
                0%                     Commencement Date. Student is liable to pay                             (ii) In the event of Student’s Pass application is rejected by
                                       any outstanding tuition fees, if any.
 Table 2: February / August Pro-rated Intake                                                                   (iii) In the event of withdrawal application is received before
 Credit Note Amount as a                                                                                             commencement of classes.
 Percentage of Course Fees             Requirements: Written notice of withdrawal
 Paid (exclude cost of books)          is received:                                                         • The Student Development Fee will not be refunded for all
               5%                      On or before 5 March or 3 September                                     withdrawals after commencement of classes or transfers out
                                                                                                               of SAA.
               0%                      From 6 March or 4 September

 Table 3: May / November Revision Intake & Tutorial Classes                                                 Student Administration Fees
 Credit Note Amount as a                                                                                    • The Student Administration Fees paid to ICPAS and ACCA
 Percentage of Course Fees             Requirements: Written notice of withdrawal
 Paid (exclude cost of books)          is received:                                                           (UK) are non-refundable unless the application is rejected by
               50%                     Before course commencement
                                                                                                              ACCA (UK).

               0%                      After course commencement
                                                                                                            Student Protection Scheme (SPS) insurance Premium
 Table 4: For current SAA Student Pass Holders                                                              • SAA cancels the course, the premium will be refunded in full
                                       Requirements: ICA Rejection letter or written notice                   to the student.
 Percentage of Course Fees             of withdrawal / transfer to other institutions is                    • Student’s Pass application is not successful, the premium will
            100%                       Before course commencement                                             be refunded after deducting an administrative fee of S$26.75
 (Less $100 administrative fee)                                                                               by NTUC.
               75%                     Between 1 January - 31 January or 1 July                             • Students transfer to another course in the same school, the
               50%                     Between 1 February - 5 March or 1 August - 3                           premium will be refunded after deducting an administrative
                                                                                                              fee of S$26.75 by NTUC. Student will have to pay the premium
               0%                      From 6 March or 4 September
                                                                                                              for the new course.
 Table 5: Exemption                                                                                         • No top-up for any difference in premium or credit to the
 Percentage of Course Fees             Requirements: Exemption letter is received                             student is allowed by NTUC.
          100%                         Before course commencement                                           • No refund will be issued for withdrawals and transferring out
          75%                          Between 1 January - 31 January or 1 July - 31 July
                                                                                                              of SAA.
           50%                         Between 1 February - 5 March or 1 August - 3 September
            0%                         From 6 March or 4 September
                                                                                                                                                       SAA PROSPECTUS 2009 18
Funding Schemes & Financial
Local Institutions Discount Scheme                                   SAA – NTUC Discount Scheme
Polytechnic Graduates are entitled to:                               NTUC Union Members are entitled to 20% discount off SAA
• 25% discount off published course fees for ACCA programmes         published ACCA & CAT course fees, regardless of number of
  for minimum enrolment of 2 papers                                  classes enrolled.

                                                                     Please enroll directly at:
• 10% discount off published course fees for UOL Degree
                                                                     Address : NTUC Centre 1 Marina Boulevard, #B1-01,
                                                                               One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989
                                                                     Contact : 6213 8000
Millennia Institute and ITE graduates are entitled to:
25% discount off published course fees for ACCA and CAT
                                                                     SAA – SAFRA Discount Scheme
programmes for minimum enrolment of 2 papers
                                                                     25% discount off SAA published course fees for ACCA and CAT
                                                                     programmes for a minimum of 2 papers enrolled. Valid for
SAA Scholarships Scheme                                              January and July intakes only. Please present SAFRA member
• SAA International Student Scholarship                              card upon enrolment at SAA counter.
• ICPAS-Dr. Ernest Kan Accountancy Scholarship                       *Closing date: 30 June for July Intake or 31 December for January
• ICPAS-Polytechnic Scholarship (ACCA & UOL)                         Intake. For more information on the above scheme, please visit
• SAA-NTUC Scholarship
• SAA-SAFRA Scholarship
                                                                     SAA Employer Accreditation
• SAA-MI Scholarship                                                 Staff of companies who have registered under the SAA
• SAA-ITE Scholarship                                                Professional Attachment Scheme (PAS) will be entitled for
                                                                     additional 5% discount on the course fees after all relevant
Prizewinners and Outstanding Achievers Sponsorship                   discounts. You will need to present a letter from your companies
The SAA Excellence Awards Scheme is presented to SAA students        upon enrolment stating your full-time employment status, to
who have achieved outstanding performance in their respective        enjoy this discount.
examinations. There are 2 kinds of awards presented during
each intake:                                                         ACCA Employer Accreditation
                                                                     Students whose companies are under the ACCA Employer
Gold Award                                                           Accreditation are entitled to a further 5% discount on the course
• ACCA prizewinners in 1st placing                                   fees after all relevant discounts. You will need to present a letter
                                                                     from your companies upon enrolment stating your full-time
• Sponsorship of 3 classes
                                                                     employment status, to enjoy this discount.
Silver Award
• ACCA prizewinners in 2nd or 3rd placing                            Study Loans
                                                                     All loan enquiries and applications are to be dealt with the
• CAT Outstanding Achievers
                                                                     banks and institution directly. For more information, please call:
• Sponsorship of 2 classes
                                                                      RHB Bank Berhad                Tel: 1800 323 0100
CPE vouchers for graduated students                                                                  www.rhbbank.com.sg

Government Funding                                                    Maybank                        Tel: 1800 629 2265
CAT and ATTS programmes are approved course for funding                                              www.maybank2u.com.sg
under the SDF, SRP and NTUC-SEP initiative. Under this initiative,
                                                                      POSB Further Study             Tel: 65 6333 6033
students are eligible to apply for SDF grant for course fees as
                                                                      Assist Scheme                  www.dbs.com
well as absentee payroll incentives.

Funding Scheme          SDF
SRP                     NTUC-SEP

Deadline for            At least 1 day

before class            At least 1 day

before class            At least 1 month

                          For more information, please visit www.saa.org.sg/financialassistance.html


There are many types of accommodation available in                    Category 2: Housing Apartment (HDB)
Singapore.                                                            The Housing Development Board (HDB) is the government
                                                                      body providing subsidized, affordable homes of high quality
Category 1: Private Apartment                                         to 85% of Singapore’s population. Integrated into environments
Private apartment appeals to those who have a higher budget.          that meet modern lifestyle needs, each estate is a vibrant
These comfortable apartments come with facilities such as             hub of community life and activity, carefully landscaped to
gym, swimming pool and 24 hour security facilities. There is a        make a better home for all.
range of choice; from luxurious to basic, within the city centre
or in suburban districts.                                             Category 3: Off Campus Hostel
                                                                      Student hostels offer cheaper accommodation to students.
                                                                      Staying in a hostel enables one to interact with other students
                                                                      and lead an independent lifestyle.

As part of our holistic suite of services to students, we can recommend to you some student hostels providers should you
require so.

Students may consider the following 2 hostels, which are within the vicinity of the SAA Main Campus.

                                   Alliance International Hostel

                                                  The hostel is located off the
                                                  main road, away from the
                                                  hustle and bustle of city life,
                                                  giving it a peaceful and
                                                  tranquil environment most
                                                  suitable for study and rest.
                                                  Students will also be
                                                  provided with all the
                                                  furnishings that they need.

                                                                    94 Holdings – Aljunied Hall

                                     Located at 102 Upper Aljunied Road, our student hostel specializes in providing a safe and
                                     secure accommodation for international students to support their academic mission. The
                                     dedicated hostel management team ensures that students’ needs are attended
                                     to in a timely and efficient manner.

                                                                                                 SAA PROSPECTUS 2009 20
Student Prize Winners

I would like to thank Mr Ben Lee and Mr Goh Sher Wee for all the effort and invaluable guidance. I really appreciate Mr
Ben Lee’s systematic, exam oriented approach and Mr Goh Sher Wee’s simplified explanation to complicated concepts.
I also wish to thanks SAA for providing such a good environment for pursuing ACCA.

                                                                                                     Yu Xiao Qiang | China

Mr Ben Lee is a very friendly and approachable lecturer. He always encourages and motivates his students to study hard.
His lecture notes are very through and easy to understand. I benefited a lot from the large amount of practical questions
he picked from each topic. SAA has a team of very good and experienced lecturers. The fees are very fair.

                                                                                                     Zhao Wei Hua | China

When I made the decision to enroll in the ACCA course, my friends thought I had made the wrong choice. Accountancy
courses are not popular in my country. Now, Vietnam has joined the WTO and there will be many opportunities at home
and in Singapore for me. My dream is to become a professional accountant and I believe SAA is the best place to make
my dream come true.

                                                                                                 Tran Uyen Minh | Vietnam

Taking the ACCA course at SAA is the best decision I have ever made! I will soon be the proud holder of a globally
recognised professional qualification and I believe that my future is very bright. I am looking forward to a rewarding career
in Singapore. I would like to thank everyone in SAA for their kind help. THANK YOU !!!

                                                                                                 Aung Zaw Min | Myanmar

SAA is the place with a good team of people, a capable leadership, committed and talented academics. I would like
to take this opportunity to show my gratitude towards Mr. Stephen Chew (Paper 2.3 lecturer) for his guidance and
contributions. I always look forward to his lesson as he made the topic interesting. He is forever patient and approachable
when we have any questions. Without you, I would not achieve so far. Finally, I would like to applaud for all the other prize

                                                                                           Widyawati Chandra | Indonesia

Firstly, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Mr. James Kwan who has not only been an exceptional lecturer but also a source
of inspiration to-do whatever I do well. Mr. Nageb light – hearted and enjoyable classes made the process of going through
the core paper a lot easier. Mr Andy Tan concise method of teaching assisted my studies. Last, but by no means the least,
thank you to all the other lecturers who have made this tough journey much smoother.

                                                                                        Sundarabalan Balasundram | India

Taking module 3.1 at SAA has been a rewarding experience. Mr Chee’s revision class was tremendously helpful as his notes
are concise and very exam focused. In addition, he teaches how to approach the audit questions which is very important
for this paper. The frontline staff have been quite helpful and pleasant as well.

                                                                                                   Shivani Haralalka | India

                                    THE SAA ADVANTAGE
  The leading Accountancy Academy in Singapore                      was officially opened by our then Minister of Finance, Dr Richard
  Today, SAA is regarded as Singapore’s leading Accountancy         Hu. CPA House is located near to the future Singapore Sports
  training provider offering high quality degree and                Hub, with a host of modern sporting, social and recreational
  professional programmes from internationally recognized           facilities and amenities nearby, such as a sea sports club, hotels,
  universities and institutions. We are the training arm of the     shopping malls and parks etc.
  Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS),
  the national accountancy body that develops, supports             Modern Facilities at CPA House
  and enhances the integrity, status and interests of the           • 8 Fully fitted classrooms seating 24 – 180 pax
  profession. ICPAS is a not-for-profit organisation.               • State-of-the-art Auditorium seating 180 pax
                                                                    • Library with comprehensive facilities
Established Track Record                                            • 2 Computer Laboratories
Since 1995, SAA has consistently produced a list of prize winners   • Student Recreation & Games Centre
for the ICPAS/ACCA Professional JES programme and
ICPAS/ACCA Technician JES programme in the Singapore and            KH Plaza
International category.                                             From January 2009, we have expanded our facilities, occupying
                                                                    13,000 sqft of space over 2 storey in KH Plaza.
“Platinum” Tuition Provider
SAA is granted “Platinum” status under ACCA Approved Learning       Modern Facilities at KH Plaza
Partner- Student Tuition Programme. This is the highest and most    • 5 Fully fitted classrooms seating 20 – 90 pax
prestigious level awarded to institutions that meet the highest     • Meeting Rooms & Consultation Room
performance and pass-rate targets set by ACCA.                      • ICPAS Examination and Student Registry Office & SAA
                                                                      Administration Office
Quality and Experienced Lecturers                                   City Campus
All our lecturers are highly qualified professionals with many
                                                                    The SAA City Campus is prestigiously located at the heart of
years of commercial and academic experiences. Many of them
                                                                    Singapore’s Central Business District. It is centrally and
have post graduate qualifications and have attained awards
                                                                    conveniently located, within a 5 minute walking distance from
such as “Most ACCA Prize Winners and Best Passing Rate”
                                                                    major transport providers such as the MRT and near to housing
                                                                    estates and major amenities such as libraries, supermarkets and
                                                                    shopping malls.
Internationally Recognized Qualifications
All our programmes and qualifications are internationally           Singapore Quality Class (SQC) for Private Education
recognized for further studies and employment purposes.             Organizations (PEOs)
                                                                    SAA was one of the few first few educational institutions awarded
Unrivalled Quality Support to Students                              the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) for Private Educational
We provide unrivalled quality support to students, ensuring that    Organizations (PEOs). This award recognizes PEOs who have
every aspect of the students’ needs is taken care of. We provide    attained a commendable level of performance and would
a suite of services such as orientation, subsidized workshops and   further enhance our journey to reach world-class standards of
seminars, free mock examinations and career matching and            business excellence.
placement, etc.
                                                                    CaseTrust for Education
Large and Multi-Cultural Student Population                         The SAA is one of the first few organizations to be awarded the
The Academy presently has over 5000 part time and full time         CaseTrust for Education accreditation by the Consumer
students enrolled in various programmes, coming from countries      Association of Singapore. The recognition affirms our good
such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar,               business practice and commitment to our customers.
Indonesia, Philippines, and the Asia Pacific region. This melting
                                                                    Become a Qualified Accountant in Singapore through SAA
pot of cultures enables our students to learn from each other
                                                                    An ICPAS member, with the Certified Public Accountant
even out of the classroom to become truly global and well
                                                                    Singapore (CPA Singapore) designation, is a professional in
connected professionals of the future.
                                                                    accountancy, finance and business who has the relevant work
                                                                    experience in addition to a recognized accountancy
Modern Campuses                                                     qualification. Today, ICPAS has over 20,000 members working
CPA House
                                                                    and making their mark worldwide, which makes the CPA
We are sited in our own 6 storey building (CPA House) which
                                                                    Singapore a designation with international recognition.

                                                                                               SAA PROSPECTUS 2009 22

20 Aljunied Road                             12 Aljunied Road
#06-01 CPA House                             #04-02 KH Plaza @ Aljunied
Singapore 389805                             Singapore 389801

Tel     : (65)6749 8060                      Tel   : (65)6744 9865
Fax     : (65)6749 8061                      Fax : (65)6749 7713
Email : cpasingapore@icpas.org.sg            Email : studentadmin@icpas.org.sg
Website : www.icpas.org.sg


Main Campus
20 Aljunied Road
#01-04 CPA House
Singapore 389805
                                                                          Main Campus
                                                        KH Plaza

12 Aljunied Road
#04-01 KH Plaza @ Aljunied
Singapore 389801

Tel     : (65)6744 9700
Fax     : (65)6744 9796
Website : www.saa.org.sg

City Campus
6 Raffles Quay
(Former John Hancock Tower)
#23-00 Singapore 048580
                                                                          City Campus

Tel     : (65)6532 5312
Fax     : (65)6532 3095
Website : www.saa.org.sg

Information is accurate at time of print (March 2009)

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