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									  MCN Tower Inspections
MCN is proud to offer this new piece of equipment to its valued customers to speed up the inspection process of their towers
which will reduce the cost to the clients for having the towers inspected on regular bases. The cost by using the Dragonflyer
is approximately 50 percent of a savings which will also provide a video of the tower inspection to keep on record so that in
future inspections you can see where the corrosion and problem areas may be forming and catch them at a faster rate.
Tower inspection includes looking at items like:

• Tower height.
• Manufacturer, model number, and year of
• Tower legs
• Tower lacing
• Tower description
• Guy wires
• Antennas
• Mounts
• Tower mapping
• Existing tower lighting system
• Existing foundations
• Physical state of tower
• Personal ladder and safety slide
• Obstruction paint or exposed galvanize
• General comments and conclusions.
• Suggested repairs and time frame.                                  Draganflyer SAVS Helicopter
• Estimated cost for repairs.                      All Images are stored on a DVD to the client so that they can keep a record
                                                   of all inspections done on the tower. These inspection videos allow them to
                                                   get up close and personal to see every inch of their tower in stills and in

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