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					                            The Chronicles
                          Weekly Newsletter for Christ Church Prep School & College
Edition 13                               Week ending 9 May 2008

                       From the Editor                                 shop for sale. Please instill responsibility in your children, but

                                                                       also remind them to check in Lost Property when they arrive
         ear Parents,                                                  home and realise that some or other item was left on the
         Welcome back to the second term and we are well into          playground or outside the class. Visit Damaris at Seconds
         Autumn! We trust that your children have returned             First, 106 Pitzer Road, Glen Austin.
         having had a wonderful break (including those who
came back for two days last week and then had a long
                                                                                        Netball Notes

weekend) and that you are refreshed and ready to face this
term. We have a number of new faces in our classrooms and                      etball squad training has started again on
we trust that both you as parents, along with your children, will              Wednesday mornings from 06h30. Thank
soon settle into our school and feel part of what we aim to be,                you Mrs Twaddle for giving up a warm bed
a caring and nurturing academic environment. Thank you to                      and an extra cup of coffee, to come and
those parents who turned out for last night’s Parents Evening.         train our girls. Thanks to the parents for willingly
                 If you have matters you still wish to discuss, or     bringing their girls so early. We do appreciate it!
                 were unable to make it last night, please
                 remember that our staff are always willing to                             Prep School Drama
                 meet with you. Please put a note into your
                 child’s homework diary so that the relevant                              Production Rehearsals

                 teacher can then set up a meeting with you.                   lease note the rehearsals are from 13h45 – 14h45. This
                 We respectfully remind you not to interrupt                   time will be extended to 15h15 after the June mid-term
teachers during class time or directly after school as they do                 break. Pupils participating have 15 minutes to have a
have teaching and teacher related meetings to attend. The                      snack, change and relax at Aftercare before rehearsals
calendar for the second term, along with the extra-mural               start. The following rehearsals will take place in the auditorium
timetable was sent out with reports at the end of last term.           on these dates:-
These documents are designed to aid both you and our pupils            13 May Those in scene 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
so that you are aware of what takes place each day.           If you   20 May Those in scene 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
haven’t already made a note of it, the school’s Annual General         27 May Those in scene 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 20 May at 7.00pm and we               03 June Those in scene 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
hope to see as many of you there as possible. Documentation            10 June Those in scene 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
in this regard is being sent home today and tomorrow. Please           17 June Everyone
ensure you read it and then bring it along with you to the AGM.        24 June No rehearsal (mid-term break)
There has been so much talk about the increase in food prices,         Please will parents of pupils participating in the play, remind
petrol, the uncertainty in Zimbabwe, that it is no wonder that         their children of these dates as it is imperative for everyone to
we tend to get saddened, depressed and disillusioned at times.         attend, in order for the production to be successful.
However, John 15:4 reminds us “Remain in me, and I will
remain in you …”. For this reason we need to constantly keep                                   School Photo’s

praying for one another and for situations which arise over                    ur resident photographer, Peter Sealy-Fisher, has had
which we have no control. The sun still rises every morning                    his eye on the smiley faces of many of our pupils each
even though on an overcast day we are unable to see this.                      day this week. Many thanks for your hard work Peter,
Through the dark patches which we may experience in life, the                  it is greatly appreciated. Photo’s will be handed out in
eternal love which God our Father has promised is still shining                 the next couple of weeks.
brightly. The life which Christ sacrificed for us is not to be
wasted. Through God’s infinite grace, we can grow and rejoice                                  Making Music

in Him. He provides us with our daily needs, inner peace and a                 rs Lessing’s Grades 4, 5 & 6 classes will be learning
purpose for our lives. Let’s ask for His guidance from day to                  how to make musical instruments soon. If anyone has
day, and believe without doubt, that He will advise us and                     sticks of bamboo, BIG empty tins (e.g. coffee or other
He will watch over us. Please also keep Mrs Kitching (our                      catering size tins) and old tyre tubes, please deliver
part-time music teacher for College) in your prayers. She                      them to the music class as soon as possible. We look
will be joining us a month later than planned as she had                       forward to hearing music from unusual sources!
emergency surgery. The Lord continues to bless our
school as we work to His glory. On Saturday morning a                                        Smiles for Mother’s Day
number of students will be writing an entrance assessment as
the Board of Governors has agreed that in 2009, the school has                 A suburban mother's role is to deliver children
two Grade 8 classes. We pray that the transition to a double                    obstetrically once, and by car forever after.
class for this grade will go smoothly and that those pupils                    No matter how old a mother is, she watches her
coming in to this grade will grow academically and spiritually in
                                                                                middle-aged children for signs of improvement.
the Lord.
Yours in Christ                                                                “Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-
The Editor                                                                      traffic controllers with ease."
                        Lost Property

        n enormous amount of lost property gets collected each                              F.R.O.G. / Impact

        week and is left in the back of the hall in                         ust a reminder that FROG and Impact resumes again
         A Block. Most items are unmarked despite requests to               on Friday, 9 May at Christ Church, Midrand.
        ensure that children’s belongings are clearly labeled.
At the end of each month, these items are given to Seconds
First and the ladies wash them and put them into the
                                                                        Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday!
                                                 The Classifieds
                                           at Christ Church Prep School and College
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                                                                                             Groenvoer Mother’s Day Country Market
                                                                                                  Saturday 10 May 9am – 2pm
                                                                                     Spoil your mom. Treat her to lunch at our tea garden,
                                                                                    and gifts from a kaleidoscopic choice of over 70 stalls.
                                                                                     From jewellery and books to foods, plants, flowers &
                                                                                   Kids – win your mom cool gift vouchers in our Best Mom in
          Soft Sol – Corporate and Home
                                                                                      the World competition. Watch Scarlett O’Hara, the
                 IT Requirements                                                     performing staffie doing adorable tricks at 11.00, and
Networking, VPNs, VoIP, Software Development Phone
                                                                                    Dance-4-Fun’s demo at 11.30. Enjoy the jumping castle,
                  Andrew Murdoch
                                                                                       pony and tractor rides, face painting and archery.
                  on 084 516 3820
                                                                                       Ladies – listen to DA councillor (and mom) Annette
                                                                                      Deppe, as she discusses the major challenges facing
                                                                                                    Midrand’s Moms, at 12.30.
                                                                                       Venue : Groenvoer, 410 Olifantsfontein Rd (R562)
                                                                                    Info : Contact Cathy/Gian 082 545 9277 ; 011 314 1156

                                                                                                             Le Shot Studio
       SITUATED IN VORNA VALLEY, MIDRAND                                                  For all your framing, digital printing and
                    19 Pierneef Street                                                enlargements. Copying work and photoshopping
         This all inclusive support centre offers:
                                                                                                  of pictures also available.
                        Remedial therapy                                              Shop B7 Carlswald Deco Centre. (011) 318-0881
                                Study Skills
                            Afrikaans Lessons
                           School readiness tests
                                                                                                     Chocolate Truffles
                Occupational therapy                                                       Quality truffles, with or without alcohol.
            Speech therapy and Audiologist                                                        R40 for a pack of box 12.
                  Extra mathematics
                                                                                                Contact Corrie 082 896 8351
                          Science

       Contact Liesl Pendrigh for more information.

              0722665367 (w) 011 315 6633

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