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Simple Steps To Make Chocolate Truffles About the Author

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					Simple Steps To Make Chocolate Truffles
The chocolate truffles you find in supermarkets and stores are mostly manufactured in factories and aren't all that good. Most of them are either too
sweet or not rich enough. There are even some store-bought cheap chocolates that contain so little cocoa, you are practically eating something
high-calorie with zero of the health benefits of cocoa. If you absolutely love chocolates and want to consume healthier chocolates, then it is time you
try your hand at making your own chocolate truffles.

Making chocolate truffles is pretty easy as some of these do not even require too much cooking time or baking skills. As long as you learn not to burn
the chocolate, you will soon be cranking out chocolate truffles like a pro! If you are worried about messing up and turning it into burnt bitter hunks, then
you should read on for the tips I have in making some simple and easy chocolate truffles that are way better than store-bought ones.

In order to make chocolate truffles, you need to get some of the main ingredients in preparation. The number one ingredient is a lot of dark cooking
chocolate, particularly the ones with very high cocoa content of preferably 70% or more. You need ones with high cocoa content because these will
produce better quality, richer and more delicious chocolate truffles that are also healthy as cocoa contains anti-oxidants.If the slight bitter taste of dark
chocolate is a concern for you, you can also try to use milk chocolate that has lower cocoa content.

Other than chocolate, you may also want to get other ingredients to add some special flavors to your truffles such as nuts and dried fruits. Nuts like
almonds, peanuts, macadamia or even cashew are fun additions that will add a crunch to your truffles. Other than that, you can also get other
decorative food items such as colorful chocolate rice to dip your truffles in so that it is more interesting looking.

Then let's go to the first step. You will need to break the cooking chocolate into smaller pieces or you could chop it. Next, you put it into a heatproof
bowl and place the bowl over a pan of simmering water, making sure the bottom of the bowl is not touching the water. Add butter to the mixture and
then use a wooden spoon to stir the chocolate butter combination until it is thoroughly melted. You can also get some cream cheese to add to the
mixture later if you want it to have cheesy flavor.

When the chocolate butter mixture is melted into soft, silky brown liquid, remove it from the pan and leave aside to cool down. You can then add the
cream cheese, the nuts, dried fruits or whatever you want to add to your truffles. Use a mixer to blend it all together until it is all well combined. You
want to make sure that the whole mixture are evenly combined so that there won't be concentrations of nuts or chocolate or clumps of cream cheese.
Lastly, you just pour the thick mixture onto a pan and leave it to cool for awhile. If it is very thick, use an ice cream scoop or a spoon to form small balls
out of it. Dip the chocolate balls on the chocolate rice or some cocoa powder. Then put the balls on wax-paper lined trays. Place the trays of chocolate
truffles in the fridge to firm up and there you have it, you very own delicious chocolate truffles!

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