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									                   LAYERED SEAWEED HYDRATING BODY WRAP
           Treatment Time for body: 60-90 min depending on length of each step
                            *treatment does not require shower

Results: Improves skin tone/texture, assists to reduce the look of cellulite, hydrates
the skin, stimulates for cellular renewal and improved tightness where needed. It
helps to relax muscles and joints, reduces toxins and calms redness due to rosacea.
It replenishes skin with essential vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants, and helps
promote mind/body balancing. Whole seaweed treatments are quite relaxing,
analgesic, anti-inflammatory and very effective in treating muscular aches and pains.
Before you begin have the Wild Seaweed Chamois soaking in warm water to
reactivate it
Note: Chamois is reusable, so you can give to the client to take home as it has up to
7 uses.

Step 1: Start with a detoxifying deep-pore cleansing exfoliation using the Oil-Free
Seaweed Body Polish.

A/ Have client lye on stomach and start massaging from the feet upwards to the top
of the legs and buttocks. Working with one leg at a time, you will eventually work
your way to the back and shoulders. To exfoliate, gently massage 2 oz/60ml onto
clean skin using upward circular movements.
Note: Seaweed is cooling when applied, please let your client know that the
application will be quick and they will be wrapped up in no time!

B/ Let treatment dry on its own for removal. Begin with the feet & move upwards.
For quick removal, use warm towel to remove salts.

Step 2: Apply the Therapeutic Firming Seaweed Body Gel by massaging into the
skin with special attention to target areas, e.g. hips and upper arms. Massage until
absorbed. No shower or rinse.

Step 3: With a small amount, lightly massage the Wild Seaweed Massage Oil
Blend on the back of the client in an upwards motion, coating the skin Have client
turn over. Starting at the feet and working up to the shoulders, massage oil gently
into skin. Wrap the client with the plastic wrap and pat the plastic onto the skin so
that it sticks to the skin. End up at the top of the body and apply soaking Wild
Seaweed Chamois to the spine and/or neck area before having them flip over on
to the back. The seaweed chamois should stick to the skin.

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Have the client flip over so you can repeat step 1 – 3 on their front.
Using discretion when applying the product to the clients’ stomach and chest area.

Step 4: Gently wrap the warming blanket or thermo blanket to retain warmth of
the applied seaweed product. Leave on for 15 - 20 minutes and can perform mini
facial or foot massage immediately afterwards. Note: Explain the warming sensation
that will occur so they understand what the next step involves.

This is a great time to give the client a head massage or a mini facial.

Step 5 - Removal: Unfold the blankets and perform a light massage to allow full
absorption of the oil. The product will “ball” a little bit and that is normal just give a
quick dry brush on to plastic sheet. Have client sit up to remove the Wild Seaweed
Chamois from their back. Give them the chamois to take to take home with them.

TIME ADDED STEP: For extra hydration provide a light massage over entire body
with the Laminaria Body Lotion, working from the toes to the shoulders.

                               Products for Homecare

Companion Wrap:                                  Therapeutic Firming Seaweed Gel:
Contains 6 of our most popular items             80% whole seaweeds, 4 different
Retails: $48                                     types of seaweeds, very potent
                                                 Soothes, nourishes, heals, firms,
Oil-Free Seaweed Body Polish:                    calms, detoxifies
50% whole seaweeds
Hydrates, removes dead skin cells,               Laminaria Body Lotion:
leaving skin and healthy                         25% Seaweeds.
                                                 Excellent for all skin types including
                                                 sensitive, psoriasis, eczema, oily,
                                                 acneic, rosacea, dry, aging.


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