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Bon Vivant School of Cooking                                                                         January to March 2010

         WINTER SERIES COURSES                                                    WINTER SERIES CLASSES
THE ART OF FINE CUISINE                                                INTERNATIONAL CUISINE COURSE
CERTIFICATE COURSE                                                     Thursdays, starting April 1, 2010                        7-10pm
Tuesdays, starting January 12, 2010                        7-10pm      Instructor and Host: Louise Hasson, Seattle             9 Credits
Instructor & Host: Louise Hasson, Seattle                 9 Credits    Understand the relationships between geography and
This is the next step in your progression of culinary knowledge.       gastronomy through this course in International cuisine.
A solid foundation of French technique and an understanding of         When you experience the food of a country, you share its spirit
the classics will raise your skills to the level of an accomplished    and its heritage.
and confident cook. Learn to create flavorful stocks and build           Apr 1      A REMARKABLE CHINESE BANQUET
them into great sauces. Understand the art of maximizing the           Cook and dine the Chinese way with proper
egg into high and light soufflés. Grasp the secrets of perfect          ingredients, tools, and techniques. Sizzling Rice Soup,
pastry and tender crepes. The secrets of French technique are          Rainbow Salad, Barbecued Spareribs, Cashew Chicken,
woven into the fabric of all good cooking.                             Steamed Rice, Almond Float and Almond Cookies.
Jan 12            Sauces - Flour Based                                 April 8 THINK GREEK DINNER!
Jan 19            Soufflés & Roulades                                   Lemons, spices, eggplant and phyllo pastry
Jan 26            Sauces - Emulsion                                    create some of the most delicious food. Avgolemono Soup
Feb 2             Stocks, Soup & Brown Sauce                           (Lemon-Egg), Spanakopita (Spinach Phyllo Pastry), Moussaka
Feb 9             Other Birds                                          (Eggplant), Ionian Salad, Rizogalo (Creamy Rice Pudding).
                  ***Skip Feb 16 (NO CLASS) ***                        April 15 BEST OF ITALIAN CUISINE
Feb 23            Vegetable Side Dishes                                Authentic Italian classics at their finest. Antipasto, Quick To-
Mar 2             Pastry Techniques                                    mato Sauce, Cannelloni, Broccoli Parmesan and Biscuit Tortoni
Mar 9             Crepes & Savory Pancakes                             (Homemade Ice Cream).
Mar 16            Dessert Arts                                                          *** Skip April 22 (NO CLASS)***
(Mar 23)          (Flex Date)                                          April 29 MIDDLE EASTERN FLAVORS
                                                                       Armenians are known for their healthy cuisine, easy to pre-
                                                                       pare yet interesting and exotic. Vegetable Barley Soup, Cumin
THE MASTERING THE BASICS                                               Meat Balls, Cracked Wheat with Noodles, Hot Armenian Salad,
CERTIFICATE COURSE -- Spring Quarter                                   Eggplant Salad, Dried Fruit Compote.
Tuesdays, starting April 13, 2010                            7-10pm    May 6      RUSSIAN SPECIALTIES
Instructor and Host: Louise Hasson                        9 Credits    The opulent cuisine of a Russian Tea Room, hearty fare with
This certificate course is for both the experienced                    an aristocratic flair. Clear Beet Borscht, Beef Stroganov (the
and the beginning cook. Gain the confidence to try new                  original classic), Braised Vegetables à la Russe (Julienne Car-
foods. Learn the best cooking techniques. Taste the finest              rots and Onions with Cayenne), Baba au Rhum (Rum yeast
ingredients in the marketplace and find the best sources for ob-        cake with fresh fruit and cream).
taining them. Explore the best tools and learn how to use them,        May 13 PASTA FROM SCRATCH
while building your baseline of solid cooking knowledge and a          Participate in the making of tender homemade pasta and tasty
portfolio of reliable and tasty recipes. Acquire the skills you need   sauces. Soul food with Italian flair. Pasta al Uovo Fatta in
to enjoy cooking and to feel successful in the kitchen.                Casa, Agnolotti Bianco, Italian Tomato Sauce, Sauce Alfredo,
Apr 13             Equipment, Knife Skills, First Courses              Gorgonzola Sauce, White Clam Sauce.
Apr 20             Salads, Herbs, Oils & Dressings                     May 20 LET’S ENTERTAIN - FRENCH
Apr 27             Chicken Dishes/Braise, Sauté, Roast                 Elegant & easy - a divine French dinner party. Sesame
May 4              Vegetable Techniques                                Cheese Pastries, Rack of Lamb, Shrimp & Orange Salad,
May 11             Fish and Shellfish                                   Glazed Carrots, Gratin Dauphinoise, Pears Belle Hélène.
May 18             Side Dishes/Pasta & Rice                            May 27 ENTERTAINING NORTHERN ITALIAN STYLE
May 25             Frittata & Omelettes                                The epitome of Northern Italian cuisine, light yet refined.
Jun 1              Red Meats & Cooking with Wine                       Scampi alla Veneziana; Gnocchi di Papate (Potato Dumplings),
Jun 8              Desserts/Baking, Art of Flambé                      Scallopine al Limone (Veal), Peperonata (Sweet Red Peppers),
                                                                       Creme al Limone (Lemon Cream and Strawberries).
                                                                       June 3 TASTE OF SPAIN
                                                                       Transport the sunshine and spice of Spain to your table, fea-
   Don’t miss the Pastry Arts Certificate                               turing the famous national dish of Spain, Paella. Empanadas
   Course March 1, 8, 15, 22                                           (Meat Pastries), Paella a la Valenciana, Ensalada Mixta (Garden
                                                                       Salad), Flan de Naranja (Orange Caramel Custard).
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Bon Vivant School of Cooking                                                                         January to March 2010

              SINGLE CLASSES                                                            SINGLE CLASSES
PASTRY ARTS CERTIFICATE COURSE                                        SOUPS TO TREASURE
Mondays, starting March 1, 2010                     7-10pm            Wednesday, January 13                                 7-10pm
Instructor: Suzanne Hunter                   Hands on class           Instructor: Suzanne Hunter                     Hands on class
Host: Jytte Tuttle, Lake Forest Park               8 Credits          Host: Jennifer Abermanis, Bothell                    2 credits
If baking is your passion, then this hands on course is the           MAKE THE SOUPS YOU DREAM ABOUT
one for you! The art of pastry, a labor of love and creative          When it’s winter there’s nothing more pleasing and nutritious
expression, is taught by foremost baker and caterer Suzanne           for you and your family than a steaming, bowl of flavorful
Hunter. Each class is an in-depth exploration structured to           soup. In this class, you will learn how to quickly produce the
bring you to the level of skilled baker.                              great stocks that are at the heart of soul-satisfying soups.
March 1      Pie and Crust Techniques: Work with assorted             Explore the many facets of this heartwarming art with Chef
doughs, both savory and sweet; pie and tart crust.                    Suzanne Hunter as she shares her fabulous recipes for the
March 8 Danish Pastry: Master the technique of booking                best stocks, vegetable purées, and thickeners. Learn to make
butter into dough to make many layers. Experiment with a              both French and Asian style chicken stock and diverse soups
myriad of shapes and fillings.                                         from many cultures. Thai Coconut Soup with Chicken and Lime
March 15 Mousses and Bavarians: Practice mousse desserts              Leaf; Southwestern Corn Soup with Chipotle Chilis; Russian
and cake fillings; Crème Anglaise and Crème Pâtissière.                Beef Barley Soup with Mushrooms and Floating Garlic Croutons;
March 22 Cakes and Buttercreams: Make your own cake                   Squash & Apple Soup with Ginger.
with perfect Génoise and French Butter cream.
                                                                      COOKING WITH BEER
                                                                      Wednesday, January 20                                 7-10pm
THE PERFECT TUSCAN DINNER                                             Instructor: Conni Brownell                     Hands on class
Wednesday, January 6                                   7-10pm         Host: Ann and Dave Ferguson, Kirkland               2 Credits
Instructor: Louise Hasson                   Demo and Dining           BREW SOME WARM WINTER MEALS AT HOME WITH
Host: Louise Hasson, Seattle                          1 Credit        THESE SATISFYING DISHES
EXPERIENCE THE PLEASURE OF BRINGING THE SUNNY                         Have you ever heard the saying “Beer is Food”? Beer adds
FLAVORS OF TUSCANY TO YOUR TABLE                                      tenderness to meat and enhances the flavor of breads and
Tuscany is well known for its fine Chianti wines, rich olive oils      soups. Chef Conni Brownell will show you some tasty and
and refined cuisine. This regal and luxurious Tuscan dinner            inspiring ways to cook with the wonderful microbrews we have
is perfectly suited for home entertaining because it is easy to       available in the Northwest. Spend the evening learning to make
manage in advance. You can share in the experience. Enjoy             flavorful recipes perfect for long winter days. Chef Conni is
the fine Italian cuisine Louise brought back from her trip to          a graduate of the culinary program at The Art Institute of
Tuscany, and the stories of her stay at the Lorenza de Medici         Seattle and is the owner of The Charmed Radish Personal
estate, Badia a Coltibuono where this sumptuous meal was              Chef Service specializing in wholesome meals from scratch for
served on the first evening.                                           busy families.
Crostine al Balsamico (appetizer toasts); Minestra di Riso            Steamers in Beer (tender clams steamed in beer); Rib eye Steak
e Prezzemolo (rice and parsley soup); Arista di Maiale alla           with Guinness; Ale and Cheese Soup; Onion and Cheddar Beer
Mostarda (roast pork loin with Dijon mustard)and Swiss Chard);        Bread; Braised Apple and Sausage Stuffed Pork Chops; Oatmeal
Potate all’Allora (roasted potatoes with bay leaves); Pomodoro        Stout Gingerbread.
Gratinati; and Crostada de Miele (an easy fresh apple tart).
                                                                      GREAT GIFTS FROM YOUR KITCHEN:
                                                                      CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE WORKSHOP
A SPECIAL EVENT: SAVEUR COOKS AUTHENTIC FRENCH                        Monday, January 25                                        7-10pm
CUISINE AT BON VIVANT                                                 Instructor: Suzanne Hunter                       Hands On Class
Saturday, January 9                                    10am-2pm       Host: Jytte Tuttle, Lake Forest Park                    2 Credits
Instructor: Louise Hasson                         Hands on class      DO EVERYTHING EXCEPT BATHE IN CHOCOLATE
Host: Louise Hasson, Seattle                             2 credits    Learn to make fabulous chocolates to serve your guests or give
PARTICIPATE IN THIS SPECTACULAR CLASS                                 as gifts. In this hands-on class you will learn how to temper
Bon Vivant is thrilled to be invited to partner with SAVEUR           chocolate, mold it, dip it and make a luscious assortment of
Magazine to present you with this special opportunity. From           truffle centers. To cover all tastes we will include dark, milk and
the bistros of Paris to the farmhouses of Burgundy, this              white chocolate options. Indulge your passion for chocolate
exciting hands-on class will take you on a culinary journey           as we train your hands to make the skillful moves that make
through the regions that have made French food the basis for          perfect truffles. Suzanne Hunter, a true chocolate specialist,
all other cuisine. Your registration will include a recipe booklet;   will teach you how to work and feel like a professional. But
a SAVEUR tote bag with samples and discounts; and a one-              most importantly, you will do everything except bathe in
year subscription to Saveur magazine.                                 chocolate, including smelling, tasting and consuming lots of
Gourgères (cheese puffs); Salade des Moines; Soupe a l’Oignon         chocolate! Dark Chocolate Orange and Grand Marnier Truffle;
Gratinée (classic onion soup topped with toasted baguette             Milk Chocolate with Coffee and Kahlua Truffle; White Chocolate
and Gruyère cheese); Poussin Vallée d’Auge (young chicken in          and Dark Chocolate Two Toned Truffle; Almond, Amaretto and
Calvados from Normandy with pearl onions, and cream); Gratin          Almond Praline Truffle; Cranberry and Loganberry Liqueur
Dauphinois (traditional potato dish); and Soufflé au Chocolat.         Truffles; and Ginger Truffle Wrapped in Marzipan.

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  Bon Vivant School of Cooking                                                                         January to March 2010

                 SINGLE CLASSES                                                           SINGLE CLASSES
SPICY TEX-MEX COOKING                                                    CUT AND COOK KNIFE SKILLS WORKSHOP
Wednesday, January 27                                  7-10pm            Saturday, February 6                             10am-2pm
Instructor: Jefe Birkner                        Hands on class           Instructor: Barry Dahlbeck                   Hands on class
Host: Jennifer & Brandon Mason, Kirkland              2 Credits          Host: Louise Hasson, Seattle                       2 Credits
Texans love to eat, sometimes even more than they love football!         TECHNIQUE & ENJOY LUNCH IN AN INTIMATE CLASS
Texans tend to favor cooking with beef, cheese, and the kick of          Get the edge on selecting, caring for and using fine knives.
a good chile pepper. With Chef Jefe Birkner at the helm, you             Increase you own agility and confidence as Barry Dahlbeck
will put these ingredients to work in a Queso Fundido with spicy         demonstrates proper technique. Then practice together as you
sausage, melted cheese, and soft tortillas for dipping. Make a           do the prep, cook the meal and enjoy a relaxed lunch! Class
spicy barbecue sauce with chipotle peppers for a moist, tangy            size is limited to 8 to ensure adequate personal attention for
meatloaf with a blend of pork and beef. Smoked jalapeños,                each student. Salsamole with blue corn chips, Sunburst Soup,
cumin and coriander enliven Tex-Mex veggies. Chef Birkner                Breast of Chicken with Tomato Cream Sauce, Oranges with
is the former owner of Austin Cantina in Ballard, Seattle’s              Blackberry Sauce. Please bring your apron, cutting board
best Tex Mex experience. Queso Fundido (a warm cheese dip);              and favorite knives to class. Since this class includes a
Meatloaf with Spicy Barbecue Sauce; Chipotle Mashed Potatoes;            sit-down lunch, it runs a bit longer.
Southwestern Spiced Summer Squash; Banana Pudding.
                                                                         PORK – THAT OTHER GREAT MEAT
PASTA, POLENTA, GNOCCHI, AND RISOTTO                                     Monday, February 8                                    7-10pm
Monday, February 1                                           7-10pm      Instructor: Suzanne Hunter                    Hands on class
Instructor: Louise Hasson                         Demo and Dining        Host: Connie Anderson, Kirkland                      2 credits
Host: Louise Hasson, Seattle                                 1 Credit    GOOD FOR THE BUDGET, TASTY FOR YOU!
LEARN EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT                           Pork can be succulent, juicy and tender every time. Get the
THESE ITALIAN FAVORITES                                                  secrets. Find out from Chef Suzanne Hunter as she presents
The heart of the Tuscan midday meal is salad and a hearty main           a dynamic selection of easy gourmet recipes for preparing
course of pasta, polenta, risotto, or gnocchi, the great dishes          delicious pork. And have you noticed? This is the best-
of Italian cuisine. At dinner these delicacies become the pasta          priced meat in the case. Pork is great for budget dinners that
course or an easy main dish for a family dinner. Rich olive oils,        will bring variety to your weekly menus. Suzanne will cover
tangy cheese and fresh garden herbs are combined to create               everything from spareribs to tenderloin with beautiful side
satisfying meals and side dishes. This simple, yet healthy and           dishes to complete your meals. Pacific Northwest Spareribs
robust Italian food is created with only the best quality ingredients.   with Blackberry Barbecue Sauce; Pork Loin Braised in Milk; Pork
With every bite you are enjoying what has been created for Italian       Chops with Ginger and Mango; Ginger Chili Sweet Potatoes;
discerning palates. Gnocchi di Polenta (with Fried Sage and              Pork Tenderloin with Apple Cider Glaze and Flambéed Apples;
Parmesan); Pasta alle Zucchine (with Zucchini and Basil); Gnocchi        Lemon Green Beans; Stuffed Boneless Pork Loin with Dried
di Spinaci al Gorgonzola (Spinach Gnocchi & Gorgonzola); Risotto         Apricots, Prunes and Cranberries.
Milanese al Porcini (with Porcini Mushrooms).
                                                                         PAN SAUCES: FINISH WITH FLAIR
FRENCH VALENTINE WINE TASTING                                            Wednesday, February 10                                7-10pm
Wednesday, February 3, 7-10pm                     Sip and Explore        Instructor: Conni Brownell                     Hands on class
Instructor: Tanya Darling                                1 Credit        Host: Jytte Tuttle, Lake Forest Park                2 Credits
Host: Dawn Morse, Kirkland                 Plus $12 Premium Fee          MAKE PORK, CHICKEN AND STEAK DISHES SOAR!
UNDERSTAND & PAIR FINE FRENCH WINE                                       A quick pan sauce is an easy way to make an everyday meal
Food and wine accompany many of the most romantic                        special without a lot of work. Once you learn the basic pan
moments of our lives. Understanding how to pair wine                     sauce technique, you will get dinner on the table fast while it
with food provides endless enrichment to any relationship                looks like you spent hours in the kitchen. Chef Conni will show
(including your relationship with your own palate)! With                 you how to adapt the recipes to use with seasonal produce
Tanya Darling, wine appreciation specialist, you will taste              and whatever you have in your refrigerator. Chef Conni is the
six of France’s most noble red grape varieties from Pinot Noir           owner of The Charmed Radish Personal Chef Service.
to Cabernet. So register yourself, your sweetheart or a friend.          Whiskey-Onion Pork Chops; Seared Chicken Breast two ways:
This oenological Tour de France is sure to enlighten and                 first with an Orange-Rosemary Sauce, then with a Mushroom-
delight. History, characteristics and pairing tips will abound!          Leek Sauce; Pan Seared Steak with Ginger-Beer Sauce; Chicken
The wines featured in this class will be accompanied by a selection      Thighs with Cracked Pepper Cream Sauce; and Banana
of regional cheeses.                                                     Shortcakes with Rum Sauce.

SOUTHWESTERN BRUNCH, Wednesday, February 24, 7-10pm, Hands on class, 2 Credits
Instructor: Jefe Birkner, Host: Jytte Tuttle, Lake Forest Park                  RUSTLE UP A CROWD-PLEASING TEX-MEX FEAST
Chef Jefe Birkner will introduce students to a bonanza of hearty brunch dishes they would likely encounter from El Paso to
Galveston. Learn the secrets of a Chile Pasilla sauce as the base of a rich Mexican casserole and the classic egg dish Huevos
Rancheros. Try a breakfast taco filled with Migas or tortilla “crumbs” cooked up with toothiness, spice and richness. Menu:Pecan-
Cinnamon Rolls; Tacos Stuffed with Migas; Chilaquiles en Salsa de Chile Pasilla (a hearty casserole); Huevos Rancheros with Pico de
Gallo; Carne Guisada (a flavorful meat stew perfect rolled into a warm tortilla); Apple Pecan Tamales with Cranberry-Orange Relish.

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Bon Vivant School of Cooking                                                                         January to March 2010

               SINGLE CLASSES                                                          SINGLE CLASSES
Saturday, February 27                                10am-2pm        Saturday, March 13                                   10am-2pm
Instructor: Louise Hasson                       Hands on class       Instructor: Madhuparnee Sarkar                   Hands on class
Host: Louise Hasson, Seattle                           2 credits     Host: Mei Lee, Redmond                                 2 credits
Bon Vivant is thrilled to partner with SAVEUR Magazine to            Follow our instructor Madhuparnee Sakar into the exotic world
present this unique hands-on opportunity. This exciting              of Persian cuisine, one that influenced the foods of Greece,
class will take you on an exploration of la cucina italiana,         Turkey, India, and the whole Middle East. Persians are famous
Italy’s sophisticated and varied culinary repetoire. Learn time-     for their kindness, generosity and hospitality. Through the
honored traditions used to prepare a complete menu of earthy         lavish and exotic living of their former kings (these dishes goes
Italian Classics, from the gloriously simple fare of the home        back 3000 years), they developed an exciting cuisine based on
kitchens of Bologna and Puglia to the rich desserts of Venettian     meat, spices, fruits, rice and flavorful sauces. Persian dishes
caffes. Your registration includes a tote bag with samples and       in general are very economical, especially in the types and
discounts and a one-year subscription to SAVEUR Magazine.            amounts of meats used. Lamb Shank Soup with Yellow Split
Crostini with Paté; Lasagne Verdi al Forno, Pasta Verde (pasta       Peas and Meat; Stuffed Grape Leaves with Pine Nuts; Shish
from scratch), Ragu alla Bolognese, Bechamel Sauce; Pollo alla       Kebab; Jeweled Rice with Pistachios and Cranberries; Lavash
Cacciatora; Cime di Rapa Affogate alla Pugliese (Broccoli Rabe       Bread; Saffron Pudding; Baklava.
with Wine Sauce); and Tiramisu.
                                                                     SAVEUR COOKS ITALIAN CLASSICS II
                                                                     Saturday, March 20                                   10am-2pm
COMFORT FOODS ON THE EDGE                                            Instructor: Louise Hasson                      Hands on class
Wednesday, March 3                                      7-10pm       Host: Louise Hasson, Seattle                          2 Credits
Instructor: Mark Schoenthaler                   Hands on class       EXPERIENCE AUTHENTIC ITALIAN CUISINE
Host: Dawn Morse, Kirkland                             2 credits      Whether savored in a classic bruschetta, the traditional flavors
RAMP UP THE FLAVORS OF FAVORITE COMFORT FOODS!                       of a roasted pork loin, or the light sweetness of a Marsala-
Chef Mark Schoenthaler will show you how to take your                infused custard, the bounty of the Italian table is revealed in
favorite comfort meals to a new culinary level. You will create      dishes that are as satisfying as they are delicious. Each class
a meatloaf with a kick; a baked pasta with Greek flavors; a pot       registration includes a one-year subscription to SAVEUR, an
pie with a Southwestern style crust; a luscious scalloped potato     exclusive recipe booklet, and a SAVEUR gift bag. Bruschetta;
side dish; and a supremely rich bread pudding. These recipes         Pomodoro a Riso (Tomatoes Stuffed with Rice); Gnocchi di Spinaci
can be combined in various ways to create memorable fall and         con Ricotta (Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi); Arista Di Maiale
winter meals. Meat Loaf with Redeye Barbeque Sauce; Baked            (Roasted Herb-Stuffed Pork Loin); Polenta; Piselli Freschi (Fresh
Penne Pasta with Ground Meat, Feta Cheese and Eggplant;              Peas with Prosciutto); Zabaione (Marsala Custard).
Chicken Pot Pie with a Cheddar Cornmeal Crust; Scalloped
Potatoes with Hazelnuts and Blue Cheese; Wedges of Lettuce
with a Chipotle French Dressing; Brioche Bread Pudding with a        CELEBRATE AUTHENTIC MEXICAN CUISINE
Custard Sauce.                                                       Wednesday, March 24                                        7-10pm
                                                                     Instructor: Mark Schoenthaler                      Hands on class
TUSCAN WINE TASTING                                                  Host: Terri Humann, Edmonds                              2 Credits
Wednesday, March 10, 7-10pm                      Sip and Explore     APPROACH MEXICAN FOOD LIKE A CHEF
Instructor: Tanya Darling                               1 Credit     See the traditions of Mexico as a thoughtful, exciting and delicious
Host: Ken & Linda Reid, Seattle         Plus $12 Premium Fee         cuisine rather than as fast food. Chef Mark Schoenthaler has
TASTE & PAIR GREAT ITALIAN WINES                                     created a menu that features both the subtlety of cinnamon and
Tuscany is possibly the most loved region in all of Italy. It also   grandeur of chiles. Now that tomatillos and cilantro are widely
is home to Italy’s most heralded grape variety, Sangiovese, as       available, learn the best way to use these ingredients in sauces
well as many lesser known treasures- red, white & sweet. From        and as flavorings. Complete this remarkable meal with the
the steep hillsides of medieval Montepulciano to the rolling hills   taste and richness of a Tres Leches cake, a tradition created in
of Chianti a plethora of styles abound! In this class with Tanya     Veracruz, Mexico.Cinnamon Roasted Chicken with Pasilla Pan
Darling, wine appreciation specialist, students will explore         Sauce; Chicken Enchiladas with Green Roasted Tomatillo Sauce;
both the famous and the undiscovered treasures of Central            Homemade Refried Beans; Arroz Verde (green rice); Chicken and
Italy. The wines featured in this class will be accompanied by a     Tortilla Soup; Chiles Rellenos in Tomato Broth; Pastel de Tres
selection of regional cheeses.                                       Leches (Three Milk Cake).

NW WINTER SEAFOOD EXTRAVAGANZA, Thursday, March 25, 7-10pm, Hands on class, 2 credits
Instructor & Host: Louise Hasson
Understand how to select the finest seafood and prepare it in the most delectable way every time. Practice the best hands on
techniques for steaming, sautéing, poaching, baking, and more. We will examine many varieties of seafood and how they are
best prepared to be succulent and delicious. No more dry or boring fish need swim into your life ever again!
Crab Stuffed Trout; Fillet of Sole Durand (with garden vegetables and a lemon cream sauce); New England Clam Chowder; Black Cod
Mousse on Belgian Endive; White Fish Fillets en Papillote (with braised leeks, tomatoes and basil); Poached Salmon with Hollandaise
Sauce; Sautéed Fillets with Caper Sauce.

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