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Poll and Survey Tools by wlu56071


									Poll and Survey Tools:
                         Create your
Poll Daddy                             Create your surveys and polls using our custom templates or create your
                                       own. Use reporting engine to aggregate, print and export your results.
                                       Design survey, collect responses, analyse results.
                                       Results update live in your web browser or PowerPoint, they answer by
Poll                                   text or on the web. Results update live in your web browser or
Everywhere                             powerpoint. Can use in the classroom like 'clickers'.

                                       A survey service-platform to prepare, run and evaluate online surveys.
LimeService                            Besides basic free usage you are always getting the full feature set with
                                       no monthly fees or subscription plans. Up to 25 free responses per
                                       Here you can create, and analyze surveys. Downloadable survey
Kwik Surveys                           results. Embed survey directly into any webpage.

                                       Design online surveys, collect responses from the visitors of your blog or
Forecast                               website, analyze them and finally present the survey results

                                       Limited to 100 responses per survey. Maximum 30 questions per survey.
Zoomerang                              See survey responses for 10 days
                                       Create Surveys, Make Polls, Generate Reports, Analyze Results. Free
Fluidsurveys                           account allows up to 20 questions, 100 responses per survey, unlimited
                                       number of surveys.
                                       FREE professional web based poll software and survey software
Votations                              application solutions. Be it on your website or on your blog you can start
                                       to get the opinion of your users right in less than five minutes.
              Google Docs now has a survey tool which will bring your survey
Google Docs   information directly into a Google Spreadsheet.

              Create you own surveys, collect answers and analyze

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