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									Petruzzi is all guns blazing
venue address:King Park Merrylands. Burford Street Merrylands

Date: April 8th

Jimmy Petruzzi, a leading UK sports performance coach
Jimmy Petruzzi, a leading UK sports performance coach, will be
available on April 8th to help football players in Sydney of all ages
improve their fitness and psychology.
A former Parramatta Eagles player, Jimmy has worked with elite sports performers in the
English Premier League, teams such as Crystal Palace FC, Queens Park Rangers as well as
a range of Olympic medalists and knows what it takes to get the most out of athletes.

In fact, under Mark Hughes management, Petruzzi helped Blackburn Rovers go on to win
seven out of eight games and qualify for a semi-final spot in the FA Cup in 2007.

His intentions are to help players with their fitness, general play and preparation for matches
while he is in Sydney. The sessions are available to players aged 11-16 for one session and
16 and over in a separate session.

The psychology session is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) science which teaches
players how to prepare for matches, set goals, stay focused and get in the zone. It will also
show the psychological demands of football, teach visualization and imagery and how to get
into a winning mindset.

Petruzzi will be using the same methods he has used on individuals who have played with
Manchester United and English Premiership teams. In fact, he continues to work with players
from the English Premiership, the Coca-Cola Chamionship, League 1, 2 and beyond.

Players who attend the sessions will receive independent and impartial advice, a fitness test
report with comparative data to professional players as well as advice on how to prepare
nutritionally, psychologically and physically for a match.

For more information contact this number 0434 130 527

-By Caetano Lima

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