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									A YCS Members Survey & Quiz
Thank you for taking the time to complete this Survey and Quiz! We know your time is valuable and
IF you have time to fill in any of the following information it would be very useful in helping YCS.

Your responses to this survey will help YCS staff and board to:
    improve member services;
    identify the interests and needs of our growing membership;
    identify gaps in information; and
    learn about what is important to YCS members today.

Please send your completed Survey and Quiz answers to:
*Everyone who sends in a completed Survey and Quiz will be entered in a draw to win a YCS T-shirt and a
YCS Mug! Good luck!

Name: ___________________________________________________
Place of Residence: _________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________

YCS Survey
    1.   How long (approximate is ok) have you been a member of YCS?

    2.   What compelled you to become a member?

    3.   Please name 3 things about YCS that you really like.

    4.   How is YCS different from other organizations you support?

    5.   If you could only support a single charity, which would you choose and why?

    6.   What do you consider to be the most important work(s) that YCS does?

    7.   If you could change anything about YCS what would it be?

    8.   What would you like to see YCS doing that it is not currently doing? And would you be able to
         help get it started?

    9.   Is there anything YCS could be doing differently?

    10. If YCS staff spent more time working on one thing to make it better – what would you suggest
        and why?

    11. Do you think YCS engages its members and/or public enough? If not, where is the gap? And,
        how do you suggest YCS engage people more?

YCS Fundraising

One of the ways YCS raises money is through our front office inventory sales, however space for this is limited so
we need to be creative in coming up with items that don’t take up too much space.
    12. What would you suggest YCS add to its sales inventory?
YCS generates most of its revenue through fundraising activities. Members participate in YCS fundraising
primarily by making donations and by paying annual membership dues.
Other ways you might be able to contribute to fundraising is by helping YCS find new members and donors or by
donating in other ways.
    13. Would you be interested in helping YCS find new members or donors? YES or NO

    14. If YES, could you commit to helping YCS find 3 new members or donors this year?

    15. What help would you need from YCS staff or board in order to help you acquire new members or
        donors for YCS?

Some other ways of donating that YCS staff and board have thought of are:
Lifetime memberships (Value: $1000. YCS has 20 lifetime members)
Monthly automatic donations by visa (already happening with some members now)
Payroll deductions through your workplace (would depend on workplace willingness)
Bequests or Legacy Gifts (assets committed through a legal will – such as Ted Parnell’s Legacy gift to YCS)
    16. Would you be interested in considering any of the above suggested donation options? If so,
        which one(s)?

    17. Do you have other ideas for how members or donors might donate financially to YCS?

Recognizing Members

Respecting and protecting the privacy of our members has been YCS policy for years, and as such our membership
list is confidential information. However, one fundraising strategy that has proven successful for other
organizations is to publicly recognize members and donors. It follows the understanding that people tend to follow
other people they know and respect.

The YCS membership and donor list is full of well known and well respected individuals. Sharing some of this
information publicly could grow our membership base and donor support, by showing other Yukoners who makes
up the YCS community.
    18. Do you think that recognizing some YCS members or donors publicly is a good idea? Briefly,
        Why or Why not?

We do not wish to infringe upon the privacy rights of our members, and member/donor information will remain
confidential unless permission is specifically granted by you to publicly recognize you as a member or donor.
    19. Would you permit YCS to publicly recognize YOU as a YCS member or donor?
        If yes, do you have any ideas for ways that YCS could recognize you publicly?

YCS Volunteers

YCS relies on Volunteer support to accomplish many of its organizational goals and program objectives. YCS has
a variety of volunteer opportunities that you may be able to help with.

Here is a list of opportunities that you can put a mark beside if you think you would be able to help with

I like helping with:
____      Educating others or developing education materials
____      Research or Science
____      Recreational activities
____      Special Events planning or organizing
____      Wildlife or wilderness protection or enhancement
Regarding the above, let me give you more details about how I might be useful:
Program Volunteers
I might be able to help with YCS programs work on:
____     Wildlife Issues
____     Mining Issues
____     Oil & Gas or Energy Issues
____     Developing a new charitable Fund for investing in GHG reduction projects
____     Bird watching programs
____     Trail Guiding program
Regarding the above, let me give you more details about how I think I might be useful:
YCS could also consult with me on _________________________________________________________

I would be willing to share what I know about:
____     Yukon Wildlife or Wilderness
____     Yukon Heritage and Culture
____     Conservation practices
____     Low Impact Outdoor Recreation
____     Best Practices in an Industry (ie Mining, Trapping, Hunting, Forestry, Oil&Gas, Energy
Conservation, Tourism, other, etc…) Namely:_______________________________________________
____     Sustainable Community development
Regarding any of the above, let me be more specific____________________________________________

It hasn’t been mentioned, but YCS could also ask me about______________________________________

Lobby work Volunteers
I could help with:
____     New Government Acts, Policies, or Regulations Draft Reviews
____     YESSA Reviews and letters
____     Current Affairs Public Responders
____     Public Campaigns

Office Volunteers
I might be able to help in the office with:
____     Answering phones and greeting people
____     Weekly plant watering
____     Organizing the YCS Library
____     Sales Inventory development
____     membership and fundraising work or program development
____     bookkeeping
____     newsletter
____     website
____     Celebrations or special events planning (ie. Earth Day, YCS 40 th B-day, etc.)
____     Filing and organizing
____     Household improvements
____     Gardening or shoveling
____     YCS internal policy development
____     Legal assistance
____     Promotions or campaigns
____     Volunteer Recruitment

Other comments about how I might volunteer for YCS: _________________________________________
Other comments I have to help improve YCS as an organization: _________________________________

YCS Fun Quiz

This is a friendly Quiz to test your knowledge about YCS. Your answers to these questions will help
YCS staff and board identify important information gaps and areas where we need to improve
information sharing.

Please send your completed Survey and Quiz answers to:
*Everyone who sends in a completed Survey and Quiz will be entered in a draw to win a YCS T-shirt and a
YCS Mug! Good luck!

    1. Any person or corporation who supports the objectives of YCS may apply for a YCS
       membership. True or False?

    2. Who was president of YCS in 2007, April - Dec?
         a. Diane Gunter
         b. Sally Wright
         c. Wendy Morrison
         d. JP Pinard
         e. Lewis Rifkind

    3. YCS’ objectives are to encourage the conservation of Yukon ecosystems and to
       promote the scientific, educational, recreational and aesthetic aspects of Yukon’s
       wildlife and wilderness. True or False?

    4. The YCS Board of Directors can deny membership or expel any member if, in the
       opinion of the board, that person engages either directly or indirectly in activities
       which are inconsistent with the objectives of YCS. True or False?

    5. How many people are on YCS staff payroll year-round?
         a. 2
         b. 3
         c. 4
         d. 5

    6. How many contractors does YCS generally hire to work on YCS programs in any
       given year?
           a. 1 - 5
           b. 5 - 10
           c. 10 - 20
           d. More than 20

    7. Which of the following are programs administered by YCS:
         a. The Albert Creek Bird Banding Station; Climate Change Education; A Yukon
              Carbon Fund; Monitoring Contaminants in Wildlife
         b. Forestry; Research Forest; Forest Values Focus Group; Forest Act Review
         c. Trail Guiding; Mining; Mining Act Review; Energy; Wildlife Issues;
             d. All of the above and more

    8. YCS is:
          a. A government run agency
          b. A member based, grassroots organization with charity status
          c. A corporate stakeholder group interested in controlling Yukon wilderness
          d. A political or religious partisan group

    9. YCS existed before Environment Canada. True or False?

    10. YCS receives core funding support from Government? True or False?

    11. YCS supports sustainable local industry and agriculture. True or False?

    12. Ethical Hunters and Trappers are some of YCS’s closest allies. True, Hunters and
        Trappers are often the first to see and report environmental injustices? or False, there
        is no such thing as an ethical Hunter or Trapper?

    13. YCS is against all Mining activity in the Yukon. True or False?

    14. YCS could use more regular volunteer support. True or False?

Thank you for taking the time to complete our Survey and Quiz!
Please send your completed Survey and Quiz answers to:
*Everyone who sends in a completed Survey and Quiz will be entered in a draw to win a YCS T-shirt and a
YCS Mug. Good luck!

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