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					                          Heather & Andy’s 2004 wrap up
The year’s total:

Condos acquired =1                                     Promotions for Andy = 1
Savings accounts shattered = 1                         Permanent employment for Heather =1
Pounds shed = 55                                       Airports traversed = 9
Cat surgeries = 0                                      Mountain descents = 56
Fish caught ~ = 87                                     Parades attended = 4
Antibiotics taken = 5                                  Couple-friend’s break-ups = 5!

And now the long version…..

December 2003                                          Monday night snowboarding & Wednesday night
The intrepid duo flew back to Ontario on the 12th.     hockey.
They set about renovating H’s parent’s bathroom
                               as their Christmas      Andy played in a weekend hockey tournament (3
                               present during the      games in 2 days), with the team winning, drawing
                               daytimes           &    & losing their games. H&A checked out a couple
                               evenings were spent     of new parks on the North Shore. At the end of
                               with Scot, Monica,      this month the girls learnt that long-time Ontario
                               Ben     &     Grace.    friends, Vickie & Barrie, were splitting. It seems
                               Andy snuck away         that, in true soap opera style, Vic has fallen head-
                               for 2 days of job       over-heels for Garry, the harmonica player in her
                               interviews with 3M      band & romance is once again alive & well in
                               in Brockville. She      Guelph.
                               was offered the
                               position, but, after    March
                               much      agonizing     The girls finally managed to meet up with
                                       deliberation,   Marilyn after several months of failed attempts.
declined. H, A, S, M, B & G all contracted a           During lunch they caught up on activities &
potent strain of the lurgy and, thusly, missed         realised why it had been so difficult – Marilyn
many Christmas get-togethers. Fortunately, H’s         had had a stretch of bad luck & was immobilized
mom, Sharon, had generously dropped off some           for periods of time with frozen-shoulder, foot, &
pre-cooked turkey & fixin’s allowing the gang to       hand injuries. H&A attended a hockey game:
enjoy turkey sandwiches for a semblance of             Canucks vs Avalanche – the now infamous game
Christmas dinner. Eventually, after 3-4 weeks of       where one of the Canuck’s forwards, Bertuzzi,
sickness, doctor visits, & courses of mega-            assaulted an opponent (Moore), breaking 2 of his
antibiotics, they all recovered.                       vertebrae. H&A, as well as most fans, were
                                                       sickened by the incident & promptly dropped
January 2004                                           Bertuzzi from their favourites list. (Bertuzzi is
Back in Vancouver, H & A joined Rob & Joanne           still suspended; Moore has mostly recovered).
for a farewell dinner for Kathleen & Michael who                                                   Other
were moving to Penticton in the BC Interior for                                                   events
Michael to start a new job. H&A treated Crystal                                                      this
& Caitlin to an overnight trip to Seattle as a thank                                              month
you for cat sitting during Christmas. The weather                                                were a
was excellent allowing them to ascend the Space                                                    Celtic
Needle, ride the Monorail, & explore Pike Place                                                  Parade,
Market, the Aquarium & more. Andy resumed
hosting Rob & Jo for brunch, & Andy purchasing         & saw plenty of new exhibits herself. Their final
a new mountain bike (with full suspension),            day began with a Character Breakfast where they
getting prepped & hyped for some downhill (aka:        met up with Inspector Goofy (dressed in the style
down mountain) biking. At the end of the month         of Sherlock Holmes) & Pluto. The remaining
the girls were not overly shocked to learn that        daylight hours were spent at Magical Kingdom
C&C had called it quits as a couple, but intended      (the first of the theme parks & the one that first
to remain good friends.                                comes to mind when you think “Disney World”).
                                                       The trip culminated with the Murder Watch
                                                       Mystery Dinner Theatre at Baskervilles
Finally!!! – the month H&A had been waiting for
                                                       Restaurant in their hotel. The vacation was
– Disney World, Florida, vacation month! The
                                                       magnificent & doubled as their 8th anniversary
girls splurged, staying in a Disney Resort Hotel
                                                       celebration. Upon the girls return, H enrolled
(The Grosvenor), & barely rested during their 7
                                                       with the Dr. Bernstein Diet Clinic & “monitored
days there. After recovering from flight delays
                                                       starvation” began.       H&A&C&C celebrated
(having arrived at 3:45am), they hung out at the
                                                       Crystal’s birthday together for the final time then,
fabulous hotel pool then checked out “Downtown
                                                       at the end of the month, H&A helped move C&C
Disney”, a 5-minute walk from their hotel,
                                                       into separate places.
stopping for dinner at Planet Hollywood. The
next day was spent at “Animal Kingdom”, where          May
Andy managed to meet her idol, Tigger, then            Rob & Joanne announced their engagement!
attending Magical Kingdom fireworks in the             Andy went on her first downhill mountain bike
evening. The strategic plan for the following day      ride with some workmates & tested her new body
was to visit Epcot in the morning then move to         armour
Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark in the afternoon.             (she came
Andy “revised” that plan by having a bad reaction      home
to a couple of the rides at Epcot (thank goodness      hyped on
for sick bags) & so spent the afternoon                adrenalin
recuperating courtesy of Gravol & sleep. By            & proudly
evening she was fully recovered & able to take in      showing
the phenomenal “Fantasmic”, a show of fire,            off     her
water, lasers, lights, jet-fountains, music, dance,    scratched
fireworks & characters at MGM Studios. The             armour). Andy also had the scooter tweaked so
                                 next day they took    that it would now max out at 80 km/hr instead of
                                 in the rest of        68 km/hr. Wahoo! May was a social month with
                                 Epcot (avoiding       several people over for dinner & then spending an
                                 the zero gravity      enjoyable evening at Jo & Rob’s playing Bocce
                                 rides) & remained     & board games. Andy also managed to fit some
                                 for the evening’s     Habitat time in while Heather focused on finding
                                    “Illuminations”    foods she was allowed to eat. At the end of the
                                 laser & fireworks     month the girls discovered a wonderful place to
                                 show.        MGM      cycle along the Alouette River & picnicked on
                                 Studios filled the    the water’s edge in the sunshine.
                                 next day followed
                                 by a performance
                                                       Andy continued to downhill bike weekly with
                                 of Cirque du
                                                       buddies from work. H&A drove the 4.5 hours to
                                 Soleil    in    the
                                                       Penticton to visit Kathleen & Michael. They had
                                 evening. Friday
                                                       a great weekend with them, taking in some local
                                 was spent at the
                                                       attractions, including the S.S. Sicamous – that is,
                                 Kennedy Space
                                                       until they were stranded on the outer deck in the
                                 Centre where H
                                                       pouring rain! Touring wine country alongside
                                 toured A around
Okanagan Lake was beautiful. The girls also             help from Lowell, managed to catch both small &
started an ambitious project to convert the sturdy      large mouth bass sizeable
bedroom shelves into a more attractive cabinet.         enough to warrant a bit of
By the end of the month they had designed,              neanderthal            killing,
fabricated, stained & finished the desired cabinet.     breading, frying, & eating -
H surprised A with a romantic picnic dinner in          yum yum). Sharon, content
Central Park one day after work. It was peaceful        not to fish, watched DVDs
& relaxing until newly installed sprinklers             on     the      laptop   while
suddenly popped up all around them somewhat             babysitting. The final vacation day was spent in
dampening things!                                       Lynden happily visiting with Grama & Sherry.
                                                        Upon their return their fireball realtor hooked
                                                        them up with a fantastic condo. Their offer was
An enjoyable Canada Day was spent at Burnaby
                                                        accepted but due to a ridiculous strata council
Village Museum (circa 1925) & capped off with a
                                                        ‘one cat per residence’ rule, had to be withdrawn
piece of Canada cake. They girls took in “Golden
                                                        after many delays & much stress. On the 31st, as
Spike Days” in Port Moody where they watched
                                                        part of Gay Pride Week, H&A participated in
aerobatic bike displays & went on an ecological
                                                        Vancouver’s 1st Dyke March. While the taxing
boat tour revealing harbour seals basking on
                                                        4-block march & park get-together was a small
cedar log booms. The tour also delivered comic
                                                        affair, it is something to build on.
relief thanks to a first-time kayaker capsizing
near the dock, having to swim to shore, getting         August
out with shoes lost, & his wife roaring with            For the first time in several years the girls were
laughter onshore from the first splash till the last.   not away vacationing during this period &, so,
During one of their weekly hikes around Buntzen         were able to attend Vancouver’s Pride Parade.
Lake, the girls came to the conclusion that it was      The following weekend brought the QuestAir
time to start house shopping seriously rather than      Tex-Mex Rodeo Fiesta Barbeque that H, as part
just viewing for information gathering. Mid-            of the Social Committee, helped to organise. It
month, H&A flew back to Ontario to join H’s             was a fantastic success with a huge portion of the
family for the annual cottage vacation in Bala.         staff attending along with their families. There
                                                        were pony rides, clowns & games for the kids &
                                                        a golf tourney, limbo contest & tug-o-war for the
                                                        adults. On the 12th the women of QuestAir held a
                                                        surprise combined wedding (for Jo) & baby (for
                                                        Amy) shower at the end of a working day. Both
                                                        guests of honour were taken completely unaware
                                                        & a good time was had by all. Mid-month H&A
                                                        made their annual trek to the Abbotsford Air
                                                        Show. The weather was fantastic (30oC, if maybe
                                                        a little too hot) & the show was, as usual,
                                                        spectacular,      partly
                                                        thanks to the CAF
                                                        Snowbirds. On the
                                                        21st,    A&H       were
                                                        honoured to attend
H surprised everyone by arriving 47 lbs lighter         Rob & Jo’s wedding,
(she had managed to lose this in just 14 weeks).        which was fabulous.
A great week was spent with the family in an            On the 26th, H&A
incredibly tranquil setting, getting reacquainted       viewed a condo on
with the twins, canoeing, swimming, sunning,            Salisbury Ave that
visiting the bakery, & fishing (the fab four            they fell in love with.
[H,A,S,M], with hook loading & fish removal             With it being a seller’s
market & places being snapped up quickly they         switchback road to the Sub-
knew they had to move fast. By the 31st they had      Alpine Meadow) & Bridal
made an offer, received a counter offer, countered    Veil Falls. H started a new
that, had it accepted, read the strata minutes &      sideline at work – creating
bylaws, obtained a mortgage & conducted a             corporate videos.       Mid-
house inspection. Within 5 frenzied days they         month H was taken off
had secured the place.                                contract    &    hired    on
                                                      permanently by QuestAir.
                                                      At the end of this month
After 17 weeks of dieting, H had lost 55 lbs &
                                                      QuestAir held its annual United Way charity
began a maintenance program. Getting all of the
                                                      fundraising campaign, this year based on reality
services transferred over from their old place to
                                                      shows. Both H&A were involved in the creation
the new one & arranging the move kept H on her
                                                      of some fiendish competitions (A’s Fear Factor
toes. In between being glued to the Rugby World
                                                      had them shaking in their boots) & QuestAirians
Cup games & playing ice hockey, which started
                                                      were generous as usual.
up mid-month, Andy became the Queen of
cardboard box recycling bin diving. After only 3      November
weeks of frantic packing, H&A took possession         This month was one of travel. In her new
of their new place on the 23rd & an incredible        management position, & at very short notice, A
crew of friends helped move them over on the          left for a business trip to Germany on the 8th
25th. For a little more stress, A was offered a       visiting 2 suppliers. It was a very successful trip
promotion at work the week of the move, to take       made all the better when she parted company
over managing the Laminate Group. This was            with her colleagues on the return journey to spend
only the 2nd promotion in the company in the last     Saturday & Sunday in England with her family
3 years but came with a rather large twist, in that
the existing Group Leader (also formerly a boss
of A’s) would now report to A! After some
negotiation, Andy accepted the position.
                                                      (1st time in 3 years), including surprising her 91
H&A        were
making good                                           year-old       Gran.
                                                      Two weeks later, H
progress with
                                                      was thrilled to take
                                                      advantage of a
boxes,      they
                                                      timely airline seat
still had stacks
                                                      sale    to    attend
when their first
                                                      Grace & Ben’s 2nd
                                                      birthday. A most excellent Caledonia Santa
houseguest (H’s mom) flew in to visit for
Thanksgiving. Sharon helped H organize a              Claus Parade preceded the fabulous Lion King
                                                      themed birthday party – or as B&G say
                                                      repeatedly, “tada” (short for Hakuna Matata).
                             party for Andy
                             with some friends
                             from work. Andy
                             had been clueless
                             & was very much
                             surprised. During
her brief visit, H&A toured Sharon to Bowen
Island, Hope, Manning Park (up a scary mountain

                               Merry Christmas and Happy New Year All!!!

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