The Survey Crew by uty17312


									                                                      District Two

           The Survey Crew

Professional Surveyor and two survey crews support the District
with the following:

   •   Cross Section stockpiles for inventory
   •   Locate and Monument rights-of-way for proposed or
       existing projects
   •   Locate property for acquisition or to sell as excess rights-
   •   Perform location surveys to locate existing conditions that
       could effect the design of proposed projects
   •   Perform topographic surveys to show elevation differences
       that could effect the design of a project or to correct
       drainage or access problems
   •   Monitor existing problems on roadways such as subsidence
       or other grade failures
   •   Gather data to be used in defense of the Department in
   •   Determine encroachments by private citizens on
       Department property
   •   Provide survey information for the design of highways
       within the District
   •   Measure stockpiles for Maintenance and report information
       to the District’s accounting section
   •   Research property ownership for right of way issues
   •   Survey right of way for fencing and other Maintenance

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