Cinema Scotia Bank Union – IATSE 262 by akgame


									   Cinema Scotia Bank                   Union – I.A.T.S.E. 262
Minimum Availability                  Minimum Availability
  • 3 shifts per week (12 per           • 7 shifts per months
Statutory Holidays                    Statutory Holidays
  • Minimum standing act but            • Minimum standing act but
    paid at double time                   paid at double time
                                        • 24 and 31st of December, paid
                                          at double time.
Transport outside the regular         Transport outside the regular
hours                                 hours
  • Arbitrary                           • Paid taxi
Working schedule                      Working schedule
  • Shifts with ( ) Will I be           • Basic schedule (more
    working?                              stability)
  • Replacement done by the             • Replacement on schedule
    employee                              done by the employer.
  • Schedule done arbitrary             • Schedule done by seniority
Sick days benefits                    Sick days benefits
  • None                                 • Paid sick days
Leaves of absence                     Leaves of absence
  • Arbitrary                           • Up to 8 months a year
Probation                             Probation
  • 3 months                            • 120 hours
Staffing                              Staffing
  • Choose at the discretion of the     • Guarantee minimum staffing
    employer and the employer           • Work reserve entirely to the
    can also perfom works that the        workers of the bargainning
    staff perform                         unit = more hours
    Cinema Scotia Bank                   Union – I.A.T.S.E. 262
Social advantages                      Social advantages
  • Access to free movie passes          • Free movie passes for 2
    for 2 persons but distributed in       persons available at any time
    an arbitrary way,                    • Food rebates from 30% to
  • Food rebates from 30% to               50% applicable at all Cineplex
    50% applicable uniquely at             cinemas.
    the Scotia Bank cinema

  Maternity Leaves                     Maternity leaves
  • Minimum standard act                 • Minimum standard act
                                         • $500 additional amount

Training                               Training
  • Trainer only remunerate for          • Any employee who trained
     training only if he have the           other employees gets a bonus.
     title of a corporate trainer.

Wages                                    Wages
  • Wages determine by local             • Wages establish according to
    standard of the employer with          a collective agreement
    no legal guarantees of                 (usually 0.30 to 0.50 more an
    increases.                             hour) and with guaranteed
                                           raises every year plus every
                                           time you move up in seniority.
Social advantages link to   Social advantages link to
         the job             the union membership

  Cinema Scotia Bank        Union – I.A.T.S.E. 262

       None at our          • Rebates with Lunetterie
       knowledge              New Look (30%)
                            • Free insurance with A.I.L.
                              Quebec (2000$)
                            • Donation from the union
                              for the child birth.
                            • Donation from the union
                              for members wedding.
                            • Donation from the union
                              for hospitalisation of a
                            • Rebates of 15% at Collins
                            • Rebates of 10% at

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