Children's Library Survey by dwa79488


									               Children’s Library Survey 

In October 2007, many of you completed a questionnaire that asked you
about your use of the library and what you thought about the service you
were getting.

Torbay Council would like to thank all of you for taking part in this important
survey and thought you would like to know what we have done at each Library
as a result of your feedback.

Torquay Library

     We have more books for teenagers and many of these have been
     specially chosen by teenagers for the library.

     We now have Britannica Online which means you can have access to
     an encyclopaedia from your home or school even when the library is

Paignton Library

     We have bought more language books with cds to help you learn new

     We have more posters on the walls.

     We will be opening a new Paignton Community Library in September
     2010 and all your ideas and suggestions have been fed into the
     design of this exciting new library.
Churston Library

   The library has been fully re-decorated and is now more ‘bright and

   We have more seats including a comfy sofa and colourful animal

   We have more quiz and activity sheets for you to enjoy in the

Brixham Library

   We now stock First News – a newspaper written specially for
   children and young people. 

   We now have an X box 360 for use in the children’s library as well 

   as one in the teenage library upstairs. 

   We have more ‘talking books’ for you to borrow.

   We have more board games for you to play (with thanks to The
   Friends of Brixham Library)

     A copy of the full results of the survey is available online at

                                    Katie Lusty Head of Library Services

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