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									Whether your cup of tea is gourmet tea?
If you have ever tried gourmet tea, you would surely agree that the true experience of drinking tea comes through only when you try out a cup of
"Gourmet" tea. Getting your hands on a gourmet tea variety is not all about paying more and pouring out the brewed tea into beautiful tea cups. The
essence of Gourmet tea lies in the tea leaves you buy and in the method of brewing.

Like all gourmet foods, the tea that has high quality and superior taste makes it Gourmet, and this is how you distinguish gourmet tea from ordinary
Loose tea is gourmet Tea : Its easy to prepare tea using tea bags, they look nice and the flavor might be just fine, but gourmet tea always comes
from loose tea. Tea bags are generally made from tea dust. While they give out good color, the flavor and the aroma that loose teas leave behind
goes missing with tea prepared form tea bags.

The younger the better: The flavor of tea comes through best within 6 months of being plucked. As it gets older, it love its flavor and smell.
Tea quality: Tea source of tea is a key determinant of the quality of tea. Teas that come from Assam and Darjeeling in India, Ceylon in Sri Lanka
supply premium varieties of tea to the world. Teas for china and some parts of Africa also produce great tea.

Tea blend: Ingredients that enrich the taste of tea make gourmet tea blends. Lemon and mint infused iced tea is a classic blend for iced tea. Health
tea varieties like green tea that naturally taste bitter are made tasty and interesting by adding ingredients that gives them a great taste.
Tea packaging counts: when it comes to tea, packaging is not just meant to please the buyer, it must preserve the aroma and flavor of tea long
enough to survive brewing, till it is poured out.

The experience of drinking gourmet tea can be equaled to wine connoisseur. Gourmet tea tastes excellent and is good for your health too. It gives the
much needed pick-me-up at any time of the day and keeps you going. So next time you plan to buy tea, make sure it's the gourmet variety.

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