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									                                             THE SCIENCE OF
                     WEIGHT LOSS
                          Presented by Dr. Stacey Nottingham
                                     World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine Conference 2010
                                                        Orlando, Florida

It does not matter if you are 22 or 92, man or woman,
fit or unfit. You can have the body you have always
wanted. Come learn The Science of Weight Loss!

Learn the A, B, and C’s of the Naturally Thin Person:

      ➤      Become A Fat Burning Machine
                         a. Control Carbohydrate Absorption
                         b. Restore Insulin Sensitivity
                         c. Increase Resting Metabolic Rate

      ➤      Biology of the Brain
                         a. The Brain of the Naturally Thin
                         b. Leptin
                         c. Serotonin

                                                                                             550.49B 0410
      ➤      Hormonal Influences:
             Cortisol — the Fat-Producing Hormone
                         a. Balance Cortisol
                Dr. Nottingham focused on Women’s Studies while earning her
                bachelor’s degree from Goucher College. She later graduated from
                the Life College School of Chiropractic and is a board certified
                doctor of chiropractic medicine, holding certifications in Chiropractic
                X-Ray Theory and Practical, Physiological Therapeutics. She has also
                received the acclaimed certification of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master.
                A published author in several scientific publications, Dr. Nottingham
is also an accomplished lecturer and currently appears as a regular guest on two live
radio programs: Let’s Get Healthy on Talk Radio 1370 and The Good News Health Show on
KLGO, 98.5 FM and 99.3 FM. Honored as one of America’s Top Chiropractors – 2009,
Dr. Nottingham serves as a Health Advisor for Life Extension®.

If you’re ready to hear a DYNAMIC speaker … Join Dr. Stacey
Date:     April 15, 2010
Time:     9:40 a.m. — 10:20 a.m.
Location: Room G1

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