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									                                   Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®

Saskatoon’s Voice of Real Estate
                                            “THE VIEW”
Volume 9 Issue 4                                                                                                             APRIL 2009
                                                                                 ASR Symposium
     SRAR                            SRAR UPDATES
   CALENDAR                                                                          ASR has prepared an outstanding two day
                      Supra IBox                                                 symposium in Regina for all provincial members.
April 4-5, 2009            When using the lock box system, double check          The symposium is being held in concert with the
• CREA Annual         that the key cradle is completely secure before            ASR annual meeting. Guest speakers include Dr.
  General meeting,    leaving the property. Numerous complaints have             Lynda Haverstock and Mike “Pinball” Clemens.
  Gatineau, Quebec    been received regarding key cradles not being              Registration forms available from ASR and SRAR.
                      secure, they can fall out making it possible for
April 22, 2009        anyone to take the key and enter the property.             April 22, 2009
• ASR Leadership      Secondly if your lock box does not open there may          •  Breakout Session - Tarasoft
  & Symposium,        be ice build up in the inside. Remove the box, take        •  Breakout Session - REIX
  Regina, SK          it inside or place it by a heater duct in your vehicle     •  Former Presidents’ Gala - banquet and
                      for a few minutes.                                            entertainment
April 23, 2009
                                                                                 April 23, 2009
• ASR Symposium       MLS® “No Showings”                                         • Breakfast
  & Annual
  meeting, Regina,
                      MLS® Regulation 3.17                                  • Opening Ceremonies
  SK                       The Saskatoon Region Association of • ASR Annual General Meeting
                      REALTORS® will not accept listings which
April 26-28, 2009     indicate “NO SHOWINGS UNTIL” or listings that • Luncheon - Dr. Lynda Haverstock
                      have similar wording. No MLS® listing shall be             Mike “Pinball” Clemons - keynote speaker
• P.A.C. Days,
  Ottawa, ON          advertised in any way which indicates or implies
                      anything other than the listing is available to be MLS® A Power House for REALTORS®
April 30, 2009        shown.
                                                                                 Some REALTORS® and some members of
• Membership                                                                the public are confused as to what MLS® is. The
  Education Day, at   Data Integrity                                        misconception is that is the MLS®.
  The Willows 1:00    MLS® Regulation 11.06                        is only the URL where members
  p.m.-3:00 p.m.                                                            advertise their listed properties. The MLS® system
                           It is the responsibility of individual agents to
                                                                            is the agent cooperative structured many years ago
                      check their listing and personal advertising
                                                                            to assist REALTORS® to sell each others listings.
                      information for accuracy and report any
                                                                            The three pillars of MLS® were introduced to
                      discrepancies in writing to the Association. This
                                                                            create the guidelines as to what qualifies as an
                      includes, but is not limited to, the catalogue and
                                                                            MLS® listing. To qualify, a property must;
                      supplements, The Saskatoon Region Association of
   REMEMBER           REALTORS® website, CREA’S MLS®.CA site,
                      etc. The Buyers Brokerage/Agent should always 1. Be listed by a REALTOR® i.e. member of
    TO WEAR           verify published information to ensure accuracy            CREA,
                      when entering into a contract. The Association        2. Have a written contractual agreement as to
      YOUR                                                                       services to be received and the frame time for
                      assumes no liability for accuracy of this
   REALTOR®           information.                                               the listing,
                                                                            3. A coop commission must be offered to the
        PIN                                                                      buyer’s brokerage.

                      President-Tim Kurka- 373-7520, President Elect-Henry Moulin - 934-0909 , Past President-Rob Friesen- 653-8222, Jim
                      Bridgeman-242-3535, Shari Turner— 242-6000, Al Kraus 477-0111, Wayne Zuk-373-7520
                                                                         Page 2
Volume 9 Issue 4                                                                                                                        APRIL 2009

      MLS® A Power House for REALTORS®                                                         COMMERCIAL HAPPENINGS
                 Continued                                                                       BY DON SYLVESTER
      The MLS® listing contains exclusive information for
                                                                             Mid West Developments/ Meridian Developments
REALTORS® only, i.e. seller works shift work, property is
vacant, commissions being offered to the buyer’s brokerage,
listing expiry dates etc. The sellers name is also included for
                                                                                 At a recent Commercial Division luncheon Ken Achs
writing contracts and for setting appointments.                              of Meridian Developments outlined some of their new
      So when consumers visit and say I was on                    condominium projects; the “LUXE” on Broadway
the MLS® they were only being exposed to one element of the                  Avenue and “The King George” the former KG Hotel on
MLS® system which is the URL                                     2nd Avenue. Prices start at $270,000.00 at the KG for an                    R
      The misunderstanding of what MLS® is has even caused                   870 sq ft condo. Ken invited us to look at the lobby,
the competition bureau problems because if MLS® is only the                  which is unique to Saskatoon and highlights some of the
URL then anyone should be able to list on MLS®. The MLS®                     decor of the original hotel including rebuilt chandeliers.
trademark is a very powerful tool that REALTORS® should                      Penthouse units at the “LUXE” are priced at
fully explain to their clients when listing.
Young Professionals Committee                                                     Ken sees his developments as opportunistic with the
                                                                             result being a great diversity of product involving some
     Change is eminent in every market place environment. The
REALTOR® role is also experiencing change. Today’s                           recognizable landmarks. Projects include the CP rail
consumer still wants the REALTOR® involved with their                        station at Idylwyld and 24th, the former RCMP
transaction but their expectations of the REALTOR®’s role                    headquarters on 8th street now home to “Golder
has evolved in great part due to a more technological                        Associates” and the old Handicraft Supplies building,
consumer.                                                                    now home to the CBC. These are some examples of his
     90% of consumers are pre-shopped before contacting a                    ingenuity and originality.
REALTOR®. Via the internet consumers are able to seek out
areas they want to live and become market savvy resulting                        Ken and the rest of Saskatoon’s entrepreneurial
from their exploration.                                                      community remain very bullish on our prospects for
     Generation X and Y consumer’s desire access to                          growth during 2009. Industrial and commercial
information using non traditional mediums. The rise in use of                construction trades are sure to be very busy well into
social media is a paradigm shift in how business is done and                 2010. Commodity prices have bottomed out and the
how professionals connect with today’s consumer.                             pieces for renewed global economic growth are falling in
     SRAR has a strong core of young professionals that are                  place.
more in tune with younger consumers and how they want to do
business. The board of directors is creating a “Young                            When I started in real estate in 1977 Ron Klombies,
Professionals Committee”. This group will consist of members                 broker of C21 Klombies told me something I’ll never
in the approximate 35 and younger demographic. I am sure a                   forget. He said; real estate is a local market place, what
funky 40 year old probably wouldn’t get turned down.                         happens in Saskatoon has little or nothing to do with
     The purpose of the committee is to be a conduit with the                what’s happening in Toronto.           So what are our
board of directors enabling the board to better understand the               fundamentals in Saskatoon? Saskatchewan leads the
needs and ideas of members in this age demographic. Opinion                  nation in employment. Wage increases for 2009 are
will be sought from this committee not limited to determining                forecast to be 4.1%, a third more than the national
appetite and timing for movement to using social media at the                average. We will continue to have job growth, population
brokerage and association level.
                                                                             growth and housing absorption at very high levels. Our
         If you are a young professional and would like to be
involved with this committee or have further questions please
                                                                             Mayor is convinced we will have a housing shortage
contact SRAR EO at or the old way 343-                       come September.
3440. No rotary phones allowed.                                                  In conclusion I believe Saskatoon is fortunate to have
                                                                             innovative, visionary developers like Ken Achs.
                                                                             Saskatoon’s landscape has been greatly influenced by
                                                                             Ken’s many development projects.

                                                       SRAR MISSION STATEMENT
The Mission of the Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS® is to represent the real estate interests of its members; to provide services and
programs which enhance the professionalism, competency and effectiveness of its members; and to advocate policies that improve the real estate market.

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