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									                                                    Technical data sheet
                                                    #15.03, Bétomix Plus type O, June 2004, page #1                              Division   4
                                                     Bétomix Plus
                                                                   type O

1- Product description
1.1 USE                                                 Technical data
• Bétomix Plus is a mortar based on well-graded
sand,typeShydratedlime,portlandcementand              Characteristic                                                  Results*
colorants (optional).                                 Compressive strength, MPa (psi)                     28 days     3 to 4 (435 to 580)
                                                      ASTM C-109
• Bétomix Plus type O was developed to
meet the properties described in Table A3 in
                                                      Vapour transmission, ASTM E-96                                  26 perms
appendix A of CSA A179-94 standard.                   Pull-off adhesion on clay brick                      28 days     0,32 MPa (46 psi)
                                                      CSA 23.2-6B
• Bétomix Plus type O is principally used for the
                                                      Shrinkage, ASTM C-596                               91 days     0,14 %
installation or jointing of masonry elements in
restoration projects.                                 Freeze/thaw resistance                                          42 cycles
                                                      ASTM C-666 Modified
• For interior and exterior use, it is ideal for      Air content, ASTM C-185                                         12 to 18%
the installation of brick (clay, concrete or
calcium silicate), concrete blocks, stones,           Flexural strength, ASTM C-348                       28 days     1.7 MPa (246 psi)
granite or sandstone.
                                                      Specific gravity                                                 1580 kg/m3
1.2 ADVANTAGES                                                                                                        100 lb/ft3
• Excellent adhesion
                                                      Yield of one 30 kg (66 lb) bag                                  0.019 m3
                                                                                                                      0.67 ft3
• High water vapor transmission                       Approximate number of bricks layed                              50 bricks of
                                                      by 30 kg bags                                                   6.5 bricks/ft2
• Very good waterproofness and water
retention                                             Color **                                                        Grey or white

• Low shrinkage                                        * Results obtained in laboratory at 23°C
• Self-healing properties
                                                       ** Custom colored as requested

• Excellent workability
                                                    • It is forbidden to add any additives on field    • It is recommended to verify the adhesion
• High flexibility                                   (colorants1 excepted).                            between Bétomix Plus and the element used
                                                                                                      before starting any work. This precaution is
                                                    • If there is any doubt on the compatibility      necessary due to the diversity of masonry
                                                    of Bétomix Plus with the elements used            elements on the market.
• This mortar is exclusively developed
                                                    in a specific work, consult our technical
for the installation of above ground, non-
                                                    representatives and/or our technical service.     • Color variation may be observed. This
loadbearing walls.
                                                                                                      can be caused by the time allowed before
                                                                                                      finishing is done, by temperature and
                                                                                                      humidity changes, lack of protection, etc.
    The quality and quantity of colorant used should respect ASTM C-979 standard

                                                                 Section 04061: Cement and lime mortar
                                                Technical data sheet
                                                #15.03, Bétomix Plus type O, June 2004, page #2                                Division   4
2- Installation                                 • Do not realign elements once they have
                                                                                                  4- Storage
                                                been in contact with mortar.
2.1 SURFACE PREPARATION                                                                           • Interior storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
                                                • Mortar should be used within 1 ½ hour           Avoid placing bags directly on the floor.
• Make sure the temperature (surface,           following mixing if temperature is higher
surrounding and material) is between            or equal to 25°C (77°F). If temperature is        • Exterior storage: Cover bags with a
5°C (40°F) and 35°C (95°F), during the          lower than 25°C (77°F), use within 2 ½            waterproof sheeting. Do not store directly
application and for the following 48 hours.     hours. Discard unused mortar.                     on the floor.

• Refer to the technical data sheet of the      2.4 FINISHING
                                                                                                  • Shelf life is one year in original, unopened
elementforspecialinstallationrequirements.                                                        bags.
(ex: should it be humidified?)                   • All mortar joints must be finished using
                                                a metal or plexiglas tool to provide the
2.2 MIXING                                      required look as well as weather resistance.      5- First aid

• Mixing in small quantity (1 bag): Pour        • Finishing must be done just before the          This product contains lime and portland
4.0 litres (0.9 gallon) of potable water in a   mortar looses its plasticity, when finger          cement and may cause eye, skin and
clean container.                                pressure barely leaves any traces. It is          respiratory system irritation. Wear rubber
                                                impossible to set a specific time, it is           gloves, safety glasses and approved dust
• Slowly add dry ingredients while              necessary to rely on the mason’s judgment.        mask. If swallowed, call a Poison Control
mixing with a drill equipped with a mixer                                                         centre or doctor immediately. Do not induce
attachment such as a Jiffler.                     2.5 PROTECTION AND CURING                         vomiting. In case of contact with eyes, rinse
                                                                                                  well with water for 15 minutes. In case of
                                                • Protect from freezing (temperature over         skin contact, rinse well with water. Keep out
• Mix for 3 to 5 minutes. Adjust consistency
                                                5°C, 40°F) and from rain for the first             of reach of children.
by adding water without excess.
                                                48 hours.                                         Consult the safety data sheet for more
• Let the product rest for 2 to 5 minutes and                                                     information.
                                                • In hot weather, protect from sun and wind
then remix for 1 additional minute.
                                                to avoid rapid water evaporation of mortar.       6- Technical service
Note: Do not mix less than 1 bag.               • Protect finished work with plastic sheeting
                                                                                                  Contact Daubois for more information
                                                to avoid mortar spots.                            about application methods or conditions or
• Mixing in large quantities: Use a mortar
mixer of appropriate size (mixer should         2.6 CLEANING
                                                                                                  to obtain the latest version of our technical
be 3/4 full). Start mixer. Introduce water;                                                       documents.
4.0 litres ( 0.9 gallon) per 30 kg bag.         • Clean tools with water while mixture is
                                                not yet hardened. Once it is hard, only a         Phone: 1-800-561-2664
• Slowly add dry ingredients.                   mechanical cleaning will be efficient.                      (514) 328-1253

• Mix for 3 to 5 minutes. Adjust consistency    • During application, remove mortar spots         Fax: (514) 328-7694
by adding water without excess.                 with jute.
                                                                                                  Daubois inc
• Let the product rest for 2 to 5 minutes and   • Consult the element manufacturer or a           6155, boul. des Grandes Prairies
then remix for 1 additional minute.             cleaning specialist before any cleaning           Saint-Léonard, Qc H1P 1A5
                                                step is initiated. It is important to preserve    Canada
2.3 APPLICATION                                 mortar’s integrity.                               http://www.daubois.com

• Spread a uniform coat of mortar.                                                                7- Warranty
                                                3- Packaging
• Apply mortar on one end of the element                                                          Daubois guarantees that this product will
and position it.                                • This product is available in 30 kg (66 lb)      perform as specified in this technical data
                                                paper bags and in bulk bags.                      sheet and suits the application for which it
• Using a level, set it in the bedding mortar                                                     was intended. Nonetheless, Daubois does
with small, sharp taps. Fill all the joints.    • A pallet of 30 kg bags contains 63 bags.        not offer any explicit or implicit warranty.
                                                                                                  Under this warranty, Daubois’ responsibi-

                                                            Section 04061: Cement and lime mortar
                                                  Technical data sheet
                                                  #15.03, Bétomix Plus type O, June 2004, page #3     Division   4
lity is limited to either replace or refund the
cost of the product proved defective.

8- Specification guide
A specification guide has been prepared
respecting the format of Construction
Specifications Canada (CSC). This guide is
a document that can be used as a starting
point for the preparation of specifications.
This guide contains several notes to the user
describing how to prescribe Bétomix Plus
with precision, in order to assure quality of

                                                              Section 04061: Cement and lime mortar

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