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					                                                                                     Final Draft

                                             Schedule 8

                                         Clubs and Societies

1        General Principles

1.1.     All clubs or societies affiliated to the Students’ Union will operate under the
         recognized DSU structure.

1.2.     DSU will not have a direct central political or religious affiliation.

1.3.     DSU is committed to equality and diversity.

1.4.     Subject to clause 3.4 below in order to receive funds from the Students’ Union and/or
         to affiliate with the Students’ Union, a club or society must conduct all its financial
         affairs through the Students’ Union and be recognized by the Executive Committee
         acting under delegated authority from the Board of Trustees.

1.5.     The Executive Committee acting under delegated authority from the Board of
         Trustees will assess and approve each club or society subject to each club or society
         submitting an acceptable constitution, a plan of activities, a list of paid up members,
         and the completion by each member of a personal details form.

1.6.     No club or society may be recognized if its objectives conflict with those of Students’
         Union. Students’ Union clubs or societies must be open to all, however only Full
         Members are eligible to compete in the BUSA leagues/competitions. The Students’
         Union will not tolerate any form of discrimination or misrepresentation, and any such
         occurrences will result in the Students’ Union ceasing to recognize that club or
         society with the withdrawal of monies/facilities provided.

1.7.     The Students’ Union expects all clubs or societies to uphold both the Students’
         Union’s and the University’s equal opportunities policies.

2        Setting up a Club or Society

2.1      Any club or society that wishes to be recognized by the Students’ Union shall present
         to the Vice President Student Activities the following:

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         2.1.1         a list of at least 20 Full Members, or such other minimum number as shall
                       be set by the Board of Trustees from time to time, of the proposed
                       members of the club or society;

         2.1.2         the proposed membership fee of the club or society, incorporating the
                       minimum membership fee as required by Students’ Union;

         2.1.3         a completed budget form detailing proposed expenditure for the
                       forthcoming year; and

         2.1.4         a constitution for the club or society which includes:

                      (i)       the name of the club or society;

                       (ii)     the aims and objectives of the club or society (which shall not be
                                contrary to those of Students’ Union);

                       (iii)    regulations relating to membership eligibility;

                       (iv)     provision for the election of a committee to include as a minimum a
                                Chairperson/Club Captain, a Secretary, a Treasurer and if
                                applicable a Safety Officer. Chairs of Sports Clubs must be Full
                                Members of the Students’ Union.

                       (v)      the responsibilities of the committee for the general meetings for
                                the members of the club or society;

                       (vi)     provision for general meetings for all members of the club or

                       (vii)    provision for an Annual General Meeting at which an income and
                                expenditure account shall be presented and approved by the

                       (viii)   an equal opportunities statement;

                       (ix)     a commitment for two representatives from the society to attend all
                                DSU sports meetings and DSU general meetings; and

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                       (x)     an acknowledgement of DSU’s right to wind-up the society if it has
                               been dormant for a period of eighteen months or more and re-
                               allocate any residual balance in its account to other societies
                               expenditure. The society will be dormant if it has not engaged in
                               any financial transactions (excluding fines for non-attendance at

2.2      The constitution of the club or society and any changes to that constitution must be
         approved by the Vice President Student Activities on behalf of DSU.

2.3      Any club or society or prospective club or society which does not agree with any
         decision made by the Vice President Student Activities or DSU shall have a right of
         appeal to the President and Director. If the club or society or prospective club or
         society is not content with the outcome of the appeal the society may appeal to the

3        Faith Based Societies

3.1      Faith based societies have the right in principle to adopt the name that in their view
         best expresses their own identity. However, if any member of DSU considers the
         name is deliberately misleading, the member may raise this with DSU. The DSU
         should attempt to resolve the matter informally.

3.2      Should it not prove possible for the issues to be resolved informally then the matter
         should be resolved through the DSU’s normal democratic processes for changes to
         the constitutions of affiliated societies, if appropriate.

3.3      Faith based societies may affiliate to external bodies whose objects are compatible
         with their own. Such affiliation must be capable of being withdrawn at any time and
         must not compromise the autonomy of the society. Before entering into any affiliation
         the society must obtain prior approval from the Vice President Student Activities on
         behalf of DSU.

3.4      It is assumed that any student joining a faith based society supports the aims and
         objects outlined in its constitution. Students should be informed of the aims, objects,
         rights and responsibilities arising from the society’s constitution when joining. Any
         member must be free to leave the society at any time.

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3.5      Where the DSU feels that it is unable for any reason to facilitate the recognition of a
         religious society, the society may exercise its right of appeal to the University. In the
         event that the DSU’s position is upheld, the University may choose to assist the
         society to enable the society to have access to publicity, premises and financial
         support. This is at the University’s discretion and is separate to the facilities and
         provision that the DSU can provide under the DSU Constitution.

4        Money for Clubs or Societies

4.1      The Board of Trustees shall allocate a sum from the DSU budget that will be
         distributed to clubs or societies in accordance with the procedure for allocating
         resources. Details of these allocations and procedures shall be freely available to all
         Members of the Union.

4.2      In order to receive funding from DSU in the new academic year, a club or society
         shall submit a complete budget proposal to the Vice President Student Activities at
         the beginning of the third term of the previous academic year.

4.3      The allocation of funds to the clubs and societies will be decided by the Executive
         Committee or staff member approved by the Executive Committee acting under the
         delegated authority of the Board of Trustees. The basis of the decision making for
         the allocation of funds will be on transport, health and safety, administration costs,
         equipment and affiliations to national governing bodies.

4.4      If for religious reasons, a religious society wishes to conduct its financial affairs in
         another way, it should submit a case to the Executive Committee acting under
         delegated authority from the Board of Trustees, which will decide whether this will be

4.5      Any case submitted by a religious society to the Executive Committee for exceptional
         conduct of its financial transactions will need to demonstrate that the proposed
         alternative arrangements ensure that:

         4.5.1         its financial resources are kept securely in a financial institution regulated
                       by the Financial Services Authority;

         4.5.2         all financial transactions are authorized in writing by at least two specified
                       committee members;

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         4.5.3         accurate, up to date records of all financial transactions are maintained;

         4.5.4         the society’s financial records and bank statements can be inspected by a
                       union officer and staff member at least once each academic year; and

         4.5.5         the annual inspection referred to in sub clause 4.5.4 is completed before
                       any allocation of funds for the next academic year is approved.

4.6      DSU reserves the right to withdraw recognition and funding for societies who do not
         comply with requirements for financial transactions.

4.7      DSU will continue to provide advice and assistance with financial matters on request
         if a society has been allowed to operate exceptional financial arrangements by the
         Executive Committee in accordance with clause 4.4 above.

4.8      The Board of Trustees, at the first meeting of the academic year, will approve the
         allocations of funds to the clubs or societies.

5        Meetings of Clubs or Societies

5.1      There shall be at least one general meeting of each club or society per term. All
         committee members shall attend unless reasonable apologies are submitted.

5.2      The annual general meeting of each club or society will be held before the end of
         each academic year, and publicized by at least 5 clear days notice in writing and will
         elect Committee members for the following year.

5.3      The quorum of all clubs or societies general meetings shall be 40% + 1 of the club or
         society Membership.

5.4      Societies may have open and member-only meetings but are encouraged to promote
         open meetings whenever possible.

5.5      DSU’s sabbatical officers may from time to time request to attend club or society
         meetings. Such requests should not be unreasonably refused.

5.6      The leadership (executive committee) of the society is restricted to members of the

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5.7      DSU requires the appointment of leaders or the committee to be subject to a
         democratic process in which all members of the society can stand for positions and
         are enfranchised to vote. DSU acknowledges that religious societies may choose to
         conduct these democratic processes in a way that allows spiritual guidance to be
         sought, for example, through prayer.

6        Responsibilities of Clubs or Societies

6.1      No one from a club or society may commit either the club or society or Students’
         Union to any expenditure without prior authorization through the Student Unions’
         budgetary control system. Furthermore the only signatories from a Club or Society
         that will be recognized by the Students’ Union will be the Chairperson, Treasurer, or
         the Secretary.

6.2      Clubs or societies must achieve the minimum number of members each academic
         year in order to be recognised by the Students’ Union. They will have the opportunity
         to do so at the Freshers Fair held at the Students’ Union during the induction weeks
         of each academic year. Existing clubs or societies are obligated to attend if they
         wish to maintain the recognition of Students’ Union.

6.3      With the exception of those religious clubs and societies that have been allowed to
         operate exceptional financial arrangements by the Executive Committee pursuant to
         clause 3.4 above, a club or society money will be held at Students’ Union Offices in
         separate club or society accounts.        Save for religious clubs and societies with
         exceptional financial arrangements, under no circumstances should a club or society
         hold money in its own bank account.

6.4      The Chairperson/Club Captain has overall responsibility for the club or society and

         6.4.1         ensure that all rules and regulations relating to clubs or societies are
                       adhered to;

         6.4.2         convene regular meetings (at least one a term);

         6.4.3         ensure that all members uphold the Constitution of the club or society and

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         6.4.4         have    overall   responsibility   for   the   maintenance,   inspection   and
                       replacement of equipment;

         6.4.5         ensure that all records relating to the club or society are true and
                       accurate; and

         6.4.6         ensure the smooth running of activities and social events.

6.5      The Secretary shall:

         6.5.1         ensure that club members and DSU are fully informed of activities and

         6.5.2         check on daily correspondence; publicise general meetings, provide
                       agendas and take minutes of the meetings (which shall be kept in the
                       Recreations Office).

         6.5.3         undertake general administrative duties as required and arrange for
                       smooth running of club events or activities.

6.6      The Treasurer shall:-

         6.6.1         be responsible for ensuring that all expenditure is legitimate and that it
                       does not exceed the club or society allocation for that year;

         6.6.2         ensure that an accurate list of all equipment purchased is kept and all
                       equipment is returned to the Students’ Union at the end of the academic

         6.6.3         ensure that all income received by the club or society is paid directly into
                       the account at the Students’ Union;

         6.6.4         ensure that an income/expenditure account for the previous academic
                       year is presented to the annual general meeting of the club or society and
                       copies are sent to the Vice President Student Activities.

6.7      The Safety Officer shall:

         6.7.1         ensure that the club or society activities and members adhere to the
                       Codes of Practice;

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         6.7.2         ensure that the club or society has sufficient first aiders;

         6.7.3         ensure that the Members are aware of the need for personal liability

         6.7.4         ensure that all equipment is logged, maintained and correctly stored;

         6.7.5         ensure the promotion of safe practice at all times.

6.8      All club and society officials shall be required to attend training events specified by
         the Students’ Union .

6.9      Officers of the club or society will attend relevant mandatory training sessions
         organized by the Union at the start of each academic year.

6.10     All sponsorship issues should be referred to the Vice President Student Activities and
         approved by the Executive acting under the delegated authority of the Board of
         Trustees before any agreement is finalized.

6.11     Any allegations of discrimination or harassment made by or against a society or club
         or its leaders must be dealt with via the appropriate Union harassment or equal
         opportunities procedure for the protection of all parties.

6.12     Failure to abide by these regulations, the Bye-Laws and the Schedules to them may
         result in the suspension of the club or society by the Executive Committee.

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