; BCS_RD FEDERATION NEWSLETTER APRIL 2008 Hello everyone_ As usual
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BCS_RD FEDERATION NEWSLETTER APRIL 2008 Hello everyone_ As usual


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Hello everyone!

As usual, please print a copy of the Newsletter to take to your club so that those who do not receive
this electronically can keep up with Federation news. Thanks.

The Board of Directors met in Nanaimo on March 29th. Thank you UVISTA and UVICTA - the
Vancouver Island Associations - for hosting the meeting and organizing the Saturday evening dance - 14
1/2 squares emceed by Mike Groenendyk.

Federation Certificates of Recognition for 25 years of calling were presented to Callers Herb Fox and Jake
Ring and Certificates of Appreciation were presented for Cuer/Teachers Roy and Vesta Evans and George
and Pauline Morgan for their many years dedication to Round Dancing.

Highlights from the BOD Meeting

Square and Round Dance Awareness Week (SARDAW) is scheduled for September 13th - 21st which
gives a weekend at either end for your convenience. Some ideas have been collected regarding promotion
at SARDAW and may be seen on the Federation website. Click on the SARDAW banner on the Home
Page and open "Suggestions.....PDF"

Our participation in the 2009 Senior Games requires a provincial Co-ordinator. The search for one will be
made in Region 2 to see if a SD Co-ordinator for the 2009 Games can be found in Richmond, where the
games will take place. If anyone else is interested in this very important position, please contact Ken

The search for a Graphic Artist to produce more modern up-to-date Clip Art and a new Logo for Square
Dancing was successful thanks to the hard work of Mary        Anne Turner who made an excellent
presentation at the meeting. Those at the meeting were very pleased with what they saw. Mary Anne's
Presentation will soon be on the Federation website (www.squaredance.bc.ca) under Promotion and
Recruitment. Please read this so that you understand the thinking behind the new art work.

The Logo will be available for download as soon as some technical hurdles are overcome and the new Clip
Art will be available for download as soon as the graphic artist completes the requested pictures.

Paul & Ann Clements made an excellent presentation of their proposal for a Round Dance Recruitment/
Instructional DVD through Social Dancing and the concept was endorsed by the BOD.
Federation funding ($3,500.00) requested to produce the DVD, to license the music used and for copying
and distributing, will to be voted on at the AGM and these costs will be included in the proposed 2008/9
Budget for ratification at the AGM.
(This budget will be sent to Regional Associations prior to the AGM for input.)

Sun Coast Dancers Club donated their share of the Festival profits and this will be used to get the DVD
project started.

It was agreed that a new Education Fund be established to help callers, cuers and leaders who wish to
improve skills. Paul Clements volunteered to draft criteria and an application form. The amount of money
for the fund will be voted on at the AGM and will be set aside from general funds.

Exceptional in-depth research was done by Paul and Ann Clements on the B.C. Participaction / Act
Now programmes. John Corrigan (Region 2) volunteered to form and head up a committee to see how we
can best make use of these programs.

An excellent presentation was given by Gord Ruedig, 3rd VP, on combining a square dance with a charity
/ Dry Grad fund raiser as a great opportunity to showcase our activity. Details will be fine-tuned and the
information will be made available for planning for Dry Grad 2009 throughout the province.

Genie French, Region 3 Delegate, reported that the Region 3 Dancers' Association was considering the
idea of a Festival for 2009. They will be consulting with the Region 3 Caller/Teacher Association and a
decision will be made.

The President has the Festival 2005 binder and Round Dance Festival History DVDs and other
information. Anyone considering putting on a Festival should read and view these very comprehensive
documents. Contact the President.

From Region 5, John Tutte made a motion to form a provincial "Four Score and More Club" for
members over the age of 80 who are still actively dancing. The motion passed and it was agreed that the
Federation would fund the cost of badges for qualifying members. John was charged with organizing the
designing of a badge. An Over 80 Club was formed in Lac La Hache recently and the nine members have
an aggregate age of 751 years.

Could all club secretaries please send in a list of their dancing members who are over 80 to Nils Hoeg
who will be co-ordinating the provincial list. Send to <anhoeg@bcinternet.net>

The President reported that Quebec has recently translated 'Dancing Keeps You Young' (the Juhala DVD)
into French and will be making 1000 copies of the DVD for distribution at a Baby-Boomer convention
where 40 - 60,000 people are expected to attend. Marion Knight (Canadian S&RD Society web master) in
Ontario vows to have a copy of the DVD in the hands of every Ontario dancer. She says DVDs really are
one of the cheapest forms of promotion we have - much cheaper than print ads. Worth thinking about.

The French version of 'Dancing Keeps You Young' will be in the Federation Video Library for the
francophones in B.C.

The 2009 BOD meeting will be held in Maple Ridge.

The AGM will be held on Thursday, August 7th in the Penticton Community Center starting at 9:30 a.m.

Upcoming elections at the AGM:

We are seeking candidates for President and for 2nd Vice President. Those interested should inform the
Past President (Joan Sheffield <rsheffi@telus.net>) and any member of the Executive will be pleased to
answer any questions you may have about the positions.

The Proposed Budget for 2008/9 will be discussed by the Executive and prepared for presentation to the
Region Associations. It will be voted on at the AGM.

Last year at the AGM we almost did not have a the required quorum of 30 members.

No quorum (Robert's Rules of Order) means no meeting and so no budget, no funding allocations, no

Please make an effort to attend the AGM!

Nick Turner

Nick and Mary Anne Turner
Williams Lake, BC

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