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					                               PUBLIC SAFETY EMPLOYEES UNION 519
                                                  Minutes of
                                      EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING
                                              September 17, 2008
                     At the Union Office . 220 W. Mercer Street, Ste. W-420, Seattle 98119

      These minutes are merely a general description of this meeting and are not intended to reflect all discussion.
                Please contact the Union office, your E-Board Rep or Shop Steward for specific details.
            All PSEU members are welcome to attend regular Executive Board meetings and participate in
                        discussion. Motions were passed unanimously, unless noted otherwise.

Opening/Call to Order
  The meeting was called to order at 5:40 p.m. by President Janis Dupuis.

Roll Call/Introductions
   In attendance: Janis Dupuis, Charlene Shaw, Nancy Slye, Jim Wellman, Marquel Allen, Brian Orr,
   Tom Devine, Dustin Frederick and Mary Martinson.
   Excused: Lisa Warfield, Leslie O‟Toole, Dawn Barrett.

Communication & Bills – None this month

Approval of July 17, 2008 Executive Board Minutes
  Moved/seconded/carried to approve July 17th E-Board minutes as written.
  Noted: E-Board meeting date was changed to from Sept. 18th to Sept. 17th due to scheduling conflicts.
                                                                                 C. Shaw/J. Wellman
Approval of July, 2008 Financial Report
   Dustin reviewed the financial report. Explained three out-of-ordinary expenditures.
   Moved/seconded/carried to approve the July, 2008 Financial Report.            L. Warfield/C. Shaw

      a. Business Manager – Dustin Frederick
         Dustin reviewed his written report for August/September and explained: conflict of interest,
         duty of fair representation, member vs. member and what our obligation is to represent our members.

           PSEU Website and “e-Newsletter” have been launched and will be a valuable tool in
           communicating with our members.

           Contract Negotiations: See the August/September Business Manager Report (posted on our

           Worksite Meetings: Dustin reported that he conducted 14 member worksite meetings during the
           month of August with several more meetings planned for September, including Latent Lab and
           Court Clerks worksites. Have received a lot of positive feedback from the members following these

           Budget/Potential Layoffs – County Layoff/Recall Program
           There are approximately 65 contracts in the County; 30+ are open this year (are in negotiations).
           The County has a $90 mil budget deficit. Basically, we‟re “on hold” in contract negotiations on any
           money items until the County‟s formal budget announcement in mid-October. We will continue to
           be productive in negotiations while we are waiting to hear how the Executive plans to solve the
          Budget Issue: A major piece is a cooperative effort to go to Olympia with our budget story and get
          this fixed.

       b. Office – Mary Martinson
          Reported on year-to-date “My ID Club” fundraising proceeds.
          Website: Working with the Stepframe project manager “tweaking” the website. We will be posting
          information regarding Union dues and Initiation Fee rates. We can administer the posting of several
          items on the website, however, other items need to be done by the Stepframe website manager. They
          advise that they will routinely do updates on a quarterly basis. Mary reported that tomorrow she will
          post the July minutes approved tonight and Dustin‟s Aug/Sept Business Manager Report. Will no
          longer be mailing out packets to our major worksites following each month‟s Executive Board
          meeting – will be posted instead on the website - which will save us time, paper and postage.

          zz e-mail groups: Mary reported that she has completed putting together zz e-mail groups for each
          of our bargaining units.

October Meeting Date: It was the consensus of the Executive Board to change the October meeting from
October 2nd to October 9th. Dustin will prepare the 2009 Union Budget for the October 9th meeting.

       c. Executive Board
          Jim Wellman, Non-Commissioned E-Board Rep – Had a Labor/Management meeting on the 10th
          of September. Finalized the new Corrections Tech uniforms and set a date for the transition from
          the old to the new uniforms. People are concerned about the budget and the economy and are now
          looking for more overtime work.

          Nancy Slye, Court Clerks E-Board Rep – Had a contract negotiations meeting last week. No
          settlement on wages/COLA. Negotiations have gone quite well. Premium pay for working a certain
          type of courtroom. They‟ve received information that now they have more tasks to do in FTR
          courts. Dustin contacted DJA Management to bargain any changes. Can‟t change what is going on
          during negotiations. Court Clerks communication is good and we‟re happy about that. We are
          down 7 Court Clerks; plan to hire 3 new Clerks.

          Charlene Shaw, Secretary/Treasurer – We‟re doing fine with Corrections Techs. Losing some
          due to moving to other positions. Have a huge overtime mess at the RJC. Many feel that „I have
          a job and I‟m not going to make waves.‟

       d. Shop Stewards
          Marquel Allen, AFIS/ID Unit, KCSO – Having some problems with retro pay calculations.

          Brian Orr, AFIS/Latent Prints, KCSO – All of AFIS is funded by the AFIS levy. We have a
          new level of management - AFIS Operations Managers. All are on one-year probation. 90% of our
          supervisors are on probation. These positions were budgeted a year ago. The Chief vetoed training
          and new equipment that was going to be paid from the AFIS budget. The AFIS levy is specific
          about where the money goes. There is an AFIS funds administrator and an audit process. Dustin
          indicated that we may be able to do something about this and will see what he can find out. The
          County Council members might want to know about this.

          Dawn Barrett, Social Worker/DCHS – Was unable to attend; submitted an e-mail report.

          Tom Devine, KCSO Fire Investigation Unit (FIU) – Discussed vehicle take-home issue.
          Dustin is pursuing and stated there is a clear past practice and we have the evidence now.
          Tom raised the issue of marking of their vehicles. We do a lot of undercover work;
          maybe we could have “ghost” markings which are not quite as visible. The arming issue
          is in a holding pattern. Once it is finalized we need a clear policy regarding authorized use
          while on and off duty.

Unfinished Business
       Shop Steward Training: The first training has been scheduled for Friday, October 10th at the RJC,
       12 noon – 1:00 p.m. in CID Room 1107. This will be a “brown bag” meeting conducted by one of our
       attorneys on retainer with the Schwerin Lawfirm. These training sessions will be ongoing at different

New Business
     a. PSEU Bylaws Amendment – 1st Reading
         Article XII: Meetings, Section 3
         Ten (10) members shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting. The majority number
         of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting. The quorum of
         the membership and the quorum of the Executive Board shall be required to be present the entirety
         of any regular or special meeting for the meeting to be sanctioned.

       2nd reading/membership approval at the November 6, 2008 E-Board/General Membership meeting.
       Dustin explained that the deleted language was redundant and/or holdover language required by SEIU.

       b. Retro Dues on Retro Pay
          Dustin explained that we have worked very hard to improve contract negotiations to avoid retro pay.
          The AFIS reclassification was supposed to be resolved by July of 2006 and despite our best efforts,
          there was a 2-1/2 year delay before AFIS members finally received their pay increase and retro pay.
          Members didn‟t get to use the value of that money and no interest on that money for over 2 years.
          As has been the normal practice, retro dues were deducted from the retro pay.

          Now that we are an independent organization, PSEU can now determine it‟s own policies and we
          have an opportunity to promote goodwill. Dustin recommended refunding the retro dues to each
          of the affected AFIS members which would require a Union policy change. Discussion.

          Policy Change: It was moved/seconded/carried that prospectively the Union will no longer collect
          retro Union dues from retro pay.                                    C. Shaw/J. Wellman

          The Union will process checks to each of the (68) affected AFIS members refunding their retro dues.
          The Board asked Mary if this could be accomplished by the end of next month; Mary said she would
          make this a priority project and get it done as soon as possible.

       c. Replacement of Leslie O’Toole as Fire Marshal Office E-Board Rep – tabled
       d. Recognition of Tom Devine as new KCSO Fire Investigation Unit (FIU) Shop Steward

Board of Trustees Report
      The Board of Trustees met on September 10th. The Executive Board reviewed the minutes of that
      meeting and recommendations of the Board of Trustees. Dustin provided background and answered
      Lengthy discussion regarding the Trustees‟ recommendation to adjust Union dues from the current
      1.2% to 1.0%. Many things to take into consideration. How many members are we going to lose due to
      layoffs? What would be the impact of losing 5% of our membership, or 8% of our membership? What
      would be the cost? If we don‟t get the budget fixed, it will be accelerated in 2010. And we don‟t know
      about the economy… what will be the impact on the “My ID Club” which supplements our budget?
      Should we set up a strategic fund for the Union? What is the economy going to do? What is the
        economy going to do to the County? How many of our members will we lose due to a possible decert?
        How many members are we going to add? What is the COLA going to be?

It was the consensus of the Board to delay any decision regarding adjusting dues until we have more and better
information about the above mentioned factors. Then we can reevaluate the recommendation. Must give this
thoughtful consideration. If the dues were to be adjusted, we do not want to have to come back at a later date
and raise dues.

Grievance Update: Dustin updated the Board on an outstanding grievance matter. The member was
terminated and chose not to appear before the Executive Board or to pursue a grievance. File closed.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Martinson, Admin Assistant
Public Safety Employees Union 519
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