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					                 BOROUGH OF BARROW-IN-FURNESS

                        STANDARDS COMMITTEE

                                 Special Meeting, Thursday 23rd June, 2005
                                 at 2.00 p.m. (Committee Room No. 4)


      PART ONE

      1.   To note any items which the Chairman considers to be of an
           urgent nature.

      2.   To receive notice from Members who may wish to move any
           delegated matter non-delegated and which will be decided by a
           majority of Members present and voting at the meeting.

      3.   Admission of Public and Press

           To consider whether the public and press should be excluded
           from the meeting during consideration of any of the items on the

      4.   Disclosure of Interests.

           A Member with a personal interest in a matter to be considered at
           this meeting must either before the matter is discussed or when
           the interest becomes apparent disclose

           1.     The existence of that interest to the meeting.

           2.     The nature of the interest.

           3.     Decide whether they have a prejudicial interest.

           A note on declaring interests at meetings, which incorporates
           certain other aspects of the Code of Conduct and a pro-forma for
           completion where interests are disclosed accompanies the agenda
           and reports for this meeting.

      5.   Apologies for Absence/Attendance of Substitutes.


(D)   6.   Receipt of Standards Board Case Summaries in respect of two
           completed investigations.
Membership of Committee

Independent Members (3)                          Councillors

Reverend A. Postlethwaite (Chairman)             Barlow
Mrs A. Hughes (Vice-Chairman)                    Bell
Mr R. Herbert                                    Garnett
Parish Council Member

Councillor J. Millar (Dalton with Newton) (current substitute)

NOTE (D) – Delegated
     (R) – For Referral to Council
                                                                       Part One
STANDARDS COMMITTEE                                                     (D)
Date of Meeting:             23rd June, 2005                           Item
Reporting Officer:          Monitoring Officer

Title: Receipt of Standards Board Case Summaries in respect
       of two completed investigations


The Standards Board for England have finally produced case summaries which
may be disclosed and are reproduced here for the attention of Standards
Committee Members.


That the Standards Committee discuss the issue raised by the cases referred to
and consider whether further guidance should be issued to Members of Council.


At your last meeting concerns were raised about media coverage of two
outstanding Standards Board complaints which were prohibited from disclosure
until the Board had formally published case summaries. At that time I was
unable to provide Members with details of the complaints because of the
confidential nature of the ESD’s reports, notwithstanding the fact that the
matters were now in the public domain as a result of articles in the local press.

It was agreed that a special meeting of your Committee be convened as soon as
the Board released the information via case summary. This information has now
been received and is attached to this report for your information.

The key findings may be summarised as follows:

         Paragraph 10(2) of the Code of Conduct does not provide an automatic
          exemption to Members who are voting on special responsibility payments
          over and above the basic allowance;
         That both Members should have declared a prejudicial interest;
         That, there was felt to be general confusion about the advice given to
          Members at the Council meeting; and
         That there was unlikely to be a recurrence.

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