CV SAMPLE GEORGE McMILLIAN Address 88 Churchill Road Dunby HN9 6ER Tel by miannaveed


									              GEORGE McMILLIAN
              Address:   88 Churchill Road
                             Dunby HN9 6ER
              Tel:             07788794522

              Born:                  16/05/1978
              Nationality:                British

:::: Employment

      2003 – 2004 Anderson Garage
      (main dealer of Fiat and Lancia cars in northern Britain), Glasgow

      Mechanic-consultant, Glasgow

      Responsible for:
          Fault diagnostics and preliminary cost assessment of the repairs
          Managing the replacement parts stock for Lancia
          Interacting with customers involved in repairs
          Supervision of the maintenance contracts for the key garage’s tools
          Allocation of work among garage’s mechanics

      Key achievements:

              Decreasing the cost of garage tools’ maintenance by 1/3
              Very good relationship with key customers
              Shortening of the delivery time for Lancia car repairs

      1993 – 2003 Walker Auto (dealer of Peugeot)

      Mechanic, Glasgow

      Responsible for:
          Suspension and electronics repairs
          Some engine repairs (camshaft, ignition)
          Other repairs: steering mechanism, gearbox

:::: Education

      1995 – 1997             Harold College of Further Education, Glasgow
      1997                    A-levels: Mathematics (B), History (A), Geography (C)

      1990 – 1995             Hamilton School, Glasgow
       1994: GCSEs               nine, including Mathematics (A), History (A), Geography (C), Italian
                                 (B) and Art (B)

:::: Skills

                 Good command of Italian (due to wife of Italian origin)
                 Very good selling skills
                 Good managerial skills (demonstrated during last job)
                 HTML language, ability to build neat and eye-catching websites
                 Very good understanding of electronics and electrical tools
                 Good knowledge of MS Office package
                 Clean driving license

:::: Achievements

              o   Dedicated Mechanic for Lancia’s Electronic Equipment for Scotland
              o   1995 First Prize in the Glasgow Contest for Young Designers for the self-made radio

:::: Hobbies

              o   Rugby – member of the Glasgow Rangers Club
              o   Ice Hokey – member of the Bishop Hockey Team in Glasgow
              o   Italian cuisine

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