; 2007-2008 Union Board Application
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2007-2008 Union Board Application


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									                  2010-2011 Union Board Application

                               Union Board.
                        Where ideas become reality.
                             What are yours?

      We are so glad you have considered applying to be on the Union
Board! You are holding the opportunity to be a part of something really
great, really fun, and really important. The Union Board is responsible for
programming many of the weekend activities that occur on campus. Maybe
you have been to some yourself. These events range from Capture the Flag
to Spring Frolics to the Big Concert and everything in-between. As a
member of the Union Board, you will be empowered to actually bring your
ideas to life and to influence the activities available to your peers on the
weekends. Not only does the Union Board plan fun and exciting activities for
the student body, but we get the chance to be a part of a diverse team of
student leaders. This is an honor, a privilege, and a responsibility, but we
believe it is a very exciting one. We hope that you are ready to challenge
yourself and others and to be challenged by those around you. If this
sounds like the kind of thing that you want to be a part of, turn the page
and start filling out the application. We look forward to meeting and getting
to know you during this process. If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact us!

Your 2010-2011 Union Board President and Vice President,
Megan and Ana

2010-2011 Union Board President
Megan Bailey

2010-2011 Union Board Vice President
Ana Rodriguez
                 2010-2011 Union Board Application

After completing this application, please turn it in at the Union Board
 office (4th Floor, Alvarez College Union). Don’t forget to sign up for
         an interview time slot on the door before you leave!

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                       2010-2011 Union Board Application

                                    Important Information

I. Application Checklist
        1. Fill out the Application. (Due back by February 17 th at Noon).
        2. Sign up for an Interview (Held February 15 th -February 21st).
        3. Be enthusiastic!

II. Requirements for Union Board Members
       1. Attend Union Board Retreats.
              There will be a retreat scheduled in the Fall and in the Spring.
              Note: The Spring retreat will be held the weekend of March 12th – 14th.
              The Fall Pre-Orientation retreat will be held August 16 th-22nd.
       2. Attend first Union Board Meeting Sunday, March 8 th from 8– 9 PM.
       3. Attend all weekly Union Board Meetings
       4. Attend weekly meetings with advisors.
       5. Support other Union Board activities.
       6. Submit event proposals in advance and vote on events before deadlines.

III. Open Positions
       Student Performers Committee Chair
       Responsible for coordinating Live Thursdays every week and other events, such as
       Open Mic Night, that will spotlight the diverse artistic talents of Davidson’s student
       body. Performances may be musical, theatrical, comedic, poetic, etc.

       Speakers Committee Chair
       Produces at least 4 major lectures and supports the endowed lectures of the college
       by sitting on the Public Lectures Committee. Coordinates with specific academic
       departments to mesh Union Board activities with planned lectures from these

       Coffeehouse Committee Chair
       Produces events which could include things like poetry readings, Paint Your Own
       Pottery night, game shows, Build-A-Bear, etc. This committee’s events tend to be
       more creative and/or artsy although it’s open to the interpretation of the chair and
       committee members.

       Films Committee Chair
       Responsible for showing films on campus. Should try to include big name movies
       while focusing on what will please most members of campus. Past film chairs have
       also put on movie festivals and marathons. Other possibilities include independent
       and student-produced films.

       Concerts Committee Chair
       Would produce at least 2 major concerts as money permits and 6 smaller concerts
       and events (900 room, Spring Frolics, Amphitheater, Duke Performance Hall,
       Outpost, etc.) The concert committee would not be restricted to musical acts, but
       would also produce such acts as comedians, etc.

       Recess Committee Chair
       Provides fun, ―revert-to-your-childhood‖ activities (Capture-the-Flag, Scavenger
       Hunt, Four Square, DDR, etc.). This is a relatively new committee, and the
       interpretation of ―Recess Committee‖ is open to the interpretation of the chair and

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               2010-2011 Union Board Application

Artist Series Chair
Would implement and publicize at least 4 events annually, money permitting, with a
strong push to increase student turnout. In addition, would serve as the student
chair of Artist Series Selection committee to help select the C. Shaw & Nancy K.
Smith Artist Series for the succeeding year.

Publicity Coordinator/Communications Director
Directs general publicity for the Union Board (including pancake breakfast, special
events, and other publicity such as facebook group, the website, suggestion boxes,
and promotional items). Upkeeps Union Board calendar and bulletin boards and
creates the master flier for all weekly Union Board events. Supports publicity
functions of all other Board committees by offering promotional ideas for events and
encouraging committee chairs to promote heavily.

Union Board Ambassador
Responsible for representing the Union Board to other groups on campus and
representing the interests of other groups to the Union Board. Such activity will
occur through tasks like coordinating (and expanding) the social calendar with the
PCC social chair, conducting Union Board student media relations, and ensuring
regular Union Board dialogue with campus groups (like SGA, UCA, PCC, ACAA, OLAS,
etc.) A strong emphasis should be placed on working with these campus groups, not
only to improve communications but also to work on events together.

Member-at-Large (3)
Responsible for assisting Vice President in planning whole-board events (i.e. Pancake
Breakfasts, Spring Frolics and the Christmas Party). Also responsible for planning of
special events such as Davidson Idol and Casino Night.

Accountable for all of the Union Board’s budgets and meeting with advisors to
discuss financial issues. Needs to be good with money and balancing budgets, but
also needs to participate in Union Board activities and events.

Lake Campus Committee Chair
Organizes events such as barbeques and small concerts at the Lake Campus in the
fall. Coordinates April at the Lake in the spring. Throughout the year, the Lake
Campus Committee Chair will be expected to assist the Members-at-Large in special
event planning.

Responsible for keeping track of the minutes at all the Union Board meetings and
posting them to blackboard.

Outpost Committee Chair
Responsible for coordinating programming at the Outpost and working closely with
the advisors and manager(s) of the Outpost to maintain a centralized calendar of
Outpost events. The Outpost Committee Chair will be the point of contact for
student groups wanting to program at the Outpost, including other Union Board
committees. This person and his or her committee will also be expected to provide
regular programming at the Outpost.

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               2010-2011 Union Board Application

Media Coordinator/ The Davidson Show
Responsible for the regular production of The Davidson Show, and shall serve as the
chair of The Davidson Show Committee. Supports the media needs of Union Board
by serving as a resource and consultant. Responsible for the maintenance of the
studio space located in the basement of the Outpost.

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                      2010-2011 Union Board Application

                                   Application Questions

Email Address:
Cell Phone Number:

Please briefly respond to the following questions (3-4 Sentences):

1. Why do you want to be a part of the Union Board?

2. Rank your top three Position Choices. Explain why you want your first choice and why
this position would be the best fit for you.

3. What qualities do you possess that you think could help contribute to the Union Board as
an organization?

4. Give a project that you have helped to lead (whether in college or in high school) and
explain how you led other students to organize and publicize the event.

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                       2010-2011 Union Board Application

5. What other campus activities will you be involved in during the 2010-2011 academic

6. What is your favorite Union Board event and why?

7. Say you get stuck with the program, ―Bob for Apples Tournament,‖ and your job is to get
as many people there as possible. How would you publicize this event?

8. Okay, now it’s your turn. Tell us anything about yourself — a funny story, your favorite
day of the week, your favorite food, etc. Be creative — take this chance to help us begin to
get to know you.

9. If you have any other special skills or experience related to specific positions of interest
on the board, please list them below.

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