“Tough times to good times”

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					“Tough times to good times”
               Fall 2009 workshop

                Developing an action plan
               to navigate turbulent waters

                                                                                Congress Centre
                                                                                Toronto airport area
                                                                                    9 am to 4 pm
   Presented by
   Dan Richards                                                                     Wed. Sept. 23

                               “Great practical ideas”
              Don Allen, RBC Dominion, Vancouver –16 years in the business

                     “Practical ideas to put into place today”
             Todd Almasi, GMP Securities, C algary – 18 years in the business

                      “Invaluable insights on today’s client”
           Lisa Applegath, CIBC Wood Gundy, Toronto – 22 years in the business

             “Best presentation I’ve attended in a couple of years”
          Andre Bastian, Worldsource Financial, Markham – 8 years in the business

    “From a rookie’s situation, this is a must program to get an efficient
               start to becoming a success in this business”
   Alexandre Beauregard, National Bank Financial, Montreal – under 1 year in the business
1   Phase One: Assess where you are                                    Participant Comments
    Advisors will receive a diagnostic questionnaire to
    complete in advance of the workshop to identify key           “Good practical information, offered
    opportunities and areas for improvement.                      new ways to work and think”
                                                                   Simon Berard, CIBC Wood Gundy, Laval – 5 years
                                                                                                  in the business

                                                                  “Timely – specific ideas, examples and
2                                                                 sample templates”
    Phase Two: Develop a practical action                           Heather Brandy, HSBC Securities, Vancouver – 13
    plan                                                                                       years in the business

    Over one intensive day, advisors will be walked               “Excellent information and
    through a structured process to develop an action             presentation, great materials”
    plan in two key areas.                                         Grant Brooks, MGI Securities, Calgary – 4 years in
                                                                                                        the business
                                                                  “Got practical focused ideas to
      Getting a clear reading on today’s investor
                                                                      Charlie Brophy, Dundee Securities, Ottawa – 30
      Delivering a fresh message                                                               years in the business
      High impact, low cost client contact strategies
      Solidifying relationships with your most                    “Got a lot of value from the morning”
      profitable clients                                           Darren Coleman, TD Waterhouse, Mississauge – 17
                                                                                              years in the business
      Focusing on the best opportunities in your
      client base                                                 “Very practical ideas, a positive
      Five common communication traps and how to                  approach”
      avoid them                                                  Tom Cooney, Assante Wealth Management, Toronto
                                                                                         - 20 years in the business
       Prospecting approaches that work in down
                                                                           Date and Location
       Building and managing a prospect pipeline
       Getting the biggest bang for your buck on
       marketing spending                                                Wednesday September 23
       Low pressure ways to trigger client referrals                          9 am to 4 pm
       Gaining expert positioning in target                              Toronto Congress Centre
       communities                                                           650 Dixon Road
                                                                        (Take Dixon Road Exit from 401)

3                                                                             Cost to attend
    Phase Three: Staying on course
    A conference call two weeks after the workshop will
                                                                  Individual signup ........... $395 plus GST
    help participants maintain momentum.
                                                                  5 or more advisors
    Follow up call: 3 pm., Monday October 5                       signing up together........ $295 plus GST

                       Dan Richards
                       416 523-2673
Workshop Details        9 am – 4 pm
8:00            Continental breakfast                       12:00 – 1:00          Lunch
9:00 – 10:15    The opportunities in today’s                1:00 – 2:15           Strategies to attract clients
                investor mindset                            2:15 – 2:30           Break
10:15 – 10:30   Break                                       2:30 – 3:30           Strategies to attract clients (cont’d)
10:30 – 12:00   Strategies to retain clients                3:30 – 4:00           Developing an action plan

CE Credits

Application has been made for Continuing Education credits.

Dan Richards              is Canada’s leading authority on investor sentiment and on
how advisors can position themselves for growth in all markets, good and bad. His
website is Canada’s fastest growing resource for advisors
looking for business building help.
To Contact Dan, email

                                     Participant Comments

                “Helped me refocus and offered some excellent ideas to implement”
                               Terron Falk, CIBC Wood Gundy, Vancouver – 15 years in the business

                “Simple basic strategies that I could act on”
                            Allan Fenerdjian, Richardson Partners, Montreal – 21 years in the business

                “Outlined specific things to say and do”
                                 Linda Feng, Freedom 55 Financial, Toronto – 2 years in the business

                     Dan Richards
                     416 523-2673
                                                Participant Comments

“Good opportunity for discussion of ideas”                         “Very practical ideas”
      Brian Gerrits, GMP Securities, Red Deer – 4 years in the          Robert Pearson, ScotiaMcLeod, Toronto – 15 years in the
                                                     business                                                         business

“Great to hear market research about investor                      “Good focused actionable ideas”
sentiment, development of processes that are                              Penny Petroff, ScotiaMcLeod, Toronto – 14 years in the
working in the current market climate was                                                                              business
invaluable …the value added content and
actionable ideas were exceptional”                                 “Lots of practical advice, new insights, liked
Joanne Goodrich, RBC Dominion, Burlington – 20 years in the        hearing about business practices from the client’s
                                                  business         perspective”
                                                                    Elizabeth Rickerby, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Toronto – 2 years in
“Effective planning for meetings and how to use                                                                   the business
an agenda to structure meetings were key
takeaways”                                                         “Overall an excellent workshop - liked new
  Mark Hudon, GP Wealth Advisors, Toronto - 16 years in the        templates for client appointments, meeting agenda
                                                  business         and ideas to develop prospects”
                                                                    Madeleine Rouleau, VMD Desjardins, Montreal – 12 years in
“Very practical takeaways”                                                                                       the business
     Peter Izzio, Sun Life Financial, Waterloo – 19 years in the
                                                       business    “Practical and motivating, everything touched on
                                                                   is doable”
“Content is well organized and structured - very                        Chris Rugel, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Toronto – 1 year in the
practical and do-able”                                                                                                business
  Anita Jay, ScotiaMcLeod, Toronto – 20 years in the business
                                                                   “Practical, well segmented discussion, very
“Gave a lot of great information and direction on                  realistic, lots of information without being
how to implement ideas”                                            overwhelming”
 Susan Lepp, Edward Jones, Pickering – 9 years in the business             Daniel Siska, ScotiaMcLeod, Montreal – 3 years in the

“Great material … well organized”
 Paul Mowbray, Partners in Planning, Toronto – 20 years in the     “Great ideas, liked small group discussion and
                                                     business      templates”
                                                                    Duncan Stewart, Manulife Securities, Oakville - 8 years in the
“Gave me practical ideas”
  Eric Muir, National Bank Financial, Vancouver – 22 years in
                                                 the business      “Terrific job of delivering value …. great new
                                                                   ideas …. clear, concise and focused”
                                                                        Frank Wade, RBC Dominion, Winnipeg – 21 years in the
“Good structure for the morning that helped us
absorb the flow of information”
        Marc Nadeau, Peak Securities, Toronto – 6 years in the
                                                     business      “Helped me to see where and what I need to focus
                                                                   on in my business”
                                                                         Penny Walker, GMP Securities, Calgary – 7 years in the
“Liked the focus on implementation”
Rory O’Connor, GMP Securities, Vancouver – 10 years in the

                              Dan Richards
                              416 523-2673

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